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Hi friends,
While my sewing machine goes for her annual service, gives me time to catch up on a few makes that never made into the blog. Back in January, my first make of the year was actually a hat. My first foray into sewing fashion accessories.  I have now sewn a few bags but that’s another story.
Let’s concentrate on Hat Making. The pattern base is the Travel Hat drafted based on my head measurements. The instructions are from “The modern girl’s guide to hat making” by Mary Jane Baxter.
Source: May Jane Baxter Book except.
The book itself offers great hat patterns for the hat making novice. So many projects I loved that could be made without the use of a hat head block. The photo based instructions could be bigger but helpful. 
Pattern: Overall the pattern instruction is suitable. I would increase by 3 cm the width shape of the brim. To make the hat my own I added an appliqué rectangles and pin tucks. Rectangular 10 cm/ side square 5,5 cm. I love pin tucks because they are so fun to make, and adds an instant design feature. I made them before cutting the shape otherwise it would mess up the sizing. The top section is the same size of the ‘hat mouth’. It looks good on book pictures but not on a real head because looks like your head is oversized. I think it would be fine if the hat was firmer instead of floppier. To fix it, I gathered until it settled better over my head.
Fabric: The patterns requires the use of ‘collar felt 3mm’ and is what I used. Fused the hat fabric with medium weight interfacing. The hat is very soft and I wish I used bag making interfacing like Timtex or pellon. Anything to keep the shape of the brim sturdier. If I had made the bags before the hat I would have know. Just show the broader you expand your making skills more opportunities you have to learn about different products, their properties and how you can achieve the result you are looking for.
Lining: The pattern doesn’t have a lining for the top part of the hat but I used this moustache fabric all around. One of many quilting cottons on my stash. Make me smile having this masculine fabric
Making the hat was great sewing experience. The hat is not what I wanted but wearable and I cannot wait to make some more.
Making the Fabric flower:
Make a base circle of your desire size. Mine was 10 cm, cut then with a zig zag scissor.
Cut 4 circles slightly smaller (8,5cm) and one to be the end with half of the size (5cm)
Fold each circle in half, them in half again. At the centre of your base circle, position the quarter petal and sew in place.
Repeat to all the other petals, going around the circle.
In a spiral position, place the smaller circle. Add a button if you prefer.
  • It looks great. I also picked up a hat making book recently and fancy making up a pillbox hat & maybe a cloche. Too many craft project ideas & not enough time!

  • How adorable do you look in that hat, it’s soooo cute!

  • This is so cute on you! You look so glamorous!

  • Gorgeous hat! It looks great on you and that moustache lining is so cool!

  • Lovely hat and the lining is so cute 🙂 I love it.

  • So cute.. Lvoe the moustache lining.

  • Great great hat 🙂 and lovely flower too. Have you seen the scalloped hat? I found it via Very Purple Persons blog. gorgeous. It would suit you. xx enjoy that sunshine.

  • Kat

    Looks fab, I’ve always wanted to make a cloche, thanks for the inspiration!

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