Bombshell Couture

bombshellcouture5 Hello friends,

You can finally see my evening dress in it full glory. There was so much work; hours and hours of hand sewing.. fitting, adjusting… labour of love indeed.  So I skip the worlds from now… Full details construction on another post. Let me just take a breath and celebrate this sewing milestone.

Big Thanks to my friend Cris who took this pictures of me. Mainly by trying to calm me down…
I was quite stressed as I was due to fly later that day, need to pack and so many other things on my to do list.. like always.


  • So amazing! Wow! Well done putting in so much work, it really shows! You are stunning 🙂 I’m in love with velvet and plan to sew some soon, so I will be following the tips you recently posted too. Congrats on your dress 😀

  • I’ve said it before, GORGEOUS!!!

  • Looks gorgeous at sexy. Great job!

  • so beautiful xx

  • Beautiful..

  • STUNNING!!!! You look marvelous! Your hard work paid off!

  • Rachel this look so lovely on you.

  • Absolutely amazing! I love the contrast of the red with the black skirt. So gorgeous!

  • Seriously hot!!

  • beautiful!

  • Sol

    I like so much!!

  • Looks sumptuous and stunning!

  • T

    Wonderful work … That bodice really does fit like a glove. All you are missing is a red carpet!

  • Just stunning 🙂

  • Bon Voyage, Beautiful!

  • gorgeous! and the fit of that bodice is amazing!

  • Beautiful work Rachel! You look drop dead gorgeous!

  • wow. you are a goddess:). Seriously – not just a sewing goddess – you will wow the crowds at the games!
    Amazing work, velvet is a bitch to sew, as I know too well – and you have fitted that bustier in tricky suede to a tee.
    What a buzz – think of us mere mortals watching the games on the box! Go Brazil!

  • beautiful 🙂

  • the fit is spectacular! gorgeous dress!

  • It’s fab! You look georgeous!

  • beautiful bombshell! (and nice dress too 😉

  • Stunning dress – definitely worth all your hard work!

  • Stunning dress – definitely worth all your hard work!

  • beautiful! you look like a model!

  • You are just too fabulous for words!


  • Beautiful! But, you’re a bombshell with or without the dress 😉

  • Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Stunning.

  • Wow, just WOW! You look hot!

  • Wow! Congratulations on a huge success with the velvet! You look beautiful and I love that last picture of you & your friend – so pretty 🙂

  • What a superb dress, it looks fabulous on you. The fit of the bodice is perfect, and really hugs your figure. I’d say the hours you put into it were time well spent 🙂