My Rag Doll: blog tour and my handmade doll

Hello friends,

I’m the next stop for Corinne Crasbercu’s new book My Rag Doll.Oh and feel like an excited little girl. I really enjoyed having a go and making my own doll.
The book teaches a variety of customisable dolls with 11 adorable outfits, including matching  accessories like shoes and personality props.  From London weather appropriated rain coat to a veil bride.
The book offers only one basic pattern and is divided by stages: Making the doll, where you can pick 5 different faces and hair styles. Than follows by your choice of outfit. Meaning that you can make combination of faces, hair and clothes you desire. The book says “make 11 rag dolls”, but you can make so many more with your own creativity.
This book offers a fun a way to start on a rag doll making journey because it gives the tools to explore making  awww-dorable creatures.  You will find hard to give them away. I would say this isn’t a total beginner project and be mindful of details like buttons when making for children under 3.
What I love the most is the quality of the details on each doll. The author inspiration of children’s books like Beatriz Potter  and Sarah Kay really shows as the dolls have definitely a personally ingrained in them. 

I have found the aesthetics to be very pretty and clean. Every outfit more exciting than the previous.

The only negative about this book is the lack of illustrations. I would love to see the ‘How-To’ of the doll illustrated by pictures or illustrations. Only text instructions for a those with english as a second language can be quite confusing. ‘Skeins’? what is that? Lol.. so many words I had no idea what they meant. Not much of a problem for the outfits because I just sewn them as I would my own clothes.
To do a honest review on books with patterns I always try to make at least one pattern because you cannot base a project book only by looking at it. I can really see myself making more of these dolls. The process was very enjoyable and was shared with Cris (and her sewing machine) as my mine was still on the her annual revision. (Ps: I have now bought a second machine #Sewaddicted)
The pattern requires to be enlarged 120% or bigger and do not including the seam allowances. My doll size was kept at 100% because I could print it directly.
Let me introduce you to Lady Godiva in her winter rose pyjamas.
The name was given by my crafty friend Trudi because I posted a work-in-progress picture of my doll and well, she wasn’t dressed! For those not educated in English folklore you can read about it here. I couldn’t give her another name… so catchy!
The basic doll pattern is clever because the 3D shape of the feet she can stand up. Her outfit was based on the blouse (page 24) with a gathered skirt. Used the basic shoe pattern with free hand cut bows to make her slippers.
Pyjamas with pockets, of course! The fabric was baby fleece scraps Cris had on her stash.
To be honest, she isn’t perfect but I’m so proud of this first attempt. Don’t use cheap calico because I used for the body and it was too thin. The embroidery stitches show a little bit. There are some imperfect corners on the curved seams but its all part of her personally.
*updated: The Lady godiva is 13 inches tall ( 33,5 cm)
My Rag Doll: 11 adorable rag dolls to sew with clothes and accessories is available in May but you can purchase an electronic copy or the dolls patterns individually.
* Book Images used with permission by Stitch Craft Create. 

Disclaimer: Please note that i’m not paid to write book reviews or be part of a blog hops but I do receive a review copy of the book from publishers/distributors. All opinions are my own.
  • Kat

    OMG, she’s so cute – those slippers? Seriously? I’m on cute overload here. Love to see a little sewing diversion now and then, thanks for posting.

  • Rachel..
    she is adorable.. this is so fun.. Doesn’t it make you want to make more? ha
    Love the details.

  • Your doll looks adorable x

  • Lady G is gorgeous!

  • really sweet little doll – I made one for my first 2 granddaughters Alana and Ella, so I guess I need to do the same for the other 2 perhaps these will be for christmas. Hope you are well.

  • This is wonderful! I just wish I knew more little girls to make them for!

    I tried knitting dolls a couple of years ago but found it too fiddly. Maybe sewing them is the way to go.

  • Rachel she is such a sweetie. i particularly love the little touches you have added, the pockets on the nightie and the bows on the slippers, fantastic 😉

  • Lady Godiva is very cute. Are there any patterns for boy dolls in the book? I have both nieces and nephews that might Mike a ragdoll… Rachel ☺

    • Only girly dolls but the pattern inside would totally work for a boy doll. You can buy just the pattern as a PDF, and the clothes based on the dungarees doll. Just change fabric, do less cute and short hair, and draw a boy face. I only have boy nephews and I been thinking to make superheroes for them

    • Superhero ragdolls would be ACE!! Good thinking 🙂

  • Very sweet doll! Making rag dolls sounds like fun! And you could really customise them if you were giving away as gifts.

  • So cute! 🙂

  • Sam

    Aw, gorgeous!

  • How adorable, I’m going to search for this book asap! Your lady Godiva is a cutie and I love her little outfit 🙂

  • Yarn and embroidery thread come in skeins. Definition is a length of thread or yarn, loosely coiled.

  • Rachel this is gorgeous! I’ve just made my son a humpty dumpty toy for easter. I’ll put it on my blog tomorrow. I found it a bit fiddly and wasn’t totally happy so a book like this would be really useful. I love it!

  • Rachel this is gorgeous! I’ve just made my son a humpty dumpty toy for easter. I’ll put it on my blog tomorrow. I found it a bit fiddly and wasn’t totally happy so a book like this would be really useful. I love it!

  • What a sweet dolly! I still have dolls that my mother made for me:)

  • I have a baby girl who I would love to sew dolls for.

  • How big is your finished doll compared to the size called for by the book?

    • The book doesn’t say because it depends how the percentage of enlargement you choose. Its really up to you

    • The Lady godiva is 13 inches tall ( 33,5 cm)

  • Really sweet!

  • This book is not user friendly……… should state on the front of the book that you have to enlarge *all* the patterns…….there are a lot….not a good book if you don’t like enlarging patterns!

  • Vickie

    I agree with the blogger…I would like to see more How To illustrations…

  • your doll is adorable.I love dolls specially cloth dolls.

  • By the way I’m brazilian too.

  • princespolkadot

    I do think that a lot of the issues with the instructions come from the fact that the book was originally published in French. The translation to English is a little iffy in places, which I imagine would make it that much more difficult if English is not your first language!

    I agree that pictures would have been nice. And some of the instructions are just a bit… odd. I think my copy of the book is a bit newer, as I didn’t have to enlarge the patterns at all.

    Your doll is darling, and you should be proud of her!