Hello friends,

This make is a combination of left-over fabrics from other projects and a franken pattern. I wanted to make something more figure hugging to layer underneath oversize coats and jumpers. Winter surviving tip from a Brazilian is to layer layer layer…
The pattern is the lady skater bodice and my pencil skirt slopers. Both have negative easy. I didn’t add extra seam allowance. I’m using ponte knit instead of stretch knit I have to wiggle in and out of the dress. Since the sleeve has more stretch and quite comfortable to wear.
To create the details of the sleeves I slashed the fabric and sewn them back together, then I cut the sleeve pattern on top of my “quilted” piece.
If it wasn’t hard enough to scape from the ‘evil sofa’ that insist in gluing me down on cold dark nights, gather the courage to take pictures was an epic exercise of will power. Specially to share something one consider simple  project without much to share. 
I didn’t notice the settings of my camera were highlighting the background, making me un-focus until I loaded the pictures. Gutted! But there was not way I was going back!
This project has been styled with my sparkly Named Ava collar. I love the Lady Skater low neckline as It helps to showcase the collarbone. A perfect opportunity for a statement necklace.

The constructions was easy. No facing, just overlocked and folded, stitching very close to the edge.

My favourite makes to share are the ones that I learn something because I love telling you all about it. Sorry that is nothing really special for me to share about this dress. I already told you  about my love for the Lady Skater. This dress is a wardrobe basic to use left over fabrics. A recent  rule on my sewing room.

If I don’t use a left over fabric within 3 month that piece must be recycled. Local charities are glad to receive rags and every few month I drop a bag of my left-overs fabrics at my local Sue Ryder. Everything to stop hoarding bits and bobs.
  • Kim

    Cute dress! I love the details on the sleeves.. Great 3 month rule, I’ve recently started saving my scraps for the salvation army, the girl was super happy when I called and asked if they would be interested in scraps 🙂

  • Lovely! Love the colorblock and fitted shape, it looks amazing on your figure 😉

  • That’s a great combination – very striking! I made a Lady Skater dress recently and really like the bodice too, its very flattering. Great job.

  • really cute! and you’re such a babe in it 🙂

  • That’s a lovely dress! Love the sleeves in particular.

  • Gorgeous! This looks great on you! Love it!

  • Sassy! Looks amazing on you!

  • I love what you did with this dress! You look amazing in it!

  • Wow, it looks great!

  • This is a great dress and you look fabulous.

  • How beautiful!

  • Love! You look wonderful. I love this silhouette a little more than the original circle skirt. Looks like it fits you like a dream too. Merry x mas.

  • So pretty.. Looks fantastic on you. Love those easy to do patterns… Merry Christmas.

  • You look great in that dress and of course you are sharing something! I should take good note about using left over fabrics! Specially if the result is so pretty!

  • Great dress made even better with those sleeves. I wish i was as good as you at clearing out the pieces. Maybe in the New Year?
    Thanks for showing us your lovely dress.

  • Gorgeous! Love the colour combo x

  • How fun, you really got creative, way to use leftovers! Looks fab on you.

  • What a fab dress and excellent use of leftovers. You are very brave to be put in the cold 🙂

  • Cute dress – I’m sure you will get loads of wear from this one. Ponte is such a great winter knit 🙂

  • Love the bottom photo of you, you look so happy. The red dress is lovely you did a good job it suits you… Merry Christmas to you, have a good one 🙂 Look forward to all your wonderful creations next year!