Its Oonapalooza!

Spunky with a very distinct style, fun to boot and a pleasure to know! How can I not make an outfit in her homage! I looooooove Oona. Man, and I had the honour to compete against her on #projectsewn where we pushed our creativities to the limit.  

With her killing draping skills, floating prints exploding I almost made a Maxi version of the Nettie  Since my fabric would only allow a mini maxi ( is that a thing?)
 A bodysuit, so simple and versatile… don’t you think simple patterns always showcase prints like no other?  Are you shocked by long sleeves in plain summer? I made this before a heatwave hit the UK.
Same alterations from previous version. I added a swimsuit elastic across the back after the previous version started to move a little after wearing dancing. The shoulders are already narrow but I make it even more by my favourite method of finishing. 
Sewing an elastic on the wrong side all around, folding and than stitching with the twin needle. I sometimes use interfacing instead of elastic. I know, I need to add extra length but I was reckless! Miss Oona would certainly approve of that!

This version I skipped the poppets. I don’t like sewing or wearing them. After buying and wearing two bodysuits without, I was pleased that I made that choice. Now I also know how this would look wearing as a swimsuit. I added cuffs, another favourite thing!

This super fun print was bought in Portugal. Addresses and tips should be in the blog some time in the future. I cannot catch up with the long list of posts I have planned.

Woo Hoo  #sewcialists for planing this fun challenge.

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  • Stunning, lady! x

  • T

    Delicious colours. All you need is a cocktail in hand and you’re all set!

  • Loving the colourful print and racy Nettie loveliness x

  • GORGEOUS outfit Rachel, I love it! x

  • love this! looks amazing on you!

  • Ooooh, yes! That fabric is close to insane, but it looks so good with your red skirt and turquoise nails! Love it!

  • Red is your color, girl!!! Great outfit!

  • Gorgeous! Love the Nettie hacks!

  • Wow, what a great look, babe!

  • This is fantastic 🙂

  • Hottt! Your idea to add cuffs to the Nettie is a great one.

  • Looking good!

  • I’ve been admiring you and your coloured outfit for a while: LOVE IT. You look stunning ^.^

  • absolutely beautiful, my friend. i think our paloozas play well together :)))))

  • Fabulous as always. Am I seeing a matching bra?!!!

  • Gorgeous outfit, I love the colours!

  • What a fabulous print! You look amazing!!

  • Very oonabalicious, and looks fabulous on you!

  • Wow! what a gorgeous outfit. Looks amazing on you. So fun and colourful. Good job!

  • Where’s come from the skirt ? Nettie dress pattern or is it an other pattern ? I like it really much.