A very toasty sweatshirt

World cup left us -Brazilians- feeling both proud, by hosting such a fantastic event, and devastated by our the last two performance in the field. What an opportunity of a life time to be at home while the games were on. I really wanted to make a keepsake, something I would wear, reminding me of this once in a lifetime experience. I’m not one for a sporty look but love to mix and match sweaters with dressy items.
The White Russian, from new pattern company Capital Chic was a great match for what I had in mind. I wanted somehow to use Fuleco (world cup mascot) and some delicious and warm fabric from Trice.

I was a lucky tester for the pattern, given the chance to look at the whole collection and pick something if I like it.  Blog only if I had something to say. No commitments besides here is the beta version and that was it.

The deeds:
The main fabric accordingly with Trice is a stretchy sweater fleece that bought in San Francisco. After mentioning how I can never make a warm garment she sent me the left over of her Lola dress.

What a sweetheart! She wasn’t kidding… this is WARM! Like, I won’t be wearing till late December. The yellow fabric is some type of sweatshirt I bought on Ebay labeled as ribbing but although it came in a tubular shape it wasn’t the type of ribbing I actually wanted. ( My bomber jacket stills waits)

Fuleco nose and ears are fake leather (pleather) that I had left over.

The pattern size used was 12 and I didn’t needed to length anything. The only issue I had was with the neck band. I think this was mainly because the use of the two completely different fabrics that had different characteristics and levels of stretch.  I’m thinking to redo it.

Otherwise, I’m very excited and happy with my make.

Such a warm sweatshirt in the middle of summer, completely out of season! Oh and I have a treat for you.

Sally kindly gave me an extra pattern (of winners choice) for one lucky HOP reader  Wanna win? Comment!!!! Have you made anything out of season? Or do you plan your makes to suit the current weather? 
Open to all. Close time August 7, at 8PM GMT
  • Love the sweatshirt! I typically plan for the season, but with the summer speeding by (and my to-do list not shrinking), I’m afraid I’ll be making a sundress in October.

  • This is a great twist on the pattern! I would have diffiuculty posing in cold weather garments, let alone sew them…

  • I’ve definitely made things out of season- I usually end up with a backlog of half finished projects and once a year I tackle the whole pile. If I run into a long seam I need to rip out or if I just get frustrated with a project it ends up there. Usually takes me a day or two to get through the pile and there are always off season garments in it.
    Great sweatshirt! It would be fun to sew and fun to win the pattern too!

  • So much Fun!
    Love this Sweatshirt…

  • Janet

    Nice job, I love it, very cute! And yes, too bad for you Brazilians & the lame ending but at least your team stayed in the tournament unlike our VERY lame England squad, boo. As to out of season makes, I am planning a sundress but have a feeling I have missed the hot weather here in the UK. I’d love a pattern, please count me in

  • Isa

    I usually knit more than I sew, so I’m only on season when it’s winter… And I work with wool all year round.

  • Yes! I am currently making myself a silky summery dress and it was like -5 here overnight! I do have a wedding in warmer climates to go to soon, but it does seem a little ridiculous when all i want to be doing is hibernating 🙂

  • one word: ADORABLE!

  • I’d love to win! I never take the weather into account, as it might sometimes take me 6 months to finish anything for me, while squeezing in lots of clothes for my kids at the same time. I figure I will wear it eventually so it doesn’t matter!

  • Forgot to say how cool your sweatshirt is!

  • That’s awesome!

  • What a fun sweater. Love the colors. Would love to win a pattern.

  • If course! Isn’t that the wbole point? To be ready when the season actually changes, you have clothes? Maybe I am the only weird one… few days ago I finished pair of jeans and a trench coat is hanging on the dress form, waiting for me to decide if it needs a warmer lining or not. And a sweater dress is waiting for fabric.

  • This is SO CUTE!!! I so love this pattern and would love to make me own! That fox is too awesome 🙂

  • Great sweatshirt, love the applique! I sew for the current season, but my fabric buying is all over the place. Just bought some golden mustard knit for a Christmas top!

  • Amazing sweatshirt! I usually sew for the season, but with the plantain I found myself making longsleeve versions, and I was lucky enough to test Thread Theory’s Finlayson sweater as well so now I’m all over the place…

  • I’m mostly an in-season sewist, but I have been entirely tempted by Ada Spragg’s set-acular and will be sewing a tee and harem pants in cotton voile ( this morning it was -6 degrees) your sweatshirt is darling

  • Cute sweatshirt Rachel. I generally make things suitable for the season. I would love to be entered in the giveaway!

  • Hi what a great top! I love how you have styled it with the shorts and boots. I would love to win that pattern. I have a bit more summer stuff to do then I will finish the wool blend trousers I cut out in may and maybe start on a Minoru jacket.

  • Love the pattern! Seems like a great wardrobe staple! I’m a beginner, so I plan and sew from project to project, trying to learn a new skill with each make. I’m getting tempted to start on autumn projects.

  • All my current makes are for autumn-winter. On Hols from work so am using the time to get my wardrobe together. This approach to my wardrobe is new to me and I’m new enough to sewing so I will have to see how it goes! Love your top.

  • Deb

    Nice take on the sweatshirt… I’m bad at making things in season, well I’m good at thinking about them in season but not so good about following through and finishing.

  • That’s so cool! I make summer dresses all year long, so I really should do some winter sewing as well… Maybe this summer?

  • I’m making an attempt to sew my autumn-winter wardrobe. Let’s see how that goes-am new to sewing! Love your jumper.

  • Such a lovely way to cherish Fuleco! Brazil hosted the best World Cup tournament ever, eventwise that is. You and I both hoped for a different outcome but in Holland we have a saying ‘soccer is a game for 22 players and in the end the Germans win’. So no surprises there. Big compliments to all Brazilians for hosting this brilliant event!

  • Oh what a fun make! Suits you so much Rachel! Love it paired with the leather shorts x

  • K.

    I totally make out of season garments! The other day I was knitting woolen socks while lying in a swimming pool and right now I am researching which sweater I wanna knit next. Really out of season sync! Looking forward to your take on bomber jackets! Just posted mine and it is a real workhorse!

  • No matter the season I love sewing flowy short circle skirts. Or long circle skirts. Anything that can be described as easy, breezy, beautiful!
    btw, love your take on the pattern and the mascot you have added. It looks awesome!

  • What a fabulous keepsake of your time in Brazil that is so cool! I’m always making out of season garments or as in the current Australian winter not even bothering to make any winter clothes at all as it’s been too mild to be bothered with them.

  • Hi I have decided to stop summer sewing now, I want to make a short blue version of ‘da bomb’ coat you made.

  • Loving him and that pattern you are rocking that Autumnal look!
    count me in for the pattern giveaway!
    Daisy j x

  • Liz

    Almost everything I make tends to be out of season…..I admit to being excited to buy fabric when sales are happening, or when there is a special piece I fall in love with.

  • Out so season sewing is really hard for me so I just stick to same season sewing. I want to wear my beauties as soon as they are done 😉
    I would love to win this pattern. Thanks.

  • I usually make mostly clothes for the season at hand but I do make plans for the next season and try to squeeze them into my sewing once the season is starting to end so I’ll have something new waiting for me in the new season and then I’ll continue sewing for the current weather. I’ve made some plans to sew a coat for the autumn and something with long sleeves for work and lounge wear.

  • So cute & creative!

  • First of all I love your sweatshirt! Second, I live in South Florida so I don’t wear a lot of warm clothing however, I’m English…I like to travel…and I like to feel cozy. So, I do get to wear sweaters and cardigans (I knit too). I have been looking at sweatshirt patterns to expand my newly acquired interest in sewing knits, as they look like a quick and fun sew. So this pattern would definitely get a lot of use in my house! Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Rachel! I love this! There’s something amazing about handmade clothing that can tie you to a specific moment in time and bring memories flooding back. I hope this is more good memories of the experience than the results?!
    As for sewing, season shmeson – I sew what’s calling to me (pattern or fabric)!
    I’d love to be included in the giveaway and have been considering the White Russian for a while… Fingers crossed and thank you for the chance!

  • Love your sweatshirt – warm and fashionable! I’m always impressed with how you personalize your projects with little details and embellishments. What a great keepsake to remember your trip too. 🙂

    Count me in the for the giveaway – I’ve been eyeing Capital Chic patterns ever since they came out.

  • Rachel, this is super cute. Love it.

  • I love your sweatshirt, so cute! I’m still sewing summer, but starting to think about fall projects.

  • Mucho Bueno! I love it…and I’m loving your shorts as well! Are they are Pinheiro make? If so, pass on the pattern details please!!!

  • I would love to win this pattern! So cute, and living in Canada where it sometimes gets pretty cold in the summer (last week was a perfect example) I could definitely use a sweatshirt. As for sewing out of season, I find I prefer sewing summer things to winter things, so my out of season sewing usually occurs when there’s snow on the ground and I’m making pretty dresses!

  • That is so much fun! By some genius, you have made a sweatshirt look fashion forward and very stylish 🙂

  • I constantly make things out of season – well, I make things wishfully. Like right now I am knitting a wool sweater … and I live in Florida, lol. Thanks so much for the giveaway – I love the Bellini top 🙂

  • Super cute. Great job…

  • I would love to win this pattern! I’ve been coveting it since I first saw it.

  • I am actually sewing for fall/winter. This is the first time that I really sew out of the season, but it feels good. Else I always had the feeling, I am too late…

  • I love your sweatshirt! Well, I love all your makes:)…. darn shame about the world cup, I was rooting for Brazil after my team (Italy) performed abysmally and were knocked out ignominously:(.
    I never make things out of season. It’s too hot in our summer to even touch winter fabric let alone try things on. And it’s too cold in winter etc:). I go with the feel – like right now I am making another loose linen dress to help me survive the August heat! And eyeing a piece of very fine viscose knit to make my first Myrtle. I made 2 Monetas and both are waiting for the worst heat to die down as they both have sleeves and anyone who lives anywhere hot and sometimes sticky knows jersey kills you, cotton or not!
    Please count me in for the giveaway too:)

  • This is really cute! I’d love to make a color-blocked sweatshirt so please enter me!

    So sorry about the World Cup loss – but it must have been thrilling to be there when it was happening!

  • It takes me so long to make everything that I often start out of season garments that end up just perfect!! (This definitely happened when I started a jersey dakota dress in August… was perfect by November!!)

    I’d love to be included in the giveaway x

  • I’m trying to stick to summer sewing at the moment, but I have such a backlog of projects I’ll be finishing them off in the winter!!!

  • YES! So cute. I gotta make one of these for the coming winter….

  • Love the sweatshirt! I tend to stick to making things for the season we’re in, but if I were more organised maybe I’d plan ahead!

  • I love this pattern! Most of my knitting projects get finished in the wrong season, every time I do a sweater I end up finishing it in August.

  • Very cute sweatshirt! I tend to create my clothing in season, but since I’ve been trying to plan a little better, sometimes things are a little early. It’s definitely more fun to create in season though, the best part is being able to wear it as soon as you are finished!

  • I totally make things in season. but i want to start doing more preseason planning so i can have things to wear when winter shows up!

  • Your sweatshirt is adorable!!!! Squee! I make stuff out-of-season all the time. It seems like I always want to make a sundress in the dead of winter.

  • Great sweatshirt! I was just admiring the pattern this morning, and I would love to make a couple versions for myself! 🙂

  • Love the sweatshirt and would love to win the pattern! I’ve been eyeing it for a while… I’m definitely playing catch up with my sewing, making things to suit the season we are in. But trying to better and just ordered some materials to get started on sewing projects for autumn. x

  • Wow, I am loving that shirt. Great work. I seem to be always behind, but am working on, this may be my year. Thanks for offering the giveaway, I have my fingers crossed.

  • well I really only sew for the warmer months (i.e. 10 month out of the year) so during winter I sew out of season. It’s a great way to warm up the house 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity

  • What a great outfit! I love the sweater.
    My next make is the Lola dress- thinking ahead to Fall 🙂

  • brilliant sweat shirt, looks amazing. I have been looking at the White Russian since I discovered Capital Chic patterns a couple of weeks ago, but the idea of stitching a warm and cosy top in a London heat wave kind of stopped me – totally inspired to just start!

  • Cute sweatshirt. Like the fact that you can applique the front (could also try making a Peppa Pig version for my niece). I didn’t have much luck making much for summer, so I now plan to start autumn sewing.

  • So cute, especially with those hot, hot shorts!!!!

  • Gemma samanta

    Love this pattern. Only just restated sewing tho at present have so many summer planned sews that I can see them being made out of season

  • Liking this pattern more each new version I see! Sew out of season as I sew so erratically x

  • Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love this sweatshirt pattern & it’s something I know I’d make over & over!

  • Great make! I’d love to win this pattern. I recently moved and because I hadn’t unpacked my sewing machine yet I didn’t really make much this season. But now we’ve settled down a bit and I am ready to start!

  • Very cute. I love the little mascot!

  • Your sweatshirt is great! As soon as I saw that pattern I knew it was the one I wanted to try first, so it’s awesome to see it made up!

  • I mostly make things that can be worn year round. The sweatshirt pattern looks interesting though!

  • I make things out of season all the time!

  • i’m making a lot of things out of season at the moment so that i’m fully prepared for my first autumn/winter term at university! 🙂

  • I can’t wait sew summer things after a dreary winter but always wait a while before starting my autumn makes, I don’t like the idea of being done with summer! Thanks for the extension on the giveaway.

  • That is a very cool sweat shirt, love your interview with Sally from Capital Chic too 🙂

  • I tend to do a mix of sewing for the current season, and sewing that bears no relation whatsoever to the season at the time – it all depends on what I feel like sewing, and whether it’s things I need, or if I’m indulging in lots of ‘frosting’. 😉

    Love the sweater – very cute! 🙂

  • I’m actually on the hunt for fabric to make infinity scarves for this winter. Never too early – it’ll be here before you know it. thanks for the givewaway and nice sweatshirt!

  • Sox

    I try to sew for the coming season (when it ‘s winter) and for the season (when it is summer) but I seem to never manage my plans. Maybe one of these years.
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  • I love making tanks & dresses when it’s too cold here to wear them–it gives me hope spring will arrive,,,someday! Love your sweater. Thanks for the chance to win–I’ve been looking at Capital Chic!

  • JT

    I am ALWAYS making things out of season, but usually I’m sewing things just after the season ended because I get all excited about something I saw in blogland. At least you’re ahead of the season here!

  • WOW! I can’t believe you made this. It looks amazing.

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