Love at first stitch: Sharing some love for my friend Tilly and her new book

LOVE AT FIRST STITCH by TILLY WALNES, published by Quadrille 
Hi Darlings,
It is finally here. Tilly’s made it, she created a book that every dressmaker would love to own when they first started to sew. Don’t believe me, let me show you.  Oh and before you ask, there will be a lot of love on this review. Not because she is a good friend, Tilly really made an awesome book!


The design of the book was thoughtfully developed to teach the skills you need as you progress on each project. You will learn by sewing, starting by the Brigitte scarf. There is not too much information at once but everything is detailed and jargon free. As you gain confidence there will be a few things you done on previous project helping you reenforce the skills you just learned, and new skills to try. Therefore building your dressmaking confidence.

First glimpses at the patterns available: There are 5 paper patterns; Margot pyjama bottoms, Delphine skirt, Megan dress, Mimi blouse, Lilou dress – 2 are tutorials; Brigitte scarf and Clémence skirt.

Each pattern has a few variances to make it your own! The book starts by details on setting your machine, tools required and stitching 101 then jumps in directly to the making part. That’s what is all about isn’t it?The book is extremely visual and each section is divided into clear areas:

Techniques placed in a grid background.

Step by Step pattern instructions on a yellow background.

As you see on the book:

The aesthetics is pretty much an extension of Tilly’s blog, with the same attention to detail and voice. The idea is to inspire beginners to try dressmaking by removing the scary parts. How many times you looked at a pattern where either the text was too vague or the illustration wasn’t clear. Don’t think is only beginners that get confused. I cannot tell you how many times I had to take a tea break from the sewing room to clear my head.  Oh and EMERGENCY chocolate! Love at first stitch offers clear text and pictures to hold your hand at every stage. If you are experienced, easy enough to just focus on the sections needed. Or just have on your coffee table… imagine the conversation starters by scissors for headwear? I’m sorry to point out my least fav part of the book is the cover.  I just think the pokadot Lilou would be perfect.

Did I mention the patterns details are printed on pokadot background. So cute!

My favourite parts of the book is where Tilly’s present some insights on other important aspects of the sewing world, like taking part of the community, choosing patterns, creating an inspirational space, picking fabrics etc…

Patterns are printed on a thick fabric.  You got to trace them because they come printed double sided.

The sizes aren’t like RTW or like most patterns, they are categorised based on personal measurement, so there is no vanity sizing here.

The smallest size one is B:76/W:61/H:84 cm/ 30/24/33 inches

The largest size is size 8: 112/96.5/119.5 cm / 44/38/47 inches Full sizing chart
Aren’t you going to show where you are mention in the book? Seriously even got a bit teary when I saw it!
Mainly because over the blog I try to convey how important is to adapt patterns to suit each individual shape and personal style and how important is to make clothes based that what fit and flatter instead of what everyone else is doing.

I’m currently working on my Delphine a.k.a cover skirt. Reveal yet to come! You can see both my Coco versions instead. {Two tone sleeve}{Blanket Coco}. Oh did you know both the Mathilda and Miette now are printed patterns? Need to visit Tilly to steal a few copies… surely they would be perfect for my bloganniversary giveaway!

To celebrate the launch, I gave Tilly pictures of the her book printed on marshmallows. Did you catch a glimpse on Instagram? I had to send directly to her  to avoid the risk of me eating them!
I would like to thank Love Sewing Magazine for inviting to take part if Tilly’s book tour.
If you want to know who else is spreading the love for Tilly you can follow the book tour with ‘no introductions necessary” sewing goddesses! Excited, let’s talk about it using #loveatfirststitch 

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Tilly’s book is current part of Love magazine Subscription offer, with the offer is only open for a limited time.

Disclaimer: Please note that i’m not paid to write book reviews or be part of a blog tours. I do receive a review copy of the book from publishers/distributors. All opinions are my own.

  • Wow, the book looks great. I wish it was on the US Amazon website.

  • Thanks for the review Rachel! How sweet of Tilly to add a note about you 🙂

  • You can order it here on this website and it ships to the us for free! Plus the book is on sale for only $21!! I’m about to go order my book now 🙂

  • It looks so pretty!! I really like the grey skirt!

  • Oh it looks wonderful!

  • Looks great, I love Tilly’s aesthetic!

  • Lovely review. And what a wonderful gift idea! Never thought I’d see my face on a marshmallow!! See you tomorrow sweetipops! x

  • mine is coming from bookdepository – what fun. I have been sewing for yonks but believe you can always learn – and even if I don’t learn something new, I knew it would be lovely an dhave some cute patterns. Glad to see I was 100% right :).

    And on a more superficial note – Rachel – 6 foot? I thought you looked tall, but wow! You lucky girl….

  • What a lovely book! I think I’m going to order it for my sister, who’s been interested in learning to sew but not really started yet. Plus she’s very much got a similar aesthetic to Tilly (I’ve made her a few Miette skirts and she looks mega cute in them). Thanks for the review!

  • I think I have too many sewing books, but this may just change my opinion haha. Had no idea Tilly came out with a book, and it looks like a precious one too! Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m not a newbie, but that Mimi blouse looks lovely, I have to have it! 😍

  • The book looks so lovely. Thank you for the review

  • The styling and presentation of this book is spot on, I love it. Great review.