Welcome baby boy.

 Hello friends,

Soon after Project Sewn I became an aunty for the second time. 
Welcome baby Tristan! 
Making stuffed dolls are so much fun and perfect new baby gift. Mr fox was made from Simplicity 1549. The pattern is so easy and quick to make. Well, quick when you not too busy chatting. My friend Cris came over for a crafternoon. We got so into it and made a bunny too.
To accompany Mr Fox, I originally planed to finish my second ever quilt. It’s been a WIP for 3 years OPPS!!!
A little quilting tip for you: There are many ways to tack a quilt. My favourite is using a tacking gun! Makes the process so easy. The trick is to get the layers very straight by holding the edged with masking tape, and tack away. Making sure you won’t tack where you plan to quilt.
When quilting (with my walking foot),  looking at the machined quilted lines, I felt a bit disappointed.  I am rushing this and I’m hating the result. So I spend the following evening unpicking everything. 
Next day I went to sewing club. Jacq was telling us how she been using her scraps to make small projects and she just made a baby tag blanket.  She than pull out her bag this cute project mentioning she didn’t have a recipient.
Made by Jacq
Jacq save the day when she GAVE it to me. Sewing friends are life saviours! Look how awesome her baby tag blanket matches with the stuffed fox I made for Tristan. Crises over overdue baby gift averted!
  • “Look how awesome her baby tag blanket matches with the stuffed fox I made for Tristan.” And even has mama and baby fox on there! Wow! Friends are incredible, and i know i could not have resisted giving you this quilt if i’d been in Jacq’s shoes. turned out she was making this one for a very specific purpose all along, it just took a while for her to find out what it was 🙂

    And how nice to hear about happy people coming into the world. I especially appreciate this nice news today, thank you for posting and sending Tristan and i am ‘welcome!’ snorgle from SF!!! steph

  • Adorable! These are both so sweet! Sewing friends are the best friends, aren’t they! Congrats on the new arrival- he’s so cute!

  • Congratulations!!

  • Congrats on the new family member!! I love your fox – what an adorable gift! 🙂

  • Rachel, when I first read this in my Bloglovin feed, I thought that you had a baby! My next thought was how in the world you hid that from us. I know the Brasilia dress does wonders for the female shape, but dammnn!

    Congratulations on being a new auntie.

  • Lovely fox! The pattern came free with Sew mag last month, I’ve been meaning to make one too.
    Now where does one get hold of a tacking gun?! I’m about to quilt my first quilt.

  • The tag blanket is such a good idea. Might make one for my little 2 week old bundle.

  • Congratulations on becoming an auntie again! Your fox teddy and the tag blanket are adorable; really sweet gifts for a newborn 🙂

  • You are so welcome to it, I can’t believe my test scrap-buster went so perfectly with the fox toy 🙂 x

  • Kat

    What an awesome set! I love making things for other people’s babies! Congrats on your auntiehood! Not an auntie yet, but auntie-in-law twice (if that exists?) 🙂

  • Oh that wee fox is so cute & that’s lovely that Jacq’s blanket matches so perfectly! And Tristan, what a cutie! Congratulations on becoming an auntie.

  • Congratulations auntie, baby looks gorgeous! I love the fox and I’m part way through making the rabbit. Using hexagon patchwork for the body, so it’s taking a while!

  • Congratulations aunty. He looks so cute. And that’s the cutest fox I’ve ever seen :))

  • Congratulations auntie! You have made a very sweet gift for your nephew and he looks so adorable 🙂

  • Adorable! I always make taggies for new babies- they’re so quick and easy!
    My son is getting a mouse for his birthday in two days- made by me.

  • So cute, Rachel! That fox is adorable and that tag blankie is the perfect accompaniment!