Pretending is summer, Linen Dakota

Hello friends,

This actually is my Dakota muslin. I made it before the Sew Along and my ponte version. It is pretty summery. I can see myself wearing on a beach but not in the UK.  To preserve my modesty a cotton slip is worn underneath.
It is made with two different types of linen, each costing £5 per metre in Classic Textile. The composition of theses two fabrics is amazing in person but it doesn’t photograph very well.
One has some gold threads, and they blend beautifully that only close you can see the nuances in print. Both has horizontal lines in design.
To be honest, I struggled to use the photos I took for the sew along. Lucky Marie’s blue prada crepe saved the day. Simply stunning, don’t you think?
So in love with the Dakota neckline and I cannot wait to try to make a summer jacket from the pattern.
 Have you sewn the Dakota with us? Pls share so we can showcase it on Wednesday by emailing them to me.