Me Made May 14 with a little pinch of cinnamon.

Hi darlings, tomorrow is the start of MMM14.  In Zoe’s own words is a “challenge that celebrates all the love and hard work that so many of us put into crafting unique, special handmade clothing and accessories.” So what’s that pun in my title about? I wanted to say: here is my pledge and a little something extra. As I like adding cinnamon on my coffee, that’s my little something extra…

I, House of Pinheiro, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear as many handmade garments I can each week for the duration of May 2014′.

For me the challenge is a personal opportunity to look back at my handmade outfits. By keeping an outfit diary I can access how I have been incorporating them into my everyday life and guide my choices for patterns, fabrics, shapes to sew next.

You will notice that I didn’t gave myself a fixed target. I don’t want to feel like a failure for not making a specific number. This is a celebration of my wardrobe, not a fix goal.

To make my #mmmay14 posts a little more interesting (for both of us) I will share styling tips as part of the documentation.  As daily photos are a total pain I decided to plan my outfits in advance. If time allow I will photograph like 3 or 4 outfits at the same time in a neutral background. Same thing I do that when I’m packing. I select a colour scheme, separate what I want to wear based on the activities /weather and pack a few extra accessories.

You can follow my progress with blog posts, social media and  flickr group. So are you joining?

Wearing: Chanel jacket and scarf
  • I look forward to enjoying your journey!

  • I’m also in! Love the idea of additional styling tips. Looking forward to seeing your outfits!

  • I will be living vicariously through your blog for this challenge, can’t wait to see your creations as you journey along the ‘Me Mad May 14’ adventure.

  • What an awesome thing to do! I also will be looking forward to enjoy your journey!

  • Really looking forward to your styling tips.

  • Looking forward to this


  • I’m doing this for the first time. Each year I year and now this next year has come and I’m barely any further forward with my me made wardrobe (though I have been doing lots of thinking about what I own and where the gaps are in my wardrobe and what I’d like to wear – which is where your ethos is so great, it’s about what you want for yourself – not what everybody else is doing). I’ve started out with a very small pledge – which will still be quite a challenge, in the hope that this will springboard me into getting on with making the clothes that I want to wear.
    All the best with it.
    PS…apologies if I comment more than once, I’m having difficulty commenting on blogs at the moment – it’s too frustrating.

    • That’s great that you allocated a doable goal for yourself. indeed, its so important to focus on your own ideas… sewing is a great supportive hobby and we should embrace . good luck

  • I love how you haven’t set a specific # for yourself – that sounds very sensible! I just started sewing for myself so I love the idea of MMM, but I don’t have the wardrobe to go for it this year… however, I find it very inspiring & I am looking forward to seeing your outfit plans and style tips in May!

    • It take most sewing blokes an average of 3 years to start having a good enough wardrobe that makes a handmade living possible so take it easy on yourself. You may not want to sew basic stuff in the end, its ok to sew pretty things and wear them only on special occasions. whatever works for you x

  • I know I’ll enjoy seeing what you wear. I’m debating whether or not to official participate this year. I sort of unofficially did it last year. I look forward to seeing your wardrobe!

  • Can’t wait to see the outfits.

  • I won’t pledge but I’ve decided to join in, now in the process of sorting out my handmade outfits, looking forward to yours Rachel!

  • you’re a gem 🙂

  • I really really like this twist that you are doing on MMM!