Festa Junina: Outfit1: Mom’s floral apron.

Hello friends,
Did you enjoy learning a little about Festa Junina? It is my all time favourite party, sorry Carnival! I bet you are curious about some of my makes.
Today I’m sharing one of 4 aprons I made. As I mention before, I couldn’t cope sewing 4 dresses plus mine in the middle of what everything was happening during my stay. I had to sew at the beginning of the holiday before the world cup started, which took me on my first day to a local shopping centred where most shops are fabric shops and craft supplies. Seriously, no one told me Disney where there! More on shopping later… I’m digressing again.
I’m sorry for the quality of the party pictures, I had to go and take some extra pictures the day after.
Mom wore her apron with a customised multi layered ruffled black skirt filled of matching fuxicos (yo-yos) and a black long sleeve jersey top. You will notice everyone dressed for a cold night… errr 18 isn’t cold folks… Lol
About the apron;
Mom’s apron was made out of Chita fabric. I drafted the bodice front, creating 2 patchwork pockets. I cannot really explain the constructions details without step by step pictures. It’s so neat that I really want to make a tutorial in the future. Right now I’m trying to write as many posts I remember first. 
The front is a full skirt for maximum impact during the quadrille dance. I took the front skirt pattern from the Betty dress, cut the waist size 8 and the length size 20.
For each apron I made a matching bow tie. Matching couple outfits, cool right? Apparently no man in my family understand how to wear a bow tie so I don’t have a picture of them. Didn’t bring one home either. oh well. Blogger fail!Sorry!
  • I’m an avid apron lover – can’t help myself. So of course I’m attracted to the full circle bibbed and lined ones that you made. Lovely!

  • These are so pretty and I love how it made your party look with everyone all dressed up in gorgeous prints and colours.

  • Love your blog! So festive, warm & friendly…

  • Kim

    Very cute!

  • Such a pretty combination of fabrics, I love that you made matching bow ties too. Love the pics, very happy.

  • I also love the combination of fabrics, and the way you put it together.
    but I actually stopped by to say you model really pretty for your pictures.
    You have a lovely and long figure 🙂

  • This is so fun! Loving your work, Rach!

  • I never use aprons, but after seeing this one I have to sew one for myself….I´ll wait for your tutorial, though!