Named Charley Tux Pants

Hello friends,

This is my latest pair of trousers. Being very tall is easily assumed proportionally I’m long. Actually I’m all legs and arms. My short torso can make high waist clothes, although very elegant, look a bit oversized and weird on me. Not that is a look that I don’t like, I love high waist clothes however I have to remember to modify the crotch hight before committing to it. 
My pair looks exactly like the pattern. This is the 3rd project I sewn from Named and they all fit me wonderfully. This make is exactly my style of work clothes. Smart, comfortable and quirky.
Next time I plan to reduce the crotch length by 2 cm lowering the waistband. The only customisation was to sew in place the side pleats of the waistband, creating beautiful tucks. 
Carrot trousers is a style where the legs are narrow contrasting with voluptuous hips. I heart this shape but my fellow hates it.  He told me “Tell them. this is one of your failures”.  
Is it? Ok, the crotch is seriously high, Simon Cowell high but that doesn’t necessary put this make into an ‘un -wearable’ category. If I wear similar shade on top it would look like a jumpsuit.  I actually think this style is very slimming.
I didn’t turned-up the end of the hem as per pattern instructions as the current length suits low heels. The fabric was a gift from Marie during the Bath meet up. Not sure the content. It has a some spring on it, doesn’t like to be ironed. I believe has some type of rayon as it doesn’t crease much.
The colour of the fabric has a beautiful sheen. If I had enough I would had loved to make a matching jacket. I’m looking for good notch collar coat pattern to make in January so if anyone has a good indication I would love to hear, preferable something you sewn yourself or seen it made. 
The fit is good. I didn’t notice many wrinkles when wearing them but looking at the pictures, there is some excess fabric that I could remove for the next one.
So, sincerely, what do you guys think?
  • Like you, I find them really slimming and flattering. They are an amazing pair of trousers and will be perfect with the small details you mentioned changing.

    • I do think the next one will be better. I been thinking to also remove the waistband.

  • Love ’em! They fit beautifully.

  • They scream “this woman means business!” Very high fashion. I like them and they make your legs go on for miles.

    • indeed, they do scream high fashion.. i love them but I do feel a bit insecure… too much leg..

  • They scream “this woman means business!” Very high fashion. I like them and they make your legs go on for miles.

    • I agree! This is a very confident look. You wear it well.

    • when I was taking my pictures, one new neighbour didn’t recognised me…He only seen me when I’m taking the rubbish out mostly in big coats and messy hair and glasses.

  • I love it!!! yes looks that you have a little issue on the crotch, but only if you mentioned…nobody will be checking you of how perfect it is. I totally think its a win (if I may say so ;))

  • You look fantastic. I’m 5’11” tall so this would be a good pair of pants for me to make. I’m all legs and arms too. Great job on the pants. I think your fellow is worried that you’re going to have too many other fellows looking at you 🙂

  • Wow, I think they look very smart and flattering. The waist is high, it looks like it hits at your natural waist so I think it’s good, but I can’t imagine how a short girl like myself could ever pull off these pants. I really like how far forward the side seam is on this design, I’ve been very curious to see another example, it looks like the front portion is only about a third of the waistband. They do look perfect for work and you can save your non-failures for home.

    • yes, the back is goes to the front. A colour blocking would be very slimming on this design.

  • Oooh tough one, there’s good and bad. The waist is definitely too high but could look great paired with a blazer. My man hates high waisted pants on me as well and from what I’ve heard men generally do dislike high waisted pants. The fabric is beautiful and they look well made but I think if I was you I’d probably only wear them with a great blazer, the crotch just looks too long

    • indeed, this is a well made muslin that i can get away depending on what i wear

  • They are fantastic looking! Definitely NOT a failure. It may not be a shape for everyone, but on you I think those pants are a hit.

  • They are fantastic looking! Definitely NOT a failure. It may not be a shape for everyone, but on you I think those pants are a hit.

  • I really like these on you, super stylish! The fit seems to work too, if you take out too much of the ease you won’t be able to move unless you use a fabric with a bit of spandex.
    For a coat pattern I have previously used Vogue 1266 and I was really happy with it. It has been around for years, I think I made it 20 years ago!! I am about to make it again but knee length.

    • indeed its true. they fit conformably right now.. i will check the coat out.

  • you elegant, leggy lady. NOT a failure…all guys pretty much hate high waisted anything. it’s like a rule or something.

  • Rachel, they suit you and your style. You seriously always look like a model. Now I personally wouldn’t go for the shape of these trousers but then I don’t have your figure and proportions !

  • I think they are very sheshe on you. They are not fella-friendly, I am sure like every other boy, yours prefers you in skin tight or clingy, Men are so…obvious! LOL!

  • I love them and I’m a wide leg girls. They have a sort of matador feel. The fit is great and I like the high waistband because it emphasises the waist. I’d definitely wear them but I have short legs and a few extra pounds so they might not suit me as we’ll!

  • I love the fit on the legs (and of course you look fabulous as ever) but I think I would lower the waist a bit on a future version – they are very high! Must get around to try a Named pattern!

  • I think this can be a difficult shape to pull off, they look super on you, very stylish. They’d look terrible on me but I don’t have your figure or height! My OH would be in no position to pass comment, working in the music industry he had some very ‘interesting’ suits in the 80s and 90s. Now he tends to stick to quirky shirts and loud golf trousers! 🙂

  • Gorgeous love the high waist and slim legs! They’re so not a failure, typical of a man to say that 😉

  • Anonymous

    I’m with your fellow, definitely not a fan!

  • I think they look amazing and I love the detail on the waistband! and I’m in complete agreement with SunnySewing!

    • The patterns is beautifully drafted. The waistband was suppose to be loose but i felt tucks are a lot more flattering

  • Love the look, very classy and upscale looking. Flattering to your figure. They’re a keeper.

  • GAD! You look like you’ve come off the style pages of Vogue! You are a vision doll. If I had a magazine I’d want you front cover. I’m going to have a go at these they’re lovely xxx

    • you would look great on these… and I want to be on the cover of your magazine lol

  • I really like these! They’re unusual and really pretty, in my opinion. But my husband would say the same thing, I’m sure, as he hates anything with a high waist (what’s that about, anyway?). The crotch is a tad long but nothing serious– I say they’re keepers! And I agree– this would look amazing with a little matching jacket!

    • They fit well and are comfortable so i will having another go and adjusting the crotch for the next one.

  • I think they look amazing! But I wonder if they will slide down or up when you sit down? They could be uncomfortable? I bought this pattern months ago but haven’t had the confidence to make them. I think they need to be worn wioth a tailored shirt, as you have done, and that’s not my style at all.

    • no, they don’t slide. they fit very well. I actually forget I’m wearing trousers, maybe because the extra room at the crotch. I know what you mean, it ask for a fitted shirt worn under. I do think there are other ways to make it less formal. You can knit a big jumper to wear with it. It will suit your shape.

  • I think you look amazing but boys are not always into highwaisted. Love these pants though. I want to make a few similar styles for work as well (although I agree you need to take a few cm out at crotch).

  • I have similar proportions so, I know how tricky high-waisted garments can be to wear. I disagree with your fellow though (all fellows really). The trousers are stylish and unique and I think you pull them off very well! I say wear them with confidence 🙂

  • Love those pants, you have legs in kilometers, dear friend … I’m so jealous, lol. Love this sleek style with the perfect fit.

  • You wear these well. I think they look fab from the back and they really suit your figure. Yes I think the crotch is a bit too long in front but with a jacket I don’t think it would be noticeable.

    • thank you. I do think a few cm off would make this a lot better so I will try to make another version next year

  • Boys hate high waisted clothes. Fact. I think they learn to hate them at school or something! Anyway, you look like a high fashion model in these Rachel. They may not be 100% perfect, but they’re pretty close if you ask me and seriously wearable. If I had your figure I’d live in them ;o)

  • I wish I could look that good in pants! Love them.
    My boy hates high waisted ANYTHING on girls… even skirts! which I wear all the time (I could never wear a skirt on my hips!!) so ignore your fellow! You look ace.

  • Kim

    I think they look awesome! Super chic! Looking forward to your next version and seeing what small changes do to their overall look..

  • I’m sorry to tell your boy that he’s off his rocker because those trousers look FAB on you! Very well done!