Sewing dates & cocktails

Sewing is delightful, sewing with others even more. How lucky was I to finally met some lovely bloggers at my hometown, Brasilia.
Our first meet up was of course to drink cocktails! Tim Tim “cheers’!
After a really fun drinking afternoon,Vivi {atelie basile), Ruby {Meu canto mina prosa} and I planned a sewing date at Vivi’s home. 
Vivi and her SIL used to have a beautiful sewing school. We both agreed it was a shame the school closed as it would have been lovely for me to teach there.  I’m trying to get Vivi more active over her blog as she makes lovely things.

Ruby’s famous and loved home & decor blog is now off air, but she is now returning to her creative routes focusing on photography and you can check her work here.   She took some lovely photos of us.

For the occasion, I baked english butter biscuits and took a tin of english tea.

I love that pineapples are trending right now. Strawberry and pineapples cookies cutters were from Lakeland. Sorry, not available anymore… My mom has a huge collection. Since my first back surgery when my mother stayed over in England with me, to spend the time I taught her how to bake traditional english cookies.  Every year I bring her a different or unusual cutter shape. It’s our thing.
I took a selection of fabrics and patterns to make cute gift parcels! They contained a pincushion, selection french theme fabrics (the ones I got from projectsewn prize) and a sewing pattern- from Gather.
To the conundrum of what project to make during our sewing date? Everything you have going on. My birthday dress bodice, my papercut soma swimsuit, the betty dress and loads of fabric… 
We had a lovely time: the food was delicious,  Vivi’s space an inspiration and the company wonderful.
 Lol, I didn’t know I made so many faces when sewing…   Fun time, girls!!!
Vivi’s SIL,Me,Ruby and Vivi
Before returning to Brasil I had another opportunity to meet them for one last drink, this time including Helena: bag maker & quilter extraordinarie! Check out her blog{ Quilts sao eternos}
  • I’m loving your Brasilian catch up stories! Great photos and looks like great fun was had by all!

  • Looks like you had such a lovely time šŸ™‚

  • Looks like you had a whale of a time – what fun! And the maxi dress is amazing – you really rock the long look.

    First back surgery??? you mean more than one? ouch. many good vibes that you never need any again…..

  • Gorgeous photos!

  • AHHH PINEAPPLE COOKIE CUTTERS!!! Love pineapples, and love their meaning. šŸ™‚ Looks like a fun group of ladies! šŸ™‚

  • I hope sewing dates are somewhere in my future! they look like so much fun! x

  • Lovely photos!!

  • Sweet Rachel
    my sister and friends and I are very sad for Brazil:(. No Neymar, no Thiago Silva, they were demoralised…. and the others were very unsporting to exaggerate – should have stopped after 4.