Green goddess or tinker bell: BHL flora in shinny emerald satin.

 Hello friends,

Six days count down for the world cup. I really wanted to make a ‘braziliant’ outfit to wear on some of the many parties I’m attending.  Stash digging some green satin. No idea where this is from or how much it costed me. I can tell you that I stamped my feet, got a grumpy pout, posted my rant on Instagram and tried to calm myself down with a cuppa when I saw how badly cut this was. 
We trust people to cut our fabrics correctly. So much we don’t check it. Since then I still don’t check my purchases.To be honest maybe they just don’t notice in time. Recently Cris and I went to our local fabric store to buy a metre of a snake print for a tank top for Cris next project. 
That evening I got a Facebook message from the shop owner saying that she doesn’t know how but she cut the fabric badly. Indeed we would struggle to fit the pattern. The fabric was really ragged. The shop owner asked us to either go back for a new piece cut or she would give Cris a discount. She knew how to get in touch with me but if I wasn’t a regular customers the same situation would have been repeated.
Back to my dress, nothing different from my last one. same size, alterations etc. This was my first version.
All sewn with french seams. Did you know that in Portuguese we call them “english seams”?
One thing I like doing when sewing darts on delicate fabrics is to get a small piece of interfacing and interface the dart points. Besides securing, it doest make the dart look so much better on the outside because it stabilises it. No strange pointy darts here!
The fabric is loud. Like ‘crazily bright’. As always HRH brings his insights comparing my flora to a fairy costume/tinker bell dress.  
The baby hem was made by using narrow hemming foot. Andrea share some awesome narrow hem techniques.

 Are you watching the world cup? Have you been making our outfit inspired by your team? 
  • Lovely! Love your necklace too – perfect with this dress!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful! You know, French seams are also called English seams in French. Took me a while to wrap my head around that…

  • Gorgeous Flora! I love the color and think it looks beautiful on you.

  • The green fairy from moulin rouge! Gorgeous!

  • You’re going to hate me, but I don’t have a television, so I can’t watch the World Cup except for the recaps when I’m working out at the gym. Old school and boring, I know! I hope Brazil kicks some serious ass, and I know you’ll be repping them well in this amazing dress!

  • This dress looks absolutely fab on you:) love the green!
    Your post made me smile: in French, we call French seams “coutures a l’anglaise” (English seams)…
    BTW, my offer still stands if you need help with Grains de Couture translations.
    Have a great time in Brazil!

  • Love thus color on you – enjoy being at home & the World Cup!

  • Rachael I think this may be my favourite make of yours ever! Cannot get over how amazing the color looks on you and how much the fabric suits that pattern. Goddess for sure!

  • Wow! This is so gorgeous! I love this green on you! Good luck during the World Cup- I’m a hockey and American football fan, so although I enjoy watching the World Cup, I don’t pull for a certain team. I’ll be thinking of you during the games!

  • I vote for green goddess! Could you show how you interfaced the darts? That sounds really interesting.

  • Beautiful!! I love the colour and drape of that amazing satin. Cute as a button

  • fabuloous! you do look like a goddess! this green it perfect for you!

  • Rachel, this dress is fabulous and your styling of it is spot on as per usual. Great stuff! Being a stereotypical kiwi, I usually follow the oval rather than the round ball, but i still can’t wait! Rachel ☺

  • Glorious! What a fabulous colour on you!

  • What a happy dress. I don’t really like football so I don’t think I’m going to watch. In Dutch French seams are also called English seams. So far it looks like the only language in which they’re called French seams is English…

    • In Australia ‘everything off’ is called a brazillian wax – what do you call that in Brazil I wonder??!!

  • That colour looks a-mazing on you!!

  • gorgeous colour on you! i’m not fussed about the world cup at all but your parties sound like fun!

  • you look fabulous, amazing in satin! I adore the Flora dress and have made 3 so far – one more starting today.

  • What a beautiful dress, it suits you brilliantly. Love your shoes and necklace too.

  • GORGEOUS! Seriously, such a beautiful colour and you look stunning (as always)! And who wouldn’t want to be compared to Tinkerbell – I’d take it as a compliment! 😉

  • Love it, the colour is gorgeous!

  • puu

    i love all of it, of course, but i really love how well your hem came out. and i will definitely be trying that interfacing trick! go brasil!

  • Kim

    Gorgeous! I really love the high-low hem and the pleats in the skirt.. It looks amazing on you, enjoy Brazil!

  • Gorgeous! Love the color on you! I always think the world cup sounds SOO exciting! Sadly, it’s a bit hard to follow in my part of the states (Texas = American Football all the way!) But I’ll root for Brasil just for you!

  • Gorgeous as always! I’d also like to see exactly how you interface your darts.

  • I love the colour choice! Your flora is gorgeous. I wouldn’t have considered satin for that pattern but I might have to rethink now 🙂

  • Wonderfull dress! I couldn’t find any informations about the pattern?

    kind regards
    Anna from Denmark

  • Great colour on you Rachel! I love green, I just made a green long circle skirt so maybe I´ll suport your team instead of mine ( Just realized ,I haven´t got any reds this season 🙂

  • This dress is so fabulous on you and perfect for all the parties. Have a wonderful time.

  • You can use it on st.patric day%)) I will watch cup!! Yes%)

  • Wow I love it. It’s such a pretty colour you can wear it any time and be the jewel of the party!

  • What a gorgeous dress! I just love the color and it looks splendid on you!

  • Gorgeous fabric! You look very lovely and festive in green. That’s a great tip about the interfaced dart points.

    World Cup… I like to watch matches in bars with friends, but I have no team affiliation. I did watch an interesting segment on HBOs Last Week Tonight about FIFA and the cost involved with hosting the World Cup. Are you actually going to any of the matches?

  • OMG I’m needing some emerald green satin right now to make a Dolce & Gabbana inspired dress like this
    …. but i love yours and may change my mind now!! Enjoy the football.

  • You’re a goddess ! this gorgeous dress suits you so well, and this color is just perfect on you !
    Thanks so much for the tip with interfacing for darts, I often work these kind of light and slippery fabrics, and you’re totally right, darts aren’t always very neat.
    But, even though you are amazing in this dress, I won’t watch the world cup, I don’t like football 🙂

  • What a beautiful dress! You look stunning! And thanks for the tip on using interfacing for the darts!

  • You look utterly gorgeous! truly beautiful dress and colour. Perfection.

    Have fun at home in Brazil.

  • This dress is gorgeous! I’ve been tempted to make the Flora dress and having seen this post I will definitely have to give it a go

  • I love this soooooooo much! Tinkerbell was always my favourite 🙂 you’re a twinkly star! xxx

  • This is so beautiful on you, Rachel! Tinkerbell my butt – you are WAY too hot in this dress for that, you supermodel, you! The colour and fabric are just gorgeous – lovely lovely job! 🙂