Little not so Black Dress: BHL Georgia

Hello friends,

Are you feeling the By Hand London Love? It is completely not intention sequence of makes from their patterns. I’m just trying to catch up on things I made that never got around to blog while on holiday. This sexy dress was my participation from #sewsexysewalong.   
The FBA on this baby is super easy and was pretty much the only alteration. This dress been sat on my sewing room because I wasn’t sure about the straps.  The bodice is super beautiful and I didn’t want the straps to cover it. My shoulders aren’t particular narrow, I was a swimmer at school, so the large strap help giving the impression they are narrower. I tried the skinny strap, contrasting  colour, tried without straps, asked advice on IG… 
Thank you for all the advice on making strapless. Waist stays and boning were among the tips. In the end the lazy side of me just wanted my dress finished. 
Both my fabrics are cotton sateen. Do you recognise the left over? If you don’t check my copacabana trouser.  
The design panels really allowed creative colour blocking.  Not the traditional central column with the sides back like Stella but alternating. I even changed the print direction of the back to highlight my assets. 
I wasn’t standing straight on the pictures, the straps match on the back. Really excited how this dress turned out. The lengthen was kept the original short length marked on  the pattern for the short version.
This is one of my favourite dresses from their pattern range. 
Cotton sateen is one my favourite fabrics to use.Do you sew with it? 
What fabrics do you use when you making close fit garments?
  • Rachel.. so pretty..looks good on you. Happy sewing.

  • Absolutely beautiful!

  • What a gorgeous dress!! You look amazing!

  • This is absolutely stunning!

  • And not to be forgotten, the back is just as cute!

  • That dress is amazing. you are beyond stunning!!!! Whoa!

  • Gorgeous

  • Beautiful dress! I also like to use cotton satin when making close fitting dresses. It’s stiff enough to hold the shape and the sheen is beautiful 🙂

  • Ah this is stunning, well done! I need to dig out my Georgia as I haven’t worn it in a while…

  • Gorgeous Rachel, it suits you so much!

  • Great dress and it is wonderful on you! Awesome sewing!

  • I love this dress, I just made it too! I also used the pattern to make a swimsuit… which didn’t come out perfectly, but was a fun experiment. I’m now onto my third version and I’m sure there will be more. I love the colourblocking and the wide straps are my fave.

  • The style really suits you – striking. Cotton sateen is just lovely to work with & to wear.

  • Stunning! I just bought the pattern and was planning on making exactly the same variation. I’m still not sure whether I will use a cotton or something more stretchy. Cotton sateen sounds like a good idea, though! 🙂

  • Gorgeous dress and gorgeous model <3

  • Just so gorgeous 🙂

  • You’re rocking my dear! This belongs on the runway 🙂

  • Rachel this is one of my favorites you’ve ever made…just gorgeous!

  • Beautiful dress.

  • this looks so good! i’ve been considering making this and i think you just sold me!

  • Sam

    Fantastic dress Rachel! I think this is the best version of Georgia that I’ve seen.

  • Beautiful!! Love the combo, and the yellow shoes are just fantastic! 🙂

  • Good use of the leftover fabric. I remember the trousers you made from this fabric. This dress is dynamite on you.

  • This is s stunning dress, fabulous fabric combination.

  • so beautiful! this dress is absolutely perfection on you. love it!

  • Wow, this dress looks awesome on you – I love your fabric combo.

  • Stunning dress, I love the pattern blocking. It looks amazing on you!

  • Wowzers this looks stunning! And Happy Birthday my dear!!

  • Gorgeous dress, Rachel, love the pannels and wide straps, very effective!

  • Such a great combination. And with the yellow shoes? Perfection.

    I’m in the middle of my first go at a Geogia – glad to see if executed so well!

  • This is stunning on you Rach. It’s like this pattern was made for you! I was unsure about how these straps would look on me but I might have to give it a whirl. I really love the colour blocking too!

  • Now that you asked, I don’t sew with cotton sateen a lot. Not because I don’t like it, it’s very easy to sew, but because I like my fabrics to have a texture – brocade, lace, etc.

    Wonderful make, Rachel. Definitely one of my favorite BHL’s 🙂

  • Awesome dress, this is going on my sewing inspiration board straight away! You look great!

  • I really really love this!!! I totally recognized that awesome fabric, and I’m so glad you used it this way – it’s just perfect! I love this pattern, and have a few versions planned but haven’t got the pattern yet – ha! glad to hear the FBA is straightforward 🙂

  • Loooove this dress!! And I love the fabric you used too! You’re very talented! Great Job!

  • I love what you have done with the dress – the contrasting fabrics are just perfect!

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