Spring Clean

Hi darlings,

The time of the year I normally like take some time to spring clean my wardrobe is here.  During my ‘spring clean closet’ my handmade items aren’t left untouched. Of course there are a lot more sentimental value to keep an item you made yourself but I personally think: If the clothes don’t look good on you they must be gone. 
That empowerment feeling when you power dress can turn into a ‘very bad day wardrobe’ feeling when everything you decided to wear looks awful. 
Seriously, who haven’t spend hours and hours looking at their wardrobe packed full but nothing to wear. Too tight, too short, to big, just plain WTF! You finish the dress-on dress-off session feeling horrible and even if you find something good to wear, well the preliminary dressing already damaged your self esteem for the day.
To eliminate that from my life, for the last 3 years I been trying to keep only wearable clothes in my closet. This process isn’t easy to do because:
  • I oscillate weight constantly. 
  • I have a bit of a hoarder disposition in relation to clothes. Trends do come back, don’t they?
  • Lifestyle change: From high flying director job to working from home (what’s my new style?)

The process takes generally two full days and clothes are put into different piles:
Trash: Worn to death and that’s no way you can get away in wearing that as pjs anymore after their pass through their journey from great clothes- good clothes- gym clothes- cleaning the house clothes and so on.
Donate: So many of my clothes have been rarely worn. From a shopaholic background to making my own clothes being prolific sewist as I am, mean I have a lot of choices. After seeing a few handmade items donated on local charity, I decided to do the same. Almost all last years clothes are now too big. 
Sell: I never ever sell in the end. They sneak back to my closet. They are normally expense clothes that don’t fit. I really need to start selling them. The worst, so many are unused.
Wrong season: All my wardrobes aren’t enough to keep all at hand: Spring summer/ autumn winter get rotated. When I store my clothes I purge very little.
Refashion: Another pile that gets pushed back into the closet. To avoid it this year I will get them into a mini blogging series of refashioning posts and what doesn’t get used- must go.


Wish me luck! I’m so excited with the list of your favourite books I am thinking to pick one to listen as an audio book while working on my closet organisation. Keep your recommendations coming!
  • Great post! I have so many me-made clothes in my closet that just don’t get worn. Mostly back from when I was a beginner. I mean….what was I thinking with that fabric? That style looks so awful on me, how did I not realise? etc. etc. Takes up so much space but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them! ‘I might find the perfect shoes’ or ‘The right sweater could make that wearable’ or ‘Maybe I’ll get invited to a 30’s themed ball someday’….
    Good luck with your spring cleaning!

  • Oh, an audio book! That’s a great idea! I get so bored and struggle to stay focused during long, boring tasks. That sounds like just the ticket! And thanks for the reminder that I need to go through my closet! I often put it off for way too long, but I need to just get over my dread and do it!

  • I love this. I need to do the spring cleaning purge too. Good luck!

  • I find it very hard to give away or throw out things I’ve made myself as even if I never wear it or the item is truly awful I’m still kind of attached to it! But I’m getting better at being strict with myself…now I pull apart failed makes to salvage the zips and then use the fabric for another project if possible.

  • Yes, working from home now, I have no idea what my style is! It was pretty clear-cut at my last job, but now, I tend to wear PJs and sweatpants more often! Plus, the company I work for is really casual, so when I do go in to the office, it’s usually jeans and tees. It just seems silly to me to put on a dress when I’m home all day sitting at my desk. Ahhh I need to figure this out, too!

  • I love having a good wardrobe clear-out – it can be heartbreaking to see things go but I always feel so much better afterwards and often find that, a week later, I can’t even remember what I got rid of!

  • I do this every year too. It’s so refreshing. Often I’ll keep a garment because I adore the fabric which often means taking the shears to it or seam ripper so it actually gets worn!

  • Olá! O meu comentário não tem nada a ver com o tema deste post… há imenso tempo que te queria pedir um conselho e, olha, é desta! 🙂 Vi no teu post anterior a tua montanha de livros sobre costura, portanto és a pessoa ideal para me aconselhar sobre qual o melhor livro para aprender a fazer moldes a partir das nossas próprias medidas e o melhor livro para ensinar a costurar. Será que me podes ajudar? Muito obrigada

    • Oi Gina, para molde eu uso o do método iole. Vc compra com as réguas e vem com as instruções de como fazer moldes sobre medida. Sobre aprender a costurar, o sewing da Alison smith e muito bom.

    • Muito obrigada pelas dicas! Vou procurá-los!

  • Spring cleaning is what my wardrobe needs right now – I cannot fit anymore clothes. I did a MASSIVE spring clean after being pregnant, and also because I managed to wear things I never thought I would wear again, but since going back to work (and being paid again) I have accumulated quite a lot. It is time to get rid me thinks!

  • Although I spring clean at the onset of the season, I make sure to purge things from my closet that I don’t feel good wearing or have outgrown in taste on a daily basis. If it doesn’t look or feel right, get rid of it!

  • great post. i try to clear out regularly – for me it’s not so much the day to day things i hold on to but the special occasion things. if i don’t wear them often i find it harder to get rid of stuff.

  • I need to do this as well! I went from working in an office to working at home a couple of years ago so I also have a load of clothes I don’t wear anymore – I kept them for a while “just in case” but I think it’s time to get rid of them now!

  • Thanks for the reminder! I usually try a wardrobe cleanse in late autumn and early spring. I didn’t have many me-made clothes during the last purge – I’m not sure how easy I’ll find it now to let go of stuff I’ve made!

  • Great post! You are so right about the drop in self esteem after a rushed outfit on and off session in the morning, and normally it takes so much time that breakfast isn’t going to happen and hair and makeup suffer. I, like you, am a bit of a clothes hoarder too so most of my clothes go into the refashion pile. I’ve also tried clothing swap events which are quite fun.

  • Kat

    Completely agree with this – I’ve become totally ruthless in editing my wardrobe. I don’t have as much stuff anymore, but it’s better stuff and it works together.

  • Yes, I need to do this! Weight changes, lifestyle changes (retirement) and now sewing for myself. I need to prune to allow strong new growth and decided on what kind of clothes I actually need these days. Some snazzy golf clothes …

  • It is very brave of you to consider getting rid of clothes you’ve sewn. I find it very difficult to cut that umbilical cord. Something I need to work on!

  • L

    Good luck! I need to do the same thing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Good luck! My fix it pile grew to the size of Kilimanjaro last year, and it’s hard to get the motivation to fix them. So I’ve been treating my garments in need of a fix/ alteration/ refashion and tackling one between each new project. Works a treat!

  • This is a good prompt for me to do the same! So hard to let go of something you put so much work into though!