#sewingcoco: Tilly’s new pattern

Hello friends,
What better way to ease myself back to sewing than Tilly’s new pattern: Coco. I was lucky to get my pattern from Tilly’s hand direct when some of us gathered to watch the 1st episode of GBSB2. 
If you are scared of knits, Coco is the perfect pattern to start. Tilly’s patterns are not only beautifully drafted, her eye for detail to make sure every step is clear and explained. I don’t normally follow instructions but If I did, I wanted all to be like Coco.
Let’s chat about my choice of fabric. A thrifted portuguese cotton blanket, heavy weight  and medium stretch. Not really what is suggested to the pattern however I wanted to make a loose shape “big sweater” dress.
The only modification was to shape the A line to more body fitted. My dress is very chunky and cosy!
Used the end of the blanket as hem, cuffs and neckband.
I’m not sure why my camera focus is playing up, but I managed a few shoots showing the fabric texture.
Coco is really delightful to sew and Tilly’s hosting a PARTY! I’m joining… are you?
Adding to the playlist: Vanessa da Mata: Nao me deixe so
  • great version Rachel! Love the sweater dress look.

    • thanks darling, I bet it would be perfect to visit you. Hope your weather is improving soon

  • This is so gorgeous! I love it! Such a great idea to use a blanket, and I love how you’ve styled it! You’re looking lovely, as always!

    • thank you darling, I could just jet on a plane to NY and will be dressed for the occasion!

  • How clever of you to use a blanket! It DOES look warm and cozy! Beautiful!

    • Thank you so much. I think i should wrap myself more into blankets.

  • This looks so snuggly and a perfect version of this pattern. I love this so much x

    • Spring is starting to sprung slowly here and this may get a bit more use before I can start making summer dresses.

  • This is gorgeous! Literally wrapped in a blanket – that has to be the best way to face British winter. And changing the shape of the bottom is exactly what I was hoping to try to do with mine, so it’s good to see that it can look awesome. 🙂

  • What a genius idea! Looks so snuggly and warm. And there’s your beautiful ring! Did you find another to hold it on?! xxx

    • thank you Janene, yes.. after much nagging from HRH, I tried a few of my rings and found one that belonged to my mom. she gave me when I was 15. I think they don’t really match in style but they are both so precious to me I decided to give it a go.

  • Jen

    Rachel, this is beautiful! What a great idea to use a blanket. You look so cosy! Love it.

  • Love the fabric choice – very clever use of the blanket edges! I’ve been wanting to make a coco from a similar fabric, so I’m glad to see it works!

  • Oh Rachel, I love your ‘fabric’ choice! It looks so stylish, but also so snug! You’ve perfected it again!!!

  • What a great idea! Love how many different ways Coco can be made Have to say, *love* your shoes, too!

  • This is so gorgeous! LOVE the unique fabric choice – that’s how to think outside the box! Amazing.

  • I love everything about this! You styled it great too! xoxo

  • Probably my favourite version of this pattern. Love it and the styling! X

  • Brilliant! Looks so cosy and fun to wear!

  • Great job, and looks cozy! I love how the pattern on the body is vertical and the on the sleeves it is horizontal. Looks like some pricey thing from Max Mara.

  • Kat

    AWESOME! Sweater knit version…never would have thought of that…really inspirational 🙂

  • holy cow, Rachael. You are a vision wearing your Coco!

  • I love your dress and fabric choice! It looks so warm and cozy. I just finished my Coco and I love seeing the different ways it can be made.

  • Beautiful.. Looks so warm and comfortable..

  • This is so beautiful 🙂

  • Pretty and pretty clever! I’ll have to go looking for blankets at my local thrift store.

  • That is gorgeous! Best Coco I’ve seen!

  • Brilliant and innovative use of a blanket! Really, really cool! You’ve styled it beautifully too!

  • The dress looks gorgeous. What an imaginative fabric choice!

  • That looks perfect for a British spring (when it isn’t raining!) and the use of a thrifted blanket was inspired. I love it.

  • Rach- this is super super cute and that fabric looks so snuggly!

  • This looks so cozy and comfy. Like hot cocoa on a cold day. I’ve been dying to buy a knit fabric like that, but now I have another place to look from. Thank you .)

  • Oooo – so super cosy!!! I think I would live in that sweater dress all the time if I had it. What a really brilliant idea to use a blanket – I think I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for one for myself!!

  • ooh what a toasty treat. You look lovely 🙂


  • Love it. Coco is simple, yet stylist.

  • Perfect combination. Love the direction of sleeves.

  • You’re genius! What a smart way to make a sweater knit…. Totally going to start hunting down vintage blankets….

  • This is lovely, and so different from the other versions I’ve seen. It really suits you and it looks lovely with your gold shoes!

  • What a gorgeous version, this might be my fave! The fabric choice is inspired!

  • I will steel your idea about blanket!! It so cool!!!

  • I looove this!

  • This is so clever, I’d have never thought of using a blanket like this but what an inspired idea!

  • I love it – such a good idea to use a blanket! It looks so warm and cosy!

  • Annemarie

    Favorite version I have seen so far!

  • Very cute! Great use of a non traditional fabric. Just perfect!

  • Gosh Rachel this is perfect! Exactly the kind of shape and style I’d like to get when I make up Coco. I think the long sleeves really balance out the more fitted shape. Great fabric choice too!

  • Your Coco is gorgeous! I LOVE the textured fabric. I totally agree with what you’ve said about how great the pattern instructions are. I found them a breeze to follow, and it’s conquered my fear of knits!

  • Wow Love this! Would of never thought to use a blanket!

  • Love how you used the pattern to create something so unique Rachel, genius idea using the blanket!

  • I really like your version! I’m loving the cable pattern, and I would never have guessed it used to be a blanket.

  • Love how warm and snug your blanket coco looks. It’s a nice choice of fabric.

  • The is the answer to my delimah! I have been searching high and low for a thick wooly fabric and never even thought of reusing a blanket! Thank you so much

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