Sewing 101:Reference guide (Knits)

Hey darlings,

Before each of my classes I like to do a little preparation work. Sometimes that includes a reference guide.

This Saturday I am teaching how to sew a knit maxi dress. I often get asked how they can quickly identify what type of knit fabric to buy or pick the best option for each different pattern.
Knits, natural or synthetic, can be identified by construction, weight and fabrication. Here is a quick reference guide with the most used knit fabrics.

 I hope you find it useful to print it and take with you when you go shopping. You may even ask for samples and attached to it.
Happy sewing.
  • Hi, Thanks for sharing this. Im really new to knits (and im waiting for my overlocker to arrive to dive in..). Can you recommend any good online stores in the UK as I am struggling to find websites with descent descriptions.
    Thanks, Katie.

    • Hi Charlie, most of my knits I buy in person. Minerva Crafts, and Ditto offer great customer support so If you need help, send them a message/ tweet/ email etc. Some times most will list the composition. A good idea is to check outfits in knit you love and see the composition and ask for similar samples. xx

    • Hi Charlie, is now open, we specialise in knit fabrics and have a great range of unique styles and prints. As Rachel suggests, we can send samples to check the touch, feel, weight and stretch of any fabrics you are interested in. Happy sewing from one Charlee to another!

  • hi rachel. why wouldn’t you prewash ribbing?

    • Since ribbing work best as a binding, like neckline etc.. a little bit of skinkage actually helps settling into place better.

    • thanks – i wouldn’t have thought of that!

    • Great tip! This is a really useful summary, Rachel xx

  • This is really useful – thank you!

  • Such a good idea, especially as more knit fabrics are becoming available!

  • That’s a really helpful little guide – thank you. It’s good to have it all written down somewhere. I agree with your comment above that it’s much easier to buy knits in person but online stores that offer samples are a good resource too 🙂

  • Great guidelines! I think so many people are scared of knits because you really have to select the correct type for specific projects. One knit does not fit all.

  • Oi, Rachel. Acho que você é a pessoa certa pra perguntar, e o post veio bem a calhar. Você tem ideia de como se chama double-knit em português? É uma malha recomendada em várias situações, parece ser estável e grossa, mas eu não tenho ideia de como achá-la aqui no Brasil. Tenho usado cotton lycra e helanca no lugar, mas não acho que tenha a ver. Cotton fica muito periguete e helanca é meio cheap-looking 😛

    • Danieli, boa!
      me disseram na faculdade que existe o que chamam malha dupla, mas quando a gente vai comprar os vendedores nunca sabem, né.
      gostaria de saber também.

      ótimo guia, Rachel!

    • Oi meninas, não sei pq só compro aqui mas vou pesquisar xx

    • Oi, Juliana. Bom saber que não sou só eu que tenho essa dúvida.

      Rachel, muito obrigada!

    • Se todo o resto falhar, estou pensando em comprar um pouco online e sair levando as amostras nas lojas pra ver se alguém reconhece 😛

  • Anonymous

    thank you! I have just started with knits and was a bit baffled by all the different types this will be super useful! Caroline

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