• Hi Rachel,
    What in the world is that? ha Judy

  • My machine bobbin case

    • Ha,ha,ha.. I couldn’t imagine.. Now, that I know.. I can tell.lol
      Let me tell you a funny on me… Awhile back, my machine was
      giving me fits.. I told Kenny , I have to find a repair man.. I kept
      calling everybody and they were booked up [so proud they were],
      because, I got frustrated, and started taking my machine apart..
      and oh my Lord, The bobbin case was so thick in junk, i am shocked
      that it sewed at all.. Now.. this is horrible..[you know , I know better.lol]

  • I like to use a duster spray canister (the ones used to clean computer keyboards). I can give my machines a quick blast every so often. It’s especially good for clearing out my serger of fabric fluff build up.

    • Oh you mustn’t! It drives the dust into the inner mechanisms of the machine. Always suck, don’t blow!

    • Oh no! I’ve always been told blow not suck! If there are any loose parts they’ll get suck up and disappear! There must be a clever mid ground?

      • Whichever you choose, just don’t do both at once! The vapors from some canned air are flammable and combined with a vacuum cleaner motor, can cause a fire or explosion.

    • Evy?

      Maybe suck with a nylon over it? That prevents stuff from disappearing.

  • Oh, dear Rachel, that’s indicative of your frantic sewing activity! Just clean it and keep creating beautiful projects as you can do. Happy weekend!

  • OMG! That is some packed up fuzz! Clean that puppy before it kills something in there.

  • He he. This made my laugh. I try to clean my sewing machine after ever use but my overlocker is so neglected I might be able to spin yarn from the fluff in it.

  • oh wow! good luck 🙂

  • LOL!!! Did you come out alive after cleaning … J

  • Wow! I remember my machine looking like that the first time I opened it up… But since then I found out I enjoy fumbling and fishing out fuzz, so it never gets this far!

  • At first glance it looked like a ‘fairy floss’ machine. All that pink sugary fluffy sticky stuff.!!!!

  • That has got to be the most lint accumulation I have ever seen inside a bobbin case. Wow!

  • Mine looks like that at times it’s so easy to just keep sewing and sewing….