Hawaiian Style maxi dress

I’m not really a maxi-dress kind of gal. I love on other people but I don’t wear it much because doesn’t suit my english lifestyle. My mother otherwise lives on maxi dresses. She been  nagging asking me to make her one for ages. I decided to dig my jersey stash and make her a dress before my trip home.
She not only choose the fabric print but also bought the fabric last easter. I think it was about £10 per metre.

As the print shape and repeats properties I didn’t even try to match it. Not even sorry!

Regarding the shape, she wanted her dress to have cap sleeves and gathered long skirt. I used the lady skater bodice size 4, like my previous version. With the left over rectangular fabric gathered as skirt.
To be honest, I wasn’t sure if the size or shape would work so I made only one dress for her.  Lucky it looked lovely and just right but she wants a bigger size next time.  She cannot wait for me to make  more dresses. Looking at patterns available she wants a moneta next. Me too!
I always loved sewing knits and practice has taught me so much. During my trip I had the opportunity to study from Colette Guide to Sewing Knits: Professional Techniques for Beautiful Everyday Garments. Very professional jersey dresses are my mom’s dream wardrobe. My book is full of post-it markers on areas I want to work on. Never stop learning. Is good to have fundamentals on how to do something in a particular manner even when you think you already know it. I’m obsessed for knowledge.

Making something for someone else is not easy. I wanted to keep this dress! Oh well.. Mission Maxi will be next. Im teaching next saturday and I need a class sample. The question will be, would I be sending it to my mom or I would be keeping for my beach holiday later in the year?

  • I love this dress and you are onto something – this style looks lovely on you – but then it takes a model! So nice for you to sew for your Mom – I love to visit your site to get inspiration on fabric choice – you are always right on target with lovely fabric! Thanks so much for your posts

  • So pretty Rachel.. Know wonder you want to keep it.lol
    Lovely fabric.

  • Dude, you should become a maxi person! This looks beautiful on you… especially poolside. 🙂 Absolutely lovely!

    I hear you on wanting to keep things you sew for other people- I have that problem when I sew for my sister! 🙂

  • yes I love it on you!

  • You got me convinced that it’s good to step out one’s comfort zone since that dress looks so good on you! 🙂 I’m not a maxi-dress or maxi-skirt gal either but I’m tempted to try Sewaholic’s Gabriola skirt pattern.

  • Love it, and a beautiful colour on you. I like the very serious look your dog is giving the camera!

  • What a lovely colour and happy pattern! It is such a shame that maxi dresses and British weather don’t really go together.

  • I love it!! I’m a big fan of maxi dresses and skirts and could live in those!!

  • You are a vision!!!!

  • You look fabulous in your maxi dress, Great fabric choice too!!

  • I love the maxi mission dress and I also want to make it in a shorter version. This dress looks great, it’s gonna look great on your mum.

  • It’s a great dress and it looks lovely on you. I can imagine your mother will be very happy with it. How wonderful to be able to gift her things you made yourself. She must be so proud!

  • I Love that you went with cap sleeves instead of the usual tank or strapless ideas! It looks wonderful!

  • I love it! You should keep it, it really suits you! Make another one for your Mum!

  • ah but she will be so pleased with a closet full of House Of Pinheiro! and i quite agree with ginger 🙂

  • Wow, this dress is so glamorous, great work on getting that effect with a knit! I’m sure your mom will love it 🙂

  • So summery and lovely, Rach! And yay for puppy cameo in your photos!

  • This looks great! It’s so sweet of you to make something for your mom. I admire that you’re always learning more. Most of the time I just want to do something really fast and do what I’ve done before.

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