Beaded collar sweater: a beautiful handmade gift made for me.

Hello friends,
This beautifully handmade sweater was a christmas gift made by my mom-in-law. I’m a lucky gal.
It’s deliciously soft and warm. 
To be honest, It wasn’t a complete surprise. I have chosen both the pattern and the colours and shared the cost of the raw materials. It wasn’t cheap. As mainly a sewist, I can get good quality materials at a reasonable cost however it was the first time I had the conscience of the cost of a hand knitted garment.  Knitters, how do you get good supplies at a reasonable price?
Pattern: Beaded collar sweater from Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine – Autumn/Winter 2013: Issue 11

 The pattern has originally a three quarter sleeve sweater, without contrasting ribs and smaller collar.

Before we talk about the modifications made specially for me, the pattern as it comes on page 71 has  an errata. Lucky my mom in law is an experienced knitter, spotted the error, call them and they reviewed the pattern. You will find the correction here.
Sleeves:  Lengthen to fit my long arms (67 cm) so instead of 33 cms from the pattern it was knitted 48 cm from cuff to underarm. Readjust the increasing on the sleeves were necessary after the additional ribbing.
Contrasting cuffs and extra body length was added thru ribbing. The original shaping for the waist was maintained.
She added 2 extra rows of beads, to the collar, which meant 8 extra rows of knitting as the beads were added every 4th row. She also secured it so it didn’t roll over.

The pattern used 9 balls of light yarn and 2 balls of dark; Debbie Bliss sublime extra fine merino wool double knit. Shades were: 0228 & 0375. The wool is machine washable but because of the beads I will be washing it by hand. Needles: USA6/ UK8
Beads:3 boxes of size 6 glass beads 16221 from Mill Hills.

Knitting a christmas sweater is one of my creative goals for this year. So inspirational to showcase this beautiful gift made with love by Ro.

Social media really help beginners crafters. I asked some knitting advice on twitter and instagram and now I am investing on some circular needles. Hopefully I can go beyond simple knit and purl.

Changing subject, It’s so dreadful and cold these days. Requires extra will power to take some decent pictures. I always feel so embarrassed with people looking. The weather also affects my creative mood, so I’m glad to have #projectsewn deadlines. I confess…is so intimidating and scary to be judged on something that you are so deeply passionated about but I know that what is important is to participate, even if it means not all the way. I will be sharing sneak peaks on my instagram. So far I ave 1 finished item and two WIP. Better get sewing!

  • Beautiful, I love the collar. is good for discounted wool. Good luck with Project Sewn!

  • Meg

    Wow what a gorgeous sweater! Your mother in law is one talented lady.

  • Pin

    This is so beautiful! I wonder if I can convince my mum to knit me one…

  • Wow. I knit and someone knitting you a jumper is a huge deal! I use black sheep wool too. There are also cheaper alternatives to Debbie Bliss yarn.

  • Lovely lovely lovely! I’m a little in awe. Knitting is like a foreign language to me, but in the absence of a sewing machine while we relocate, I am planning on knitting a scarf (yep, I need to start at the bottom ;-)). Just figuring out which needle size and type of wool to use was challenging enough, so I really appreciated the details you provided in your post.

  • What a beautiful gift!

  • Wow – that is simply gorgeous. And I love that you paired it with the shorts-tights combo, a great winter look.

  • Very lovely sweater πŸ™‚ I love this practicular shade of pink πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful! I am definitely not generous to knit someone else a sweater, haha! It looks absolutely gorgeous, well done to her, and well done you for picking a style that looks great on you πŸ™‚ Good luck with your project sewn, you are an amazing sewer and I hope I can get as good as you someday! πŸ™‚

  • Lovely! What a great present! The colours are beautiful and I like all the details that she added. I´m struggling with knitting at the moment so I really can appreciate a good proyect like this one!!

  • your Mil is fantastic…she knits beautifully…het stitches are so regular i would never in a million years know it was hand knitted…that collar is so cute…i had seen that pattern and really liked it

  • your Mil is fantastic…she knits beautifully…het stitches are so regular i would never in a million years know it was hand knitted…that collar is so cute…i had seen that pattern and really liked it

  • This is so, so beautiful Rachel and I love all the alterations made too! Thanks fr sharing so many details, this is a very tempting pattern!

  • Remember yarn comes out of the entertainment budget not the clothing budget. Debbie Bliss’ yarns tend to be a bit pricier for what you get, but if you shop around there are values to be found.

  • Kat

    That is so gorgeous and impeccably knitted – that tension is just incredibly even! I love the colours too. Perhaps I shall get into knitting again once the weather cools down. Another 39 degree day today!

  • Such a gorgeous knit! WOW! xoxo

  • Beautiful , both sweater and girl… SO sweet of your MIL..

  • I have this pattern book and was considering this one, having seen yours I will definitely make it. Wool is very expensive, but cheap wool shows. Sometimes you can get a pack cheaper on ebay!

  • Lovely sweater! Revelry is a fantastic knitting resource – you can look up pretty much any pattern to see how people found it to make and what yarns they used. Debbie Bliss yarns can be pricey, especially in sweater quantities.

  • It really suits you, how lovely to have a one-off. Hurray for handade presents! πŸ™‚

  • This is such an elegant sweater! A wonderful gift.

  • John Lewis sales every time for good quality yarns at reasonable prices.

  • You’re very lucky to have such a generous MIL πŸ˜€
    Sourcing good quality, reasonably priced yarns can be tricky. You’ll soon come to realise that maybe it is better paying the price – you get a much better quality product. Personally I love Rowan and Colinette yarns. For the former it’s good to shop around. Many places will discount discontinued shades or yarns. It’s also worthwhile considering substituting for a cheaper yarn. For example Rowan Big Wool has loads of alternatives that are much cheaper. Good luck with your knitting πŸ™‚

  • Wow, this is so beautiful! What a wonderful gift! I think it’s wise that your mother-in-law let you pick the color and pattern– knitting is so time-intensive that you really want to be sure the recipient will love it!

    Wool is expensive, but the plus side is that because it’s a slower process, you don’t have to buy it as often as you do fabric. I keep a look out for sales and swap with other makers locally who are clearing out their stashes.

  • Wow, of course you are very lucky. It’s so beautiful!

  • Gorgeous, suits you so well πŸ™‚

  • Oh my God I love everything about this sweater! It’s divine, and the yarn is so beautiful and knits so neatly!
    I love the colour palette you chose as well. Well done! You’re lucky to have a talented mother in law!

  • rachel, that’s an amazing prize! you look like a valentine. i don’t know how knitters do it, especially cost wise, here in NY prices are ridiculous for good yarn.

    these deadlines are helping my winter blues too, i must admit :))

  • Gorgeous sweater. I think you could knit anything, I believe if you can knit and you can purl, you can do anything. All stitches are just combinations of these really.
    Good luck for Project Sewn!!

  • Gah! Too cute. You look lovely in your new sweater. And that old lady turning around to gawk at you is too funny. I always figure, people are going to stare anyway, so give them something to stare at!

  • Sam

    This is beautiful Rachel, what a gorgeous gift.

  • It’s lovely! Garnstudio do some cheaper yarns they might be easier to get hold of in the UK and Europe that the US though. Debbie Bliss wool is pretty expensive! It’s one of the big name brands. Other brands have the same quality of wool at a lower price.

  • Beautiful sweater!

  • Ooooh, I adore the colour combination you picked out! I’ve been looking at beaded knitting projects and this is such a cute design. Might have to try it next.

  • Que lindo Rachel! Vc tem sorte mesmo!Antes de voltar a costurar (isso aconteceu por sua causa), eu fazia muito tricô, ainda faço e pra mim e uma terapia amo demais. Só um aviso: tricô vicia e um caminho sem volta rsrss
    Se vc puder, abre uma conta no ravelry lá e um paraíso pra quem tricota e tb pra quem ta começando nos fóruns as meninas ajudam demais as iniciantes.
    Mas se vc ainda tiver dúvidas que agulha comprar, onde, tamanho e qual la (quero dizer wool) me da um toque aqui mesmo que eu te mando uma mensagem em privado πŸ™‚
    Ps. Amei a cor tb e todas as modificações feitas ficou bem melhor do que o original.
    Desculpe a falta de acentos πŸ™

  • obrigada querida, como esta na costura?

    • Devagar mas indo πŸ™‚ fiz 2 tops simples simplicity 8523 foi uma delícia de costurar e gostei do resultado minha mãe achou q eu tinha comprado rsrs. Tb tentei costurar chifon (olha a pretensão ) mas foi meio disastre na hora de costurar o viés na gola mas tudo bem faz parte rsrs. Meu próximo projeto vai ser um vestido (1 vez) vamos ver o q acontece!
      Estou pensando seriamente em começar a costurar malha e estou até vendo qual modelo de overloque comprar mas to na dúvida e tanta opção estou entre brother e janome… O q vc acha?

  • What a beautiful gift – your mother in law is so generous and gracious, and her knitting is lovely and perfect – I hope I get to be that good someday! πŸ™‚ I source my wool locally when possible, but some great deals can be found in online shops too πŸ™‚

  • What a beautiful sweater and such a thoughtful gift! You’re lucky to have such a great mother-in-law. πŸ™‚ I used to knit a lot, and yes, it is much more expensive than sewing! I’m still amazed by knitters who churn out beautiful garments in expensive yarns – I wish I had their bank accounts!

  • This is stunning!

  • I like the collar!!! Your mother-in-law is amazing and very talented. I like her knitting!

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