Hello Mabel

Hello, don’t mind me in my pyjamas, would you? Well, you won’t see me wearing this to sleep just yet but that’s how comfortable my Mabel feels.
Choose a soft interlock knit and BAM, you are in heaven! Oh and don’t think it makes you slack on style… add some cute shoes and get out of the house looking and feeling lovely. I already have another version cut because I cannot have enough of this make.
Basic, yeah.. for my normal sewing standard but I honestly sold. I’m not one to repeat or make basics unless I think the process is fun!
The Mabel is part of Colette new direction of making patterns for knit fabrics.
I never been a Colette girl, style wise I mean. Their patterns always enchanted me by the quality of instructions, attention to details and customer care but the styling of vintagy/ cutie is so NOT me.
I did a successful Beignet, ginger (a favourite), Macaroon and not so Zinnia.  The others I own are the Anise and Lady Grey. (UFO muslin stage and uncut respectively.)
When the Walden collection was launched and I bought them all! WOW! I made the girliest of Coppers.  So recently they launched their new beginners knit dresses.  They got my attention!  I’m liking the direction they are growing and I’m eagerly waiting to see & SEW more.
I sewn size M. I feel is a bit on the loose size as I like things body fitted (tight). Next make is a double knit (ponte).
Really impressed by the construction method and lining. I never even thought about lining my knits.
The waistband lining was the left over from my coppelia.
Did you made any alteration? Nope!!!
I should have lengthen the pattern given my amazonian height is out of the norm but sometimes I get lazy, thinking I could get away…  so many patterns are design to be a little longer than what I like wearing anyway. Not the mabel short version. I had to avoid hemming in the risk of becoming too short.  Not a biggy on knits, right.
Sewing tip: When hemming interlock knits, cut a 1/4 inches strip of knit interfacing, interface your hem on the wrong size, press your hem allowance and stitch the right side with a twin needle.
Have you sewn the Mabel? Do you like Colette new patterns? 
  • Love it! Totally inspired to make one too. Also love the styling—that’s something I wasn’t quite sure of, but I’m getting more ideas on how I would style it!

    • Fab! Yes, styling a knit skirt can be challenging at first but that is just like any other fitted skirt…

  • THOSE LEGS. God woman. And yes, in complete agreement. Love the new knit line from Colette and I have a Mabel on my to make list as well… love your directional stripes!

  • rachel! this whole outfit, head to toe, i think it’s my favorite you-look ever 🙂

  • Beautiful Rachel! Love the strip going down the center and the styling is perfect!

  • Super cute outfit! It’s a great look and I love the shoes!

    • oh those shoes are adorable.. great we actually have summer this year to wear sandals

  • Thanks for the hemming tip. I have interfaced woven hems, but I never thought of doing the same with knit hems. I’ll try it next time!

    • Its great for fabrics that tend to stretch under the presser foot

  • Great skirt / design from you Rachel! Can I ask, what type of fabric did you line it with?

    • With an interlock knit, the same I used on my copellia. Bought at Goldhalk Road

  • Love this skirt, especially the stripe directions. And I love this pattern a lot! It’s so easy to make and so comfy to wear.

  • Great skirt and love how you played up the stripes on the knits. Great job.

  • Love it! I’m wearing my moneta at the moment. It’s another good one (although maybe less *you*!)

  • I love everything about this outfit. Wish I could pull that length!

  • Gorgeous skirt. You look amazing! I love the contrast stripe direction down the front and may just have to copy that…

  • You and I agree on Colette in general – love everything about them except their styles are just not me. But this is super cute!

  • This is a great skirt! My style isn’t particularly vintage/cutie either but I am also really liking the new Colette patterns and knit focus. I have just taken advantage of the sale and bought the Myrtle pattern – I’m looking forward to trying it out!

  • Over the top cute!!!!

  • I’m thinking of (maybe) making Mable my next sewing pattern using some left over knit from a failed dress project. I think I want to add elastic to the waistband though…I’d be worried about it falling off. I like your version…stripes look GREAT.

    • I think the was it was design, it naturally settles on the lower waist, holding up. I like the idea of adding an elastic

  • This is SUPER cute! I like the look of this skirt, although I tend to fear knit skirts (VPLs are always a problem, aren’t they?). I’m in the minority in that I don’t like knit dresses, so I’ve been a little sad about their new pattern releases. But really, it’s for the best since I already have too many patterns!

  • I’m sure the skirt is gorgeous but I’m too busy staring at your perfect legs to notice! 😉

    Love the skirt lady, and how you’ve styled it. Well done!

  • I’ve just made 3 and have 2 more planned. Just a great staple, though I made mine 3 inches longer than the long one! I also made the small first and it was too clingy. Love yours.

  • I actually love the Colette patterns, and have made the pastille, truffle, Zinnia, Hawthorn, jasmine, sorbetto, and despite chatter that them being hard to fit I only found Jasmine a problem, the others were a piece of cake and of course the instructions are fantastic. I look forward to trying moneta as I get comfortable sewing knits. I thought mabel was far too short and wouldn’t lend well to top much lengthening but yours look just right actually!

  • I just love the stripes!! The Mabel looks awesome!

  • I love it, it looks amazing on! I also love your shoes too!

  • Rachel, you look so, so awesome in this outfit.

  • You look amazing!! So jealous of those legs!! Loving the skirt too, I am not too excited about the Colette patterns of late. I haven’t made any since the Hazel. The new dress seems nice but I haven’t seen anyone make it yet.

  • Rachel, this is a gorgeous gorgeous outfit! Love the skirt but especially how you’ve styled it. Mega cute!

  • Love the stripes placement!!!