Look 27: Troubadour (project sewn final outfit)

Hello friends,

Firstly, THANK you for the love on my Copacabana outfit. I wish we could all be celebrating in Brasil, enjoying the weather and carnival right now. Can you believe today is the final of Project sewn? I’m gobsmacked that not only I latest till the end but I actually you voted me top the last 2 weeks.  Being among the talented ladies“competing”sewing along really drove my creative juices. I love a challenge.

For signature style theme, I wanted to incorporate everything that encompass my personal style.

My love for fitted clothes, interesting design lines and prints. Classic with a twist. Even a bit sexy…

My dress is the same catwalk pattern from Giles Deacon “The Troubadour dress” – shown in his A/W 2007 catwalk show. His sexy deep emerald double duchess silk. Mine is made out of cotton sateen.  Oh, did I mention you could buy his for $2.210 and mine costed less than $50 to make.

The original dress (Source: outnet & Style.com)

The dress has a square neckline, 6 pieces sleeves, a raised back neck and the front and back panels pieces wrap around.  No last minute side seam adjustments on fit.

The 2 sleeves elbow pattern pieces look like bow ties. Sewn together, when the dress is just hanging, the sleeve has a 3D fold like there is an elbow there. Insanely cool!

A few times while I was sewing the dress I felt I was going mad. I didn’t had time to make a muslin so I trusted the ‘power of the tape measure.’

Taped the pattern the night before and sewn all day from 9 am till 3 am, leaving only the invisible zipper, hem and final touches to do the next day. Felt like I was in my own project runway dream. Tim Gunn may have popped in my head a few times saying “make it work” every time I had to redo those annoying joining seams.

I tell you, those 8 corners were a PAIN to sew. I curved the seams making it harder because I felt It would look better on me and a lot more flattering on the bust. I know, I’m crazy to make the pattern a little more challenging.

You can download the troubadour pattern (size 10) free with other 8 designers on Show Studio.

You can vote for me 

  • T

    This is some ferocious sewing … and it looks amazing. I am sure you are lying in a dark corner somewhere with lettuce leaves draped over your eyes muttering, “where’s my tape measure” over and over, but I just had to say … outstanding!! Congratulations on being a finalist and good luck in the last leg of the competition. You rock.

    • Thanks so much. I am indeed looking like a need a year of sleep but been so much fun.

  • This is a total showstopper. Amazing, amazing work!

  • WOW! I had to read every single word, and I think I was even holding my breath!!!!
    I love your curved lines, they must have made it so much harder but they look wonderful, so curved and feminine on quite a structured dress. So sophisticated and beautiful Rachel, congratulations. You are a winner just by making this dress!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this dress is gorgeous – well done!

  • this is truely amazing rachel. everyone has pulled out the stops for this final week. it’s so hard to choose!

  • This is a stunning dress, Rachel. Amazing job throughout the entire contest.

  • if our dresses got together, would we cause blindness?


  • This is wicked cool Rachel. It’s gonna be like Sophie’s Choice with you and Oona (I saw her dress first and was like COWABUNGA! But not I really don’t know what to do). That elbow! The fabric! YOur general Brazilian babeliness! WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE PROJECT SEWN?!?!

  • It is a gorgeous dress, Rachel!
    Fico muito feliz por você ter chegado na final do Project Sewn. Você é uma costureira maravilhosa e merece! Primeiro pensei que esse vestido era uma modificação do seu Brasilia dress – acho que ficaria muito bom com essas mangas -, mas gostei da sua escolha. Esse molde é perfeito para o seu estilo!

  • Oh my god, you’ve done it again. This is just GORGEOUS!!! The colours, the style lines, oh my, I love it to bits. You are one great seamstress and “a rainha do estilo” Rachel. Well done!

  • This is so fun and so YOU! Absolutely gorgeous! I’m so impressed! I would never trust the tape measure that much- I’m pretty sure my tape measure lies to me! Heeheehee!

  • Absolutely stunning!!

  • It is a gorgeous dress, Rachel!
    Fico muito feliz por você ter chegado na final do Project Sewn. Você é uma costureira maravilhosa e merece! Primeiro pensei que esse vestido era uma modificação do seu Brasilia dress – acho que ficaria muito bom com essas mangas -, mas gostei da sua escolha. Esse molde é perfeito para o seu estilo!

  • The curves on the bodice really add an extra wow on an already amazing dress, you have really grown in this competition, your garments have developed each time, well done !

  • Amazing job! I’ve been totally floored by all the talent this time around. You all are beautiful winners in my eyes. Well done!

  • Woooo hot hot hot! It’s absolutely a masterpiece. I love it!

  • Such an incredible grand finale. Awesome job, well done.

  • Good luck…fingers and toes are all crossed for you, it’s an amazing outfit and you model it so well.

  • HRachel ☺ly shitballs this is freaking ACE Rachel! I love it and it yells “you” loud and clear in a way that makes me want to believe I could dress this way too. Congratulations on knowing your style and nailing it!
    Rachel ☺
    P.S. I’ve voted for you, which was hard because the others are great too, but I think you pipped them at the post.

  • You should be very proud of yourself Rachel. Amazing work! X

  • it looks stunning, really amazing!

  • This is fabulous Rachel! I love the colour blocking and those little puffy cap sleeves are devine!

  • OMG! If you and Oona met on the street while wearing your final projects, something would spontaneously combust! Hot hot hot! I love that magenta color on you!

  • Yes classy and sexy!

  • Absolutely stunning! The sleeves are gorrrrgeous! And the purple! And the print! Fantastic work.

  • Absolutely stunning! So much better than the Giles Deacon one too, you have some real vision to pull this beauty out of that pattern!

  • Um Rachel, this is amazing!

  • Amazing! xx

  • I LOVE this dress. It’s very you- and I think it is so much better than the original! It’s definitely my favourite of your project sewn entries- way to go out on a bang!

  • Sam

    Wow! Rachel, this is absolutely stunning! Worth every bit of the hard work that has gone into it.

  • You have excelled yourself. What an amazing outfit. Very chic. I’m blown away.

  • Brilliant Rachel!! The sleeves and neckline look amazing! I think you deserve a much needed rest after all your hard work, Good luck for the final result x

  • Anonymous

    I really love the fit of your dress and the print but somehow those…shoulder pads? really annoy me…I think the whole look might look better without them or at least if they were also in print. Otherwise it’s stunning. 😉

  • Wow, wow and wow! This is incredible. You look stunning, the print, the curves etc. Just wow…

  • Wow lovely dress and very sexy!!!

  • Super nice! I have been trying to find a tutorial on Show Studio designs, they seem so complicated… Did you change the patern at all?

    • I havent sewn the tutorial, i just sewn based on the pieces. I did change the sharp corners into curves and the panels, they aren’t straight they follow my body lines.

  • This is fantastic! I love your pattern and fabric choice. I have been searching for a print like that forever. Also, thanks for introducing me to Show Studio, I had no idea these patterns existed. Now I want to make the pirate top from Galliano.

  • The colors and style are amazing!! You totally knocked this one out of the park!!!

  • I’ll take the custom made version any day!! (although silk duchesse satin does sound rather lovely!)
    You got the fit spot-on, and that’s really impressive even if you had made a muslin, with all those fiddly pieces, but kind of unbelievable without one!! Great job!! 🙂

  • This dress is like the Brasilia dress on crack! I’ve had a lot of fun following you and the other wonderful sewers each week and I wish you all could be winners!

  • I love your version so much better than the runway one! The colours, the fabric, the print, the model…
    And those curves look like a seamstress nightmare!
    You look amazing!

  • Breathtaking.

  • This is such a creative use of colour and shape! It’s really amazing! You must go somewhere just as fabulous as the dress to wear it on it’s first outing!

  • I really love it! And I voted for you 😉

  • Awesome. I think one of the best things about it is the use of colour. Very striking and very YOU.

  • I love it! Usually I’m not a big fan on purple but this combination works and suits you really well. A perfect balance of edgy, classic and sexy. Bravo! 🙂