Has my name come up yet?

Source: Karen’s Blog

When Karen invited us to “put our money where our mouth were” by having a written commitment of this year sewing resolution, I went bold & brave:

Are you waiting me to show you the money?
Starting with my bagpuss coat. I haven’t blogged yet instagrammed a million times as I’m trying to get some decent pictures. There are so many great lessons that this post deserve some work. I’m such a procrastinator when I have complex posts to share. 
The bombshell dress, you may ask? Well, I did make a bombshell… in form of swimsuit. The bombshell dress was muslined a few times throughout the year but loosing weight and trying to sew a body fitted garment with boning wasn’t going to be clever at the time. 
I’m super happy for the opportunity of taking part of Sewlutions 2013 as I find sewing challenges inspirational and fun. Thank you Karen, for putting us to our paces and producing the garments we said we would.
Have you taken part of Karen’s Sewlutions? How did you get on? 
Did you follow through your year sewing plans?