Opps,I have sewn Coco again.

Hi friends,

Let me introduce you to my second Coco.

The weather is improving but still cold for me. This is my last transition winter-spring outfit.
My dress has 3/4 sleeves and a turtle neck. Next on my plans is to sew a holiday wardrobe #Sew4Brasil & I have a few patterns on my “to sew” list.

This version uses two different types of knits. The grey is the same used on my Dixie Cocoa Sweater and the camel was bought in Edinburgh during a sewing meet up. I made a pair of trousers (still WIP)  last year.

I cut a straight size 4. This dress is on the ‘very short’ side. I pondered if I should have graded to a size 3 on the bottom. After a quick poll on Ig, the wisdom of the crowd spoke: leave it loose! I think because is so short, it needs the extra amount of fabric to keep my dignity.

 Oiii, don’t raise those arms!

Uffff… That was close. I shawl be wearing  leggings just in case!

Next version I will be lengthening the pattern, dropping the waist about 3 cm and then grade to size 3 on the hips. Oh did I mention it needs to be a striped version because I cannot resist the pull of owning twins outfits with Jane & Tilly.

I managed to messed up a little bit on the position of my sleeve. Only noticed after looking at the pictures. Dooh, have you caught a mistake only after you taken some pictures? Tell me…
Now let’s talk about my modifications: Changed to a traditional turtle neck and hacked the sleeve from one sleeve piece to a two piece sleeve.

1:Measure your cuff size: Keep that measurement for later.

2: Find where is the elbow line. The sleeve is originally 6 cm short on me so I measured my own elbow line after I altered the pattern. To calculate is easy: Sleeve Length divided by 2 + 3 cm

3:Draw a straight vertical line from your right notch. 

3:Draw a line from end of each sleeve arm cycle 

4:Measure the third of the arm cycle, draw a line down: Lets call it piece A.

5:Cut off piece A, joining to the other end ( back)  of the arm cycle.

6:Now draw a elbow dart: Measure from back notch to the end of the new arm cycle.  Mark half of that length from the top notch ( top of the sleeve head) to back notch. Mine dart is 3 cm wide.

6:Using the original cuff measurement, adjust the pattern width, excluding the width of the elbow dart

7:Create a notch 3 cm above the back notch Connect that dot to the elbow dart That will be your separation line for your 2 piece sleeve 

7:Before separating the sleeve, create a side notch to help you with your matching.

8:Using a french curve, adjust the pattern sides. Mine were 0.5 cm out of the cutting line. 

For the turtleneck:

  • This is great, it’s so super 60s! Love how it works with those boots too 🙂 Thanks for sharing your pattern hacks!

  • Great pattern hack tips Rachel!

  • Beautiful! Love your hack xx

  • Love it!It look great on you!

  • This is so beautiful! I love the color combo!

  • Not one, but two?!? You are a rock star!

  • Chic dress, love the two tone and the cowl neck

  • chic dress, love the two tone and cowl neck

  • This is so cute!! I’d love this for Melbourne winter.

  • Kat

    Yup, loose was the right choice. It looks really chic – esp the combo of the tan and the grey. Beautifully done as per usual 🙂

  • This is so awesome!! You managed to top the first one!

  • that dress looks absolutely perfect with those boots–very cute pattern changes.

  • Looks great! I was worried it may be a bit short on me (I’m 5ft 8″) so I’m going to make it longer for sure. Don’t want any rude moments in my Coco!

  • Look great! I thought the dress may be a little short for me (I’m 5ft 8″) so I’m going lengthen (a lot) before making…don’t want any rude moments in my Coco.

  • Fabulous look and thanks for the information on the pattern hack.

  • Oh I love it! It’s gorgeous, as are your boots! Eeeeek LOVE

  • So cute. Great color blocking.

  • Blimey, woman. So statuesque, you make everything look amazing. These hacks are fab – thanks so much for the tips on how to do them!

  • Loving it Rachel!!

  • This is a great version of the Coco, I love the two-colored sleeves and the color combination! For the length, maybe you could add a stripe in the brown fabric at the hem?

  • Sam

    I love this Rachel. This one and your other Coco are my 2 favourite versions of the pattern I’ve seen so far.

  • This looks great, providing you don’t raise your arms ha ha – best wear the leggings – still you have the legs to wear it that short – hope you are well

  • adorable! and you look hot, too!

  • Wow! Loving this #inspired

  • Awesome dress Rachel, the colour blocking is so striking. You look amazing and the style is so you.

  • It’s lovely Rachel, I really like the colour blocking. Yes, buy some stripes and let’s be Coco triplets!! x

  • I love the sleeve contrast! This dress looks amazing on you: the looseness conterbalance the shortness very nicely.

  • Oooh, love your two-tone version!!

  • So awesome! I love the two-tone, mod look! And as for the shortness, I say, if you got it (and you do!) flaunt it!!!

  • I love this version even more than the blanket Coco! Thanks for the illustration on how to split the sleeve pattern, really useful to see this visually.

  • Wow! That is nice! I have to buy myself a Coco pattern!

  • Loving your hack Rachel, I’m pinning this for reference later ;o)

  • Love Love! Such a great color combo, grey and tan! Great transitional piece!

  • The colour combination is sensational. Loving the boots & looser fit on you, really lovely look on you

  • Oh I love this version too!!

  • I love this version! What I like about this dress is that we can make it in different ways, like a summer or winter version, using different fabrics and colors.

  • This is one of my favorite versions of the Coco! I love the sleeves and cowl neck. Bravo!

  • Niecely done!

  • Great bit of hacking, Rachel. Would never have thought of putting those two colours together. Looks fabulous darling!

  • Karen

    Wow! Love the color combo. Fabulous!