BHL Flora in the forest.


Yesterday morning I felt really accomplished as I managed to photograph both my BHL floras, my georgia dress, two tallis collar and my diamond blouse. Took me two hours and I was starving after it. Pass me the biggest burger, man!
I seriously don’t know how models do it for a living. So to celebrate I decided to share at least one project with you today. Tomorrow is the last day to enter #florasewalong, this is my entry. I’m afraid you will have to wait a little longer for the others as I’m ‘preparing’ for the big meet up on saturday- read -sewing my outfit. OMG I will need help on the day! Hello 80 sign up sewists! I cannot wait to meet you! * update. If you want, you can vote for me
Back to flora (officially v2). The fabric is 100% cotton from the man outside Sainsbury. He is so awesome. The drape of this fabric is so soft everyone that touches, including me, thinks there is some viscose. No no no, he said. Love when he burn stuff! This was a bargain of £2 per metre. I only bought 2 metres and managed to squeezed my dress out it. I know.. I’m a fan of fabric roulette.  never buy enough and spend hours “could I fit like this, like that!”
Thanks to Dr Dukan my waist is back to 29 inches/ 74 cm. That meant I was within the middle their sizes and decided to initially cut a size Us 10/ Uk 14. In the end I had to remove about 3, 5 cm from C.B and 2 cm from the waist/side seam.  I haven’t lengthen the skirt and it’s perfect balance of high low for my heigh. I wasn’t a fan until I started wearing.
Combines the best of both worlds. Show my best assets but I don’t have to worry when I bend. Sewing does help to discover a few things about clothes functionality. The front bodice was lengthen by 3 cm, and I moved and lengthen both of the darts.
The back bodice only lengthen by 1,5 cm. I also had to adjust the straps. Cannot remember now how much I added because for this version I ended up removing a little extra for my initial alteration.
The dress hits perfectly over my waist but my belt keep riding up.
after sinking, a quick shoe change.
You probably wondering, Rachel.. you are the queens of wraps, didn’t you want to make variation 1? I did at first but variation 2 is so unique I was take in LOVE.. both of my versions are V2.
This version is advised to have a lining. To be honest, I really don’t mind without because the back is visible mostly when the skirt is flowing. I just sewn all in french seams for tidiness! I have saturated the image above to try to show you.
Can you tell how happy with this dress? Put your dancing shoes and lets party!
I have sewn every single BHL design and the girls cannot get it wrong. Love love love them! Ps I worn this dress for Tilly’s book launch party!
  • The dress is amazing. This morning I was trying to decide what pattern to purchase for some dress and Flora and Anna were those two I couldn’t chose from. After seeing your dress – decision made! Thanks:-) Barbora

  • Rachel your dress is awesome, I love that fabric. I’ve nearly finished my BHL Anna for the meet up and am a big fan of their patterns. The flora’s on my shopping list.

  • gorgeous gal! and the colors are magnificent on you!

  • You look gorgeous. I WANT this fabric!

  • That’s a fabulous dress on you! Both style and colour!

  • This is so so so so pretty! I love it on you!!!!!

  • Beautiful colours. The dress looks wonderful on you!

  • I love this! I haven’t been to Walthamstow in quite a while as everyone keeps dragging me to Goldhawk Road. Guess I finally need to check out this mysterious Man outside Sainsburys. When I was there the last time, I couldn’t find him o.O

    Looking forward to meeting you and your newest make on Saturday! Let me know if you need help preparing anything as I have the day off tomorrow. Also, I wanted to ask: Do we need to bring name tags or anything since a lot of people didn’t take part in the name tag swap!

    • If you have spare labels would be great if you can bring it with u xx

  • Goodness, this is amazing!! This may actually be the dress that pushes me into buying this pattern… I love it!

  • That is a fabulous dress, good luck with the event.

  • gorgeous! these colors look great on you!

  • You and the dress are very beautiful.
    Thanks for showing the back of the dress. You made a good point about the positives of a long back when bending – I had not thought of that before!

  • Beauteous!

  • This dress is fantastic!

  • Gorgeous dress. The bold print really suits you.

  • Absolutely gorgeous and OMG 80 attendees for sewing meet up, it’s gonna be fabulous.

  • You are such a model in that beautiful dress!

    It’s so funny, our Los Angeles meet up is the same day as yours! xo

  • The fabric is so pretty. You look amazing in this!

  • It’s beautiful Rach! Love the fabric.

  • Your flora is gorgeous!!

  • This is a stunning design for you, it really shows off your gorgeous long legs 🙂

    Try not to get too stressed at the meet-up and make sure you take a moment to enjoy it 🙂

  • Beautiful dress..Looks great on you… Have fun at the meetup..

  • You and the dress are both so beautiful!

  • The dress is beautiful and so are you – you look fab! x

  • Your Flora is stunning. Beautiful fabric and you certainly have the legs for it. Love your red shoes too.

  • That is so gorgeous – it looks like it flows beautifully and the skirt length is perfect on you!

  • Great dress! I loved this comment “Show my best assets but I don’t have to worry when I bend” – so true! Enjoy tomorrow. Rachel ☺

  • Super cute

  • This dress is just stunning, Rachel!!! Hope you gals have a blast today 🙂

  • This is just beautiful!! Again in awe with your fitting skills and I love this fabric! Looks amazing on you!

  • I love the fabric you picked!

  • £2 a metre?! That’s such a bargain, it looks so gorgeous! You look stunning and so does the dress, as always Rachel!

  • Ann

    I love your dress, and I love it on you. I have been considering the Flora pattern, but seeing yours has convinced me that I must have it.