Conexão Copacabana. Wk 3 project sewn

Hello everyone,

Did you know we are fast approaching Carnival? I’m dreaming of Rio right now. Oh! the warmest of weather, samba, and street parties. Teleport me now please!

Using my Copacabana shoe geometric print as my inspiration, I drafted my whole outfit for this week  challenge #projectsewn

The Shirt!

Brazilian’s shirts are tight, short and worn open to show our bikinis underneath. The yoke patch pockets have a central pleat, closed with a flap and a black & white pokadot button.

My shirt has a small collar, a contrasting placket to hide my buttons and 3/4 sleeves. Seriously, sewing this shirt collar wasn’t easy and I re done over and over.  That’s how I broke the seam ripper.

The placket is decorated with leather piping. Check out the white stitches just like the ones in the shoes. Because the shoe has a “black nose” I thought would be fun to add a black band over the sleeves and secure it with a tab, to give the same aesthetics as the curved hemline.

Both my fabrics came from my hometown: Brasilia. The shirt is sewn in linen and the trousers in cotton sateen. My favourite fabrics to wear during the summer. If you follow my instagram you may  remember when I bought the fabrics back in September.

My trousers feature a fly zipper front, high waist and a slim overlapping waistband.  Instead of a button, a hook and eye was used to secure the overlapping. I love this! I wanna wear it everyday!

I opted for a straight leg instead of a slim cigarette because of the proportion of the shirt.

Are you ready to join me in Copacabana?  Vote now.

  • I luuuurve the trousers! Great job.

  • I love this outfit! The trouser print is amazing.

  • amazing. i thought you and alida seemed to be closest to your shoe inspiration but you got my vote!

  • I am loving those shoes and the way you tied the entire outfit to them. Wouldn’t it be nice to fly to South America right about now? It is snowing in Toronto but my sister is at the beach in Lima – boo hoo!

  • Oh, wow, this is an amazing outfit! Take me to Brasilia!!!!! And then tell me all your secrets to getting such a perfect fit!!!!!

  • Lets fly right now

  • This is the first year in AGES that I’m missing Carnival (in Trinidad, not Brasil – I’d love to see that!) and I’m so tempted to throw caution to the wind and buy a last minute ticket it’s not even funny.

    Those trousers are HOT. I love the print!

  • That is some seriously careful and creative sewing there! Congratulations on another week of successful work – just amazing what you can do Rachel!

    • Rachel que lindo!!!!! ! Parabéns pela conexão copacabana. Aliene -Brasília

  • I love this outfit! It looks like a magazine shoot.

  • Rachel que lindo! !!!!!! Parabéns! !!!!! Aliene -Brasília

  • Rachel que lindo! !!!!!! Parabéns! !!!!! Aliene -Brasília

  • Rachel que lindo!!!!!! Parabéns pela conexão copacabana. Aliene -Brasília

  • Amazing outfit!!! Just perfect details!

  • Wowsers!

  • You continue to outdo yourself Rachel. I love how you used an inspiration that is tied to your culture for this week’s project!

  • You are effing killing it in this competition Rachel. I have loved everything you’ve done. 🙂

  • You got my vote…once again. Good luck!!!

  • Fantastic outfit Rachel! Funky but very wearable, even to a conservative workplace. I really love the trim on the blouse matching the fabulous trousers!

  • ITS SO AWESOME! I love the pattern on the blouse and pants – they work perfectly with your shoes! The little details make it into a winning ensemble 🙂 Good luck!

  • Fabulous outfit Rachel!!!

  • L

    OMGosh. This is fantabulous! I love black and white – so timeless and chic. Very well done!

  • NAILED it!! What can’t this woman do?!! You are a superstar Rachel.

  • Another great outfit, Rachel! Love the details on the shirt and the big print on the trousers…Lovely!

  • Absolutely love your outfit..Perfect shoes…
    I just went and voted..Best wishes..

  • You are gorgeous! and that outfit is totally amazing – you have my vote 🙂

  • wow as usual

  • A great outfit! I have two questions – did you make your leather piping? Also, what machine do you sew with? The stitching looks great and you are incorporating diverse textures. I am looking for a new machine that can handle projects like the above (leather, etc), so your answers would be very timely for me. Thank you!

  • Ooh this is is making me feel so sunny and I love the idea of the shirts over the bikinis 🙂 I need to get me out there I’m thinking this is my kinda place!


  • I love this outfit. Absolutely love it – it’s fun, gorgeous and fits so well. My favorite are the trousers and I really love all the details in the shirt. Fabulous!

  • i love this with the red kicks too! outta the park. or should i say, beach.

  • This outfit is such a brilliant interpretation of the shoes inspiration – it is absolutely PERFECT!! I think this is my favourite outfit of yours ever – it suits you so well! Take me to Copacabana!! ^___^

  • This outfit is such a brilliant interpretation of the shoes inspiration – it is absolutely PERFECT!! I think this is my favourite outfit of yours ever – it suits you so well! Take me to Copacabana!! ^___^

  • Great pictures and a lovely outfit! 🙂

  • Such a fun outfit!!!

  • I love your pants! And I voted for you 😉

  • Wow. I just love this outfit…..the pants are so cool!

  • Great outfit! I love the black-and-white geo print and those shoes are fab – I can see how they inspired you. Love it!

  • I love this outfit! So cute!

  • wow!! you are so talented, girl! 😀