Back from Brasil

I’m back into English territory. I cannot express how wonderful this last 30 days has been. Being at home with my family and loved ones is so energising, heart warming brilliant!
How lucky was I? I had pleasure to be watching the world cup at the stadiums, cheering until my voice run out, bitting my nails at every new Brasil game. ( And the other teams too.)
June is not a month I’m normally home but is the month I miss my family the most because of my birthday. To celebrate I had an amazing birthday party where I made/sew loads. The theme is a very traditional party called” festa junina”. Cannot wait to tell you all about it.
Last but not least, I finally met some Brazilian sewing bloggers, including a whole sewing date. All in due course will be blogged.  Including shopping trips with addresses and tips.
Scared to sort out my + 2000 photos, that’s because my card run out of space. So much to tell you!
I just wanted to let you know I arrived well and thank you  for keep coming and participating on the pre schedule posts during the month of June. I hoped you enjoyed them! There a few un-blogged projects pre holiday I need to blog and some points of views about some discussions that happened  during my time of absence. Now, I need to be a good housekeeper and get my house clean. 
lots of love, xx
  • Welcome back. Glad that you had a great trip home and looking forward to your up coming post.

  • Sam

    How lovely that you were able to go home for your birthday. I look forward to hearing about all your sewing and fabric buying adventures.

  • IT´s lovely to have you back, Rachel!

  • I loved reading about your adventures in Brazil on Instagram!

  • So neat that you were able to go to a few World Cup games! Looks like you had an amazing time and I can’t believe a whole month has passed already. Happy belated birthday!

  • You look like you had a wicked time and I’m SO jealous you got to go to the World Cup games! Happy belated birthday!

  • Wonderful to hear you are back and had a fabulous time!

  • Awww – didn’t you want to see the final? You look so cute in your match clothes! Those were some amazing matches weren’t they – but live! That must have been sooooo buzzing!
    I’m batting for Brazil now that Italy’s out. (My little island – Malta – is too small and weak for the WC – so I side with my father’s native land – and then with simpatia – and because of the sweet Brazilians I’ve met in life and online 🙂 Brazil is my number two.
    That pic with all the machines is adorable – all those beaming smiles – it’s lovely that you had a birthday with your family!
    Fingers crossed for Friday!

  • Looks like you had a fab time and that you got to spend your birthday at home for once. I’m jealous that you go to go to the footy, loving your outfit! 🙂

  • Welcome home… SO proud you had a fun month with your family.. Look forward to hearing all about your month..

  • Hope you had a great time! I loved seeing your IG photos!