Cris & BurdaStyle 10/2012 #101

Hello friends,
Today Cris is sharing her version of my Da Bomb coat. For those that don’t know Cris, she is my best friend, Brazilian. We met though a local sewing class in 2009 and I share all her makes.


The funny thing is that if we place ourselves in a sewing spectrum we are quite different. I’m a #fabricaddict with an unruly stash. Cris only buy one fabric at a time for specific projects. I like complex projects, challenging patterns and trying new things. She likes to sew easy projects, that she could finish and wear it. I love blogging but if I don’t nag her and take a few pictures to share what she makes, all her makes stay hidden. Yim Yam of sewing! 
Just shows that there are so many approaches to love sewing. You can see some of her previous makes: V8560, Burda 8123, Burda 7735. The burda 7735 coat killed her sewjo and It took more than 6 moths to get her sewing again! 
We sew a lot of small projects together. A great excuse to spend the day chit-chatting!
Most of this project we made it together as she never used bias before. She even told me off because I didn’t have a tutorial of ‘how to add bias on clothes’ on the blog. Ok Cris, I will write one just for U!
The pattern is the belted wrap coat from BurdaStyle 10/2012 #101, note I made #103. She traced size 38.  The pattern offers 3 lengthens and she made the collar a lot less dramatic closing with a brooch.  The fabric choice was inspired by mine and its also a blanket. Her is a fleece she bought at Primark. 
So warm and cosy. 
I personally think this length ask for a hood. Easily drafted! The only seam she followed my advice for a felt seam  was the collar and overlocked the rest. She likes it fast! Looks neat. 
The belt is from one of my coats as she is searching for something suitable. She isn’t sewing one!
Cris loved this so much she will now try to make it again all by herself. Go Girl! Ps: The rest of my sewing club is also looking for blankets to make this coat. I cannot wait to have a picture of all of us wearing it.
  • This looks so great on Cris! I love that you two have such different approaches to sewing and that you can see your different approaches in your different coats!

    • so true. We forget that not everyone see sewing the same way and having Cris perspective is always so interesting.

  • This is really gorgeous – she did a great job. Well done for helping her get her SewJo back! I fully appreciate Cris’ s approach to sewing. Fast is satisfying! I am a big fan of bias binding as a sort of ‘cheat’ way of finishing an edge, though I’ve seen it used a lot on the catwalks recently too! If Moschino can do it, so can we! I look forward to seeing your tutorial about it Rachel : ) x

  • Love Chris’s pretty.. Looks great on her.. Isn’t it nice to have a sewing friend to share your sewing with…[I am envious.ha]

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha, I share Chris’ sewing perspective – after analyzing my own personal style I realize that I don’t need to sewing complicated garments. So I make simple styles that I can sew up quickly and wear as soon as I can. I get bored quickly if a project takes too long so the simpler the better! Love that jacket.

  • Thank you for introducing your lovely friend – she really is a very good sewer.

  • Bri

    Your belted wrap coat is quite fabulous, bravo!

  • Cris did such a beautiful job on her coat and it looks great on her! Now I want one too! I usually work on a harder project followed by a couple of simpler projects so I can see both of your perspectives. I’d love to see a tutorial too if you have time.

  • Great jacket! Looks like a good fit and so cosy! It’s lovely to hear about your sewing friendship too 🙂

  • She looks so sweet. Such a different look from your coat. So happy that you were able to get her sewing again.

  • Your friendship with Cris sounds pretty awesome! And it’s so cool to see another version of this coat!

  • Beautiful coat – she looks gorgeous! 🙂 I love how the same pattern can look so different on two different people depending on fabric choice, colour, styling, etc… one of the many awesome things about sewing! 🙂