Style your handmade: How to wear scarfs

Hello friends,
Today I’m super excited to share a few styling tips for your Brigitte Scarf, part of Tilly’s new book virtual party #loveatfirststitch. I’m trying so hard not to share too many details about the book until the official launch. It’s just so awesome and I’m really proud of Tilly’s accomplishments. One thing I will spill before hand is that she made a lovely mention about me on how I translate patterns to suit my own personal style. 
True to her words, I have adapted the Brigitte scarf, making it reversible, shorter & curved ends. Fabric used is the ever so popular swimming ladies cotton and baby blue pokadot canvas (leftover from my cooper). It matched beautifully for a full retro look.
Place the scarf under the nape of your neck, and the other two ends are arms length.
Wrap around and. tie the two pieces together into a knot.
Twist the ends of the knot oposite directions.
Tuck the ends  back under the original knot, making sure it’s securely tucked.  BOOM!

Brush your hair away from your face and gather it into your hand, making a ponytail. Wrap the scarf around your ponytail, with the ends facing up. Tie the ends once or twice.

Start like making a ponytail but without pulling that last bit of hair through, just leave it in a loop. Grab the free ends of your hair and wrap them around your looped ponytail as tidy or messy as you choose. Secure your knot with a bobby pin. To wrap the scarf, centre it at the nape of your neck, bringing each side over your ears and up to the top of your head. Make a knot the two sides, tie a loose, wide second knot and twist & tuck the ends underneath.

No time to play around,just wrap around your neck for a fresh chic twist.

Catch up for the second part of this tutorial, using a longer scarf in a few days… 
  • This is so fantastic!

    I’m growing out my hair over the (Australian) winter time and will be thoroughly embracing scarves as a way to make it look respectable while it’s in this weird stage. Now I have a ton of styling tips to make it all happen.

    Love your work!

  • You are so cute!

  • I love wearing scarfs they are such a good way to transform an outfit! The neck scarf is cute too!

  • I love your pictures! It’s great how you show that such a simple project can really add a lot to an outfit.

    • aww thanks Sara, i was a bit self conscious about so many pictures of me

  • I normally read blog posts on my phone but had to wait until I got to a PC to have a good look at your pictures:) Will definitely give some of these a try!

  • Thank you so much for the idea of making the scarf shorter and narrower! I’ve only got short hair, and a slightly small head (not weirdly small…) and always find headscarves tend to slip off, but I’m definitely going to follow your example and use up so scraps to make my own adapted Brigitte to join in Tilly’s party next week!

  • Awesome! Loving the first look! 🙂

  • You are the cutest!

  • Ami

    Just popped over to this post from the link in your round up post!- so cute and thanks for all
    the styling inspiration- I love a cute headscarf! 🙂