My floral boned bustier birthday dress.

Hello darlings
Thank you so much for your feedback and comments on my previous post. I feel a little responsible to make sure we talk about both sides of my journey. I’m a fast prolific sewist because I get organised to sew, but I am also human. I often get told I’m an (sorry I had a typo here) inpirational sewist. I want to be true to myself, grow and evolve. So today we finally we got to chat about my birthday dress.


The pattern is the same bustier from my minerva craft evening gown{burdastyle buster 5/2011 #127} with BHL floral skirt. I looove this skirt! My high low flora skirt pattern is almost destroyed. Time to trace and this time interface it.

Sewing tip: Do you know those paper interfacing not very suitable for clothing? (non woven- light weight) Those are perfect to interface patterns. 

Bustiers. I feel they were made for me.  Only took me 2 years –from the time I bought Gertie’s class –to find out. It wasn’t for the lack of inspiration. I saw so many amazing bombshell dresses out there. The truth: I was scared of steel boning cutting.

I made a muslin following Susan Khalje’s method for thread tracing.


The  bustier pattern fitted me perfectly as is. (I bought a tall version separately from the class pattern) Sewing was so rewarding. To be honest is not hard, the work is sewing those concave curves so many times. Outer fabric, underling, lining, extra cups etc…I was going to make my dress blue but reconsidered as a lot of my party decoration had a similar print. Used what I previously cut as lining. Love it!

Because of the chita (Brazilian fabric) cheap and cheerful characteristic meant I had to sew 4 layers for the busier. For structure, body and because of the open weave needed reinforcement.

King K enlighten his fail safe method I choose to follow. To improve the structure he underlines both the outer fabric and lining- with cotton flannel and twill respectively. I just used medium weight white cotton for both. Rigeline is a very easy way to start but I wasn’t complete trilled by it.  Because it comes curved, after sewn it still have a raised shape. I had to be sure to sew all the same direction and against the body.

Sewing tip: The trick is then press very lightly with iron set on low heat to settle them in place. You can see the boning bowing back in place.

Instead of the sewn in straps from the pattern I opted for making  adjustable ties-in, hand sewing the flower trim on top.

The green invisible zipper is almost invisible….

Forget that, check out the back bodice print placement! High Five, right!

The pattern for the belt is inspired by Lisette bow belt . I didn’t have a printer available to print the pattern so I just drafted based the instructions.

Did you notice that the back skirt doesn’t have the traditional pleats. I changed to a light gathering at the centre back.

I made my head piece too!

I didn’t want a lining hanging separately so I sewn the lining to the outer fabric. No hemming needed!

The dress looks so well crafted. To be honest everyone were so impressed but also thought I was crazy, what! all that work on such a cheap and costum-y fabric. It doesn’t matter. I wanted my dress to fit the style of my birthday party theme and  most importantly: I felt beautiful wearing it. ( If you want to know more about my party, check related posts: Festa Junina/ Apron 1/ Apron 2 &3 )


Noteworthy resources:

Birth of a Bustier by Kenneth D. King
Three ways to attach Boning by Threads magazine
Sewing a Boned Bodice With Plastic Boning by Sewaholic 
Boning supplies: Sew Curvy 
Gertie’s Time-Saving Trick for a Boned Bodice Muslin

A few burry pictures of me wearing at the party!

Ok, my fellow is totally being good sports on dressing up in crazy Brazilian costume but that face! LOL BTW I made his matching tie and Maria hand sewn his trousers patches.

Our english friend Si actually took pretty well taken to his costume, even took the tie (which I have sewn) home with him.
Dad wasn’t impressed to have a bow tie ( yes, I also made that)
Thank you for your feedback about loving my Brazilian posts. It is so lovely to share my culture with you.
Now, Who wants a piece of my birthday cake?
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  • Absolutely love your dress and the party looked like a lot of fun! Thanks so much for the pattern interfacing tip, I’ll definitely be doing that from now on!

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