Pink-heiro Ya da Bomb

To say I struggled with week 2 of project sewn would be an understatement. Sewing with a theme can be quite constrictive creatively. Worst is the extra pressure because everyone is so amazing.  

Aiming to ‘up my game’, I wrote for each week a different personal goal: Last week was tailoring and drafting, this week was sewing ‘unusual to me’ fabrics : Lace, suede, leather, chiffon, slippery polyester etc..I started my experimentation with a lace and suede elisalex dress and felt I was looking less pretty in pink more like a Jem and the holograms (BTW, I do love them). When a project isn’t working, better move a more complicated make how about a sewing a chiffon dress? 

Long story short, even with the dress ready to photograph I felt it wasn’t working. If I wouldn’t wear it after this competition would be like cheating my personal taste. If I don’t love it, how others would. I spent sleepless nights on pondering what to do next. A separate post to talk about both “binned”projects in due time. With the deadline approaching, it was like SEW SEW SEW…
Now let’s talk about the outfit I presented to the competition.  A project that I am in LOVE with.

The belted wrap coat from BurdaStyle 10/2012 #103 is one of those patterns that doesn’t look impressive until you actually make it. In my best efforts to support small designers and their patterns, the last two years I haven’t really explored mainstream patterns

I confess this last two makes from burdastyle had surprised me. Instructions are terrible but the design is actually very good. I need this coat in every colour. The only change would be increase the side pocket bag.

The coat instruction ask you to sew the coat using a flat fell seam without mentioning the technique by name. A beginner wouldn’t know how to look for more information.

A feature that impressive on the design of this coat is the two piece sleeve. They are brilliant.

This wool felt is the most incredible bright pink fabric I have ever seen. I definitely caused a stir walking the streets wearing it. The fabric is super thick and warm. To sew, I used my walking presser foot and a jeans needles.The large collar was made bigger because I love the Pink oversize coats trend. 

Seams finishes used for the coat  were mix of welt, flat fell and black satin bias for contrast. The belt was made with real leather using tips from Don Morin Craftsy class. 

The modified button back top is the Kanerva, fresh from named new spring collection. 

Again, Named brought us an amazing collection of patterns.  They aesthetics is really up my personal style. I struggled to pick my favourite patterns but on my list to sew are: Ailakki Jumpsuit and the Vanamo cocktail dress.
For those who were a bit disappointed about their lack of illustrations shouldn’t worry anymore, now the patterns come with step by step technical drawings. They even taken their last season patterns out of the site while they update all their instructions.That’s why is so important we give our honest feedback, so indie companies can improve. Named size range also increased to 32 to 46 and you get all sizes.
You will find their price point dropped and their are more competitive now.I really with the girls a lot of success because I want keep sewing their contemporary and chic designs.
Used contrasting thread keyhole buttonholes and heart shape buttons, and topstitched leatherette geometric cut outs to add texture.
Black can be quite basic, so I wanted to create some type of texture. I took 30 cm  leatherette square and without a plan,  cut random geometric shapes. Them I place my blouse on the table, and started to piece the shapes together forming a design as I went along.
The A line shape and high waistline of the ginger skirt was the perfect complement for the crop top. Interestingly how you pay more attention to the balance of shapes and design lines using monochrome fabric.  The skirt was finished with hong kong finish and topstitched the main seams. I don’t normally wear A line clothes but really loved the ginger.

This outfit has a powerful street urban feel with the coat but a sexy elegant glamour at the same time because the length of the sleeves and hem.

Voting is open now 

Ready to be bombarded with more pictures of the coat?

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  • This is really gorgeous and suits your big hair styling! Congratulations on finding something that both suits your personal style but also fits in with a themed constraint!

    • Thank you Nessa! We got to trust our feelings and I felt so much happier with the result.

  • oh, beauty. S. T. U. N. N. I. N. G.

  • Bang on trend with this Rachel! I love the coat.

    I bought a Named pattern recently (the Apila trousers) and while you do get all the sizes, they are not nested, only 2 sizes in each file. So you still can’t easily trace between sizes if you were a 38 in the bust and a 40 in the waist (they come in 36-38 OR 40-42).

    • Thank you!!1 Yes, Indeed but its already a good improvement from last season

  • I bought my first Named this weekend. I had never heard of them and instantly bought and downloaded.
    Log the Pink coat.

  • Fabulous photos! What an amazing coat – the trim keeps it from looking too sweet.

  • Fabulous Rachel. You should be very proud!

  • I was the same way when I sewed this coat up! It really doesn’t seem impressive until you get that collar attached and then you realize, this is gonna be bomb! I serged my collar but I did it on the outside so that it had a clean seam on the inside where people would see it. Probably one of my favorites and fastest sewn projects! Love the satin bias, That detail makes the coat!

  • Rachel, this is just stunning. I absolutey love that coat on you and the leather trim is such a nice touch. The skirt and top outfit is also great. Way to go with the little details, lady!

  • Sam

    I’m totally in love with this Rachel, it is a stunning outfit. I need a pink coat in my life!

  • This is just… WOW. Total showstopper.

  • The coat looks fantastic! The satin binding and black belt are wonderful contrast to the bright pink! This is a guaranteed head-turner.

    • The collar is very versatile and its definitively love for this coat

  • You’ve convinced me I need a bright pink coat in my life. Wool felt – what a fantastic idea for coat material!! Way to go, girly.

  • Your look is amazing!!! Wow!

  • Love this outfit – the neckline on the top is great… kinds like your own built-in jewellery. And, the coat is hot ‘n’ fiery to warm you up in our cold wet dreary weather 🙂

    • lol, indeed, who needs to by jewellery when you can sew cut outs on tops..

  • Oh my gosh Rachel, it’s stunning! I love how you’ve kept it simple and let the colour do all the talking – I want one haha!!

  • Absolutely stunning!!

  • This is fantastic! I want this coat! I’ve told myself no more outwear for myself until the fall, but I’m tempted to sneak this one in! It’s amazing! I love the leatherette detailing on the top, too. What a chic outfit! You look amazing!

    • I almost went with the cocoon pattern you used from burda. Yes, make tho!!!!

  • Ugh I am so in love with this outfit! I love how you’ve combined these patterns into a coherent look that suits you so well. And the leather belt and welt on the coat is genius. You look stunning! Good luck in the competition!

  • This is a stunning outfit, Rachel. Really, really outdid yourself on this challenge!

  • I’m so in love with your coat! a-mazing outfit! You’ve got my vote!

  • You look amazing! Voted 🙂

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your coat. It is gorgeous. Your creativity & interpretation of the Burda Belted Wrap Coat pattern is phenomenal. And the satin bias binding – divine!

    • thank you Jane. Funny how some patterns when matched with the right fabric just pop into our imagination…

  • Holy WOW!!! What a stunner of an outfit. That coat is out of this world amazing (and kudos to you for tackling Burda and their crappy instructions) Love, love, love it!!!

  • LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE the coat. Love. Omg. It’s fabulous. Nothing cheers you up like a huge pop of colour when its cold and grey outside. And your top and skirt are great too – architectural and monochromatic, yes please!

    • Oh Heather, indeed nothing brings a smile like cherry colourful coats on grey days

  • You can bombard me all you want with images of your coat. It is amazing! Glad you increased the collar because with this silhouette, bigger is better. You are a vixen wearing this, and paired with the curly hair (which I love), you’re a bombshell!

  • WOOOOW!! great coat! as you said, it looks simply BUT the fabric, the collar and the bias make it look just great!! You look great!

    • Thank you Lizzy, doesn’t sometimes we just need to wear something elegant but with some impact. simple is hard to make look good, so I’m so happy everyone seems to love it

  • Anonymous

    Love the shape of the coat and the colour. On you! On me! … except they don’t make the pattern large enough. I wonder if you would post a picture of the pattern shapes so I can draft one for myself. Thank you very much.
    I love the whole outfit, the two piece dress with the leather jewellery. You look stunning and I voted for you though you had serious competition.
    Voted for you last time too.

    • Hi Barbara, email me and I can send you. On the burda site you can see the line drawings quiet well

  • Love this coat and what you have done with it.BUT I also love that it would suit most shapes and sizes.

    • Indeed Ruth, this look would be great for everyone to try. Hope some inspired sewist will make it. Thank you

  • Absolutely beautiful! Every single detail just works together so perfectly. And I’m so impressed by the fact that you actually sewed three outfits for the challenge – that’s such a great example of staying true to your own aesthetic and style. Congratulations on a stunning outfit!

  • I ADORE your oversize, bright pink collar! It’s just too too fabulous 🙂 The belted coat is genius, and your take on it is stunning. So very well done!

  • Wow!!!! Totally wow!! Love your photos !!

  • Wow!! Totally wow!!! You look fantastic!

  • Love the whole outfit! That top and skirt are killer. I don’t wear pink but I love the coat! You’re fabulous

  • Eeek, that coat! I have no words. Eeek! 🙂

  • You got my vote!!

  • Lovely!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! I’m so torn between you and Oona. I apologize in advance but it’s going to be a name pulled out of a hat between the two of you.

    again….LOVE L-O-V-E this!!!

  • This week my vote had to go to you. The coat is DA BOMB! I am not a full pink garment girl, but that color and design works so well together. And it looks comfy. The top and skirt is very pretty also.

  • I love you Rach. Lol. Oh my. What a coat. I must have this coat in my life. You look AMAZING.

  • What a bombshell! It suits you down to a T!

  • I like your model!!

  • It is amazing! I saw the pic on IG and just had to come and see more! Well done you!

  • I am very impressed. This is too beautiful. The colour of the coat with the black trim reminds me of a bullfight “capote” and the details on your top and skirt are awesome. And the photos…Wow!!!

  • it appears I am not alone in loving this coat! looks great on you and beautifully made x have voted too!

  • I love this SO MUCH!!! That color is amazing on you!! And the outfit is spectacular!!

  • this is one of those outfits that the more i look at it, the more i love it! the design on the blouse is very clever, and the coat–stunning! i adore the oversized collar, so glam!

  • Beautiful… Love it…

  • That coat is wonderful, and I am impressed you saw something in the burda photograph to go to the line drawing. The Burda one is ugly!! I love that hot pink on you and with the black really suits your design aesthetic. Lovely job 🙂

  • Rachel.. I went and voted for you.. Thank you for posting the voting link..Best wishes.

  • You are on fire! This is just stunning. I LOVE how strongly you are engaging with your creativity. So the coat isn’t lined, right? How are the pockets lying on the inside? If you can stand it, I’d love to see some close-ups of construction details. And where did you get that awesome wool?! So many questions. You have outdone yourself, Rachel. Darn right, I have voted for you.

    • The coat isn’t lined. Yes I will write and have close up details.. life so crazy and I’m trying to finish up my week 3. The pockets just hang and as the pocket bags aren’t big they hide well on the side.

  • Love, love, love! The whole outfit is amazeballs, you look stunning and I agree, the silhouette you’ve chosen is super flattering. Good luck xx

  • You got my vote…the whole outfit is out of this world. Beautiful!

  • What an amazing outfit! One of the best sews I’ve seen in a long time!

  • Truly fabulous! Love the impact of the coat, and all those details too.

  • This is a really great outfit. I absolutely adore the pink coat and the cut out design on the top! You got my vote. Well done!

  • Amazing! I’d love to know where you got the wool felt from…

  • Lovely!! Reminds me a new season Veronika Maine one I saw today!! 🙂
    Very on trend 😉

  • Just so gorgeous Rachel! Not too many of us could pull of wearing that pink but you wear it like catwalk model!

  • Gorgeous stuff Rachel! Love the way you’ve worn it too. Such a statement piece! x

  • I would like to steal this entire outfit. Just fabulous. Good luck for this week.

  • Your coat is fab-u-lous!! I absolutely love the big collar, it’s gorgeous.

  • Wow Rachel, your coat is AMAZING! I really LOVE it. The whole outfit is amazing, and could absolutely feature in Vogue (with you modelling). Good luck!

  • This is beyond epic! That coat is absolutely stunning as are you in it. This blows high fashion out of the water. The detailing with the skirt and top are just beautiful. Amazing work xxx

  • Such a strong statement & looks fabulous!! I love the black accents (the belt is great!)

  • Really lovely! I REALLY wanna copy it! And in pink, wow! Also the trimings, belt, absolutely da bomb!

  • I am OBSESSED with this coat!!! Any chance of doing a sew-along? Because I am dying to own my own!

  • Fantastic. I love your hair curled like that too 🙂

  • Congratulations on this week’s win! This was an amazing coat and awesome outfit! Can’t wait to see what you’re working on this week!!!

  • That black top is almost too good to be true. The leather shapes look so beautiful, you have truly inspired me! I used your shape idea and sewed them onto a dress:

  • That black top is almost too good to be true. The leather shapes look so beautiful, you have truly inspired me! I used your shape idea and sewed them onto a dress: