Ensis tee from Papercut Patterns

Hello friends,

Let’s talk about my new favourite tee pattern: Ensis. A colour block knit tee pattern from Papercut constellation collection. My version is a mix of both of the pattern options: V1{cuffs}& V2 {curved hemline}. Size “S”, lengthening the sleeve by 5 cm.

The delicious fabric is organic cotton from Birch fabrics. I covert since I saw Tilly’s tee progress. Originally I wanted black, but for some reason I cannot remember I bough a 1 metre of Elk Groove coral chevron .Added to the 70’s vibe some leather pipping.
Next time I should consider matching my materials better or stick with contrasting fabrics. The leather is not as malleable as the fabric so depending how I move the leather piping bulges.

Chevron print is not particularly flattering. Actually makes you look fat! Luckily the tee shape is perfectly balanced between loose and fitted. The side seams are shaped, going in slightly on the waist instead of following straight so the loose fit doesn’t make you look squarish!

I matched the seams the best I could with my limited amount of fabric. Some are perfectly matched, some aren’t.

Sometime we set ourselves unachievable matching  goals and get super stressed trying to get it right. I’m happy with the result and won’t loose sleep over a few unmatched seams.
Super happy with the inside too…
I cannot wait to make more delicious tees. So easy and quick to make. Could be my new obsession.

On another note, I would like to highlight that I overcame the issue of sewing “loose” fitting without having to be dare into it. In orange fabric: full circle!

  • There is something magnificently bold and daring about this top. Chevron is mega-tricky and you totally pull it off!

  • I think your top looks fabulous, great job on the matching, style and fit.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe is it better to put te stripes in lengthtwise at the body for a more playfull feeling

  • This is really fun and sweet! Now it’s yet another pattern that I want to try, oh no! 🙂 You could never look fat, and the tee really looks cute.

  • Amy

    Cute tee! I’ve been so impressed with all the versions of the recent Papercut Patterns I’ve seen come out recently.

  • Great tee, and I’m sure you couldn’t look fat even if you wore a sumo suit. You have reminded me that I need to add some papercut patterns to my Christmas list, I hope it’s not too late.

  • cute top – have a great Xmas

  • I really, really like this Rachel! Looks like a great wardrobe staple with style…might need it in my life soon!

  • I really like your Ensis, using same fabric and breaking it with some piping. I did the same as you on mine – cuffs and a curved hem. There will be a few more of these appearing in my wardrobe as well.

  • Looking good, Rachel! I’m a full advocate for doing the best you can and then moving on. We should feel proud of the things we make and know that it’s ok if things aren’t “perfect.” I think your top looks great!