#projectsewn results

Dear readers,

At the moment, I’m enjoying some stress free sewing and sleep. Ohhh sleep!!!! HRH is also enjoying some quality time with me and a much cleaner house. He was amazing and supportive during this crazy month. As was my friends and family! Their support was amazing. Dad even carried a “how to vote” on his pockets during the voting. I feel the most privilege person in the world for the HUGE demonstration of love and support of those around me. And that include you my dear readers. You guys were amazing. Thank you!
I cannot wait for the weather to be warmer and I mix and match my outfits.  I also want to take my hat off to my amazing competition friends: Lauren, Kathleen, Sunni, Alida and Oona (the queen of draping) They were amazing. I take 2nd place in awe and surprise. 
There is much so say about the experience, a few catch up posts on “behind the seams”, in depth review of each pattern and my recent makes after the competition. I’m seriously exhausted right now so I’m taking a week off the blog. You can still see what I’m making over my IG and chat with me on twitter in the meanwhile.
Love & Happy sewing!
  • You were awesome Rachel! Enjoy your well deserved rest, hope it includes lots of cake!

  • Rachel, I thought you did so well. Your outfits were varied, lovely looking and a true reflection of your own style. I also enjoyed the camaraderie between you and your fellow participants. Well done, and a well deserved time off from blogging!

  • I can’t believe how much sewing you and the others did. A lot of fabulous “makes” in the contest! Enjoy a little time off.

  • Loved everything you made, and it was an amazing competition!

  • Well done Rachel ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well bloody done lady! V, v proud of you and enjoy that well earned rest xxx

  • You did amazingly well under so much pressure! Beautiful clothes from a beautiful lady, it was an honour to vote for you!
    Enjoy your well earned break with HRH.

  • Congrats on coming 2nd – how amazing! Enjoy your time offline and rest up!

  • Congratulations my dear! You (all) were absolutely brilliant and have the raised the bar so high!!!

  • well deserved rest! my brain put me on sewing sabbatical whether i wanted to or not :))

  • I had so much fun following you and all the other ladies! Congratulations!

  • you all did fantastically impressive work! congrats!

  • Congratulations on coming 2nd. Well deserved!! It was fab following what you were all sewing, but I cannot imagine how stressful it must have been! Enjoy your rest:)

  • You did an amazing job, I really loved following along each week. Enjoy your much deserved rest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Enjoy your very well deserved rest sweetheart, it was wonderful to see the creations made by you all. Rachel x

  • Congratulations, your makes were stunning! Was great to see what everyone came up with week by week.

  • You did an awesome job. You certainly have shown again that you have great style.

  • Congrats Rachel. So proud of you.

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    Congratulations. I am forever a fan. =)

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    I think Google ate my comment.

    Congratulations! I am forever a fan.

  • You did really well!! So proud!! I felt really happy cos I “knew” two out of 3 of the 3 finalists hehe.
    BF must be glad to have you back!!

  • Enjoy your time off! I so loved everything you made!

  • Congrats Rachel! Each week your outfits blew me away. Now go rest up!

  • FANtastic stuff, Rachel! The Troubador outfit just blew my mind. I loved it in so many ways, and I love that you made THAT outfit as an expression of your style. It was sassy and stylish and pretty and clever and complex and…everything you are. You rock xo

  • Enjoy a well deserved break. Each look was unique and very reflective of you and I am sure you will get loads and loads of wear from every piece.

  • Congratulations on surviving this, your outfits were sensational. You deserve to put your feet up. Well done!

  • Congratulations, you made a load of fantastic stuff, brilliant as usual.

  • Congratulations – you really did some amazing things in this competition – I am still reeling from the shoe matching outfit! You definitely deserve some R&R! ^__^

  • Awesome work, lady! You were an absolute power house of gorgeous makes ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Enjoy your much deserved break, you did so well and congrats on 2nd place, you did brilliantly ๐Ÿ™‚