Deer & Doe Plantain

deerdoeplaintaoinHello friends,
I’m been sewing like crazy for project sewn. To be honest, is been so hard to not share my WIP or talk about my ideas with you. Procrastination went to stratospheric proportions having me tiding my pins into categories, organising elastics by size, colour coding threads  shades etc… That’s when I realised a break from ‘competition’ mode was needed: doctors orders, like they say! Since there are so many cute versions of the Plaintain Tee popping around the web and people raving how flattering this pattern is I jumped in the bandwagon and took a few hours off to sew it today.
It was a delight. The pattern is simple, well drafted and looks amazing on. The hard job was to go and take some pictures in freezing temperatures, raining and dark: typical Uk day! Seriously, sewing is always the easy part for me. Getting stuff documented takes times I wait for a better light however the challenge deadline is the end of the month lowering my pictures standards. Made & photographed 5 mins after.
Pattern can be downloaded free.
Fabric was a very stable tee jersey. Maybe I needed something with a little more give for the next one. I like how fitted it looks and I can move around.
Size:38 without changes.
For the challenge: Added contrasting cuffs and a appliqué elbow patch. At first I was adding valentine’s hearts on my elbow patch until I saw Anna’s version.
Beautiful, but I needed to make it a bit different. Playing with the brandI came up with the idea of adding a deer and a doe! I love it!!!!! 
How to make a suede and leatherette  deer & doe appliqué elbow patch:
Create your elbow patch by either using the pattern template or buy a pre cut one. Mine is from prym and is a suede imitation. Those pre cut ones are very hand as they fuse in place before sewing, making it very easy to sew in place.
After deciding your design, trace them to freeze paper. It will be set with the iron on the fabric, making so easy to cut your design. Remember you must trace a mirror image of your design, since you are ‘glueing”on the back of the fabric.
Cut with scissors or a craft knife.
The deer and doe heads were cut out of leatherette. Place the design in place and sew around. Because the leatherette shows pins holes, if you need more security you can use sellotape to hold in place. I just went for it.
 You can trace exactly or roughly as long you keep the design integrity. Once you sewn both you are ready to attach the elbow patch to your sleeve.
With the hot iron set the elbow patch in place. The glue will just baste secure but you still need to sew in place. If you made your own elbow patch base, pin in place and sew.
Finish your tee!
* updated, I added a rib band as I wanted to add a little more lengthen.
  • I LOVE the elbow patches – what a fun way to make this tee special!

  • Love the elbow patches, simply genius using a deer and doe! Still trying to pluck up the courage to sew knits, I need to get a ballpoint needle, no serger here unfortunately.

  • Woah, Rachel! Your creativity knows no bounds! I love how such a classic and chic top has such a gorgeous and unexpected design element! Love your boots too!


  • Those elbow patches are awesome. Gives me an idea….dog print. 🙂

  • The patches really make the whole outfit. You are amazingly creative, Rachel!

  • Aww those elbow patches are so cute! what a funky idea, your so creative Rachel!

  • The deer and doe elbow patches are adorable Rachel, really adorable!!! You are so clever and talented – you’ve managed to transform a simple tee into something very special!

  • That is so cool, love the idea of the appliqued elbow patches!

  • Those elbow patches are brilliant.

  • that is super smart, i love the patches!

  • Very cute top. Unique.

  • I can only imagine that you would need a break from Project Sewn, and what a great way to kill some time. Love the shirt, Rachel!

  • I love everything-the colour suits you very well and lets the Deer and Doe take centre stage!!!

  • Cute.. love the deer patches..

  • Super cute! What a great way to showcase the elbow pads.

  • Deer and Doe!!! LOVE IT! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh those elbow patches are THE CUTEST! I love them!!

  • This is so fantastic!

  • Looks great Rachel! I *love* the elbow patches! 🙂

  • Looks great Rachel! I *love* the elbow patches! 🙂

  • Wow, what an amazing way to adapt the patches. Such a cute idea. I love it!

  • Kim

    Wow, super creative idea! The elbow patches are super cute! Looking forward to project sewn 🙂

  • Really nice Rachel. I have just checked out the Deer and Doe site and their patterns look perfect for my daughter. Thank you for showing on your blog 🙂

  • those elbow patches are perfect! nice work!

  • Seriously so cute! What a fab idea for the elbow patches!

  • So darn cute!

  • Oooh, I love it! Those elbow patches are great

  • rach, that is AWESOME. and you are a phenom, i can’t believe how much you’re getting done on top of PS!!

  • What fun!! Your top and artistic addition will send many to download this pattern

  • This top is amazing! Thanks for explaining your method for making the patches!

  • Such a great idea, Rachel!!! 😀

  • Stop being so cute!!!!! I love this so much– the elbow patches are KILLING me! 🙂

  • Love the elbow patches! How clever!

  • I LOVE the patches, what a brilliant idea Rachel, you’re so clever!

  • Fantastic detail! I love it! You are such a Style Queen xoxo

  • I love the elbow patches – great idea! I really enjoyed sewing my Plantain too, it’s a great pattern!

  • What a great idea! So wintery. Loving this tutorial:)

  • I like very much! And the patches it’s great!!

  • Amazing, the top, your photography and the tutorial!

  • loving this

  • Soooo cute!!

  • Ahhhh!! The elbow patches are SO CUTE!!!! Great job and very creative.

  • What a super fab idea,I have never thought of elbow pads x

  • Your idea for elbow pads is inspired. I so need to make this pattern, it looks fab.

  • Love deer silhouettes – so unique!

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