When Nettie and Heather met!


When two powerhouses met the result could only be Bombastic. Closet Case Files invited me to test Nettie in honour of gorgeous Sown Brooklyn. How could I not? I love both of these amazing girls.  Nettie hosted a tour of the garment district during my trip to NY last year. She is a very inspiring lady to get to know. Sadly I missed the testing deadlines due to so many things on my plate. I overcommitted and failed. Hello,  human not  over achiever!
Bodysuits scared me as they never ever fitted. I got in touch with some pailful memories of childhood. I was much bigger (tall and chubby) than the girls my age and felt self conscious of my body. Wearing unflattering lycra wasn’t really confidence building, specially on those annual end of the year school shows.
Today, as a thirty something women, I took control of those past fears. I have the skills to make it work. Why now conquer the bodysuit. Oh boy,how glad I am that I tried. The nettie pattern is so fun to sew. When clothes fit, the effect is highly exciting. Wow, I look THAT good and comfortable wearing my old enemy.
Now to the conundrum of how to present pictures. The bodysuit looks amazing on. What’s the point of sharing the perfect fit of a bodysuit without showing the whole body. To avoid the risk of giving HRH a heart attach –he still gives me grief for posting the bombshell pictures– I have compromised and shown as much of the suit as possible without affecting my modesty.
Heather knows how to make a sexy pattern.
I choose the high cut front and the low cut back.
Patterns size and alterations: Size 10 (tester size) Check out the updated sizing here.
The front bodice was lengthen by 10 cm
The back bodice was lengthen by 6,5 cm
I wished I lengthen the sleeves by my usual 3 cm, I totally forgot. I will add cuffs to adjust the difference.
Next time I’m sewing cups. This pattern is so trendy right now. I think contrasting ‘to show’ bras add another dimension to the whole look.


The fabric looks like Liberty ‘brasilianised’. It is from my trip to Porto.  I love the whole 90’s vibe bodysuit worn with low rise boyfriend jeans & rolled up hem…

The bodice front as gathered using elastic. You know I like adding my personal touch.  If you wanna try, just sew the elastic on the wrong side all the way, stretching only where you want the gathering.
The non gathered parts stay stabilised. Fold over and zigzag/ twin needle stitch in place. I filed twice for a invisible look.

Remember that will decrease the size so is worth adding more to the pattern If you don’t want difference/low cut.

If your machine doesn’t like sewing the start of knit fabrics, you can add a piece of Swedish paper or tissue paper just at the start. Will sew like a dream. Just rip after.
Are you joining the sew along? I’m planning a few more when Im back. From today till the end of June all my posts are pre schedule. Follow my Brazilian adventure #houseofpinheiroinbrasil
  • Jen

    SUCH a good look Rachel! The Nettie looks amazing on you, the green is so beautiful.

  • Love this! You have definitely kicked the butt of any childhood fears!

  • Great job, it looks great on you.

  • Looks fantastic and thanks for the paper tip/trick

  • This looks awesome on you!!!!! Have a wonderful time in Brasil!!!!!

  • fantastic Rachel, it fits perfectly 🙂

  • Your Nettie looks great!! Have a fantastic time at home and at the World Cup! 🙂

  • This looks amazing on you and I like how you managed to show the whole thing whilst maintaining your modesty! Have a good trip.

  • WOW! This is divine 🙂

  • This looks fantastic and it’s such a pretty colour on you. Have a fantastic holiday!!

  • sa-weet. (and great modest shots too;)

  • Looks fabulous! I love the fabric you chose 🙂 Enjoy your holiday with your family.

  • I’m loving the 90’s vibe of this look! And – are you kidding?? You were MADE for bodysuits! You look HOT! Have a great time in Brasil!

  • This looks amazing!!

  • Wow, it looks great on you! One more reason for me to try the Nettie pattern!

  • Totally stunning! x

  • Looks great! I love the cut of this pattern, especially the leg openings, so perfect for wearing with jeans without getting a wedgie!! Have a great time in Brasil!

  • A babe!! As usual!!!

    I love hearing all of these stories about leotard/bodysuit horrors of the past and how this great pattern from the fantastic and amazing Heather has helped with so many negative memories!

  • what a fabulous make! You look gorgeous, Rachael! I will need to sew madame Nettie, too!

  • I got to get this pattern. I love your fabric choice. Looks great on you.

  • You look absolutely gorgeous Rachel! LOVE the Nettie bodysuit on you, you’ve nailed it! xx

  • This is a really flattering pattern. It looks amazing on you and I love the green colour. It’s really flattering on you 🙂

  • Hello, Rachel!
    Your Nettie is fabulous <3
    Why did you lengthen 10 sm the front piece, and only 6 sm the back piece? What is the length of your back?
    I ordered the pattern already, but been very tall myself, I still wonder how much to lengthen the pattern.

    • My Back length is 2 cm difference. But I cannot remember why right now. When I’m back I can check my notes on the pattern

  • You look amazing! I love the version you chose. If I make this I want to make it the same 🙂

    I was cracking up when mentioned HRH. I remember you telling me about him freaking out over the pool photos haha

  • wow! Amazing make – lovely fabric, you look like you’re about to go to Studio 54 – in the good way:), one of the gorgeous jetsetters of that time – which is quite apt seeing as you’re jetting to Brazil soon!
    I can totally relate to how you felt as I was also much taller than the girls in my class and plump. And I was forced to go to ballet – where I felt like an Amazon! Later I got to love being tall 🙂

  • Eeep I just saw this! (I’m so behind on blog reading!) I love this print and you in it and everything about this. Also, that boyfriend jeans outfit is PERFECTION!!! xoxoox