DIY: Dachshund cuffs shorts

Cut your trousers to the desired short length, and thread your machine.

Measure your short leg to determine how long you need to cut two rectangles out  for your cuff. Cut  them twice the width plus the seam allowance. (1cm)

The height will be twice the desired cuff height, plus seam allowance.   Fold your fabric in half, short ends are together, right sides together and sew along the seam allowance forming a tube.

 Fold the top half of your cuff down so that the right side of fabric is showing on both sides, careful with the print placement of your fabric.

Insert the cuff into the short leg with the right side of the cuff facing the wrong side of the shorts. Line up the bottom of the cuff, pinning in place. Sew and press. Tack the cuff. Fold the cuff up on the finished length line. Hand- or machine-tack the cuff at the inseam and side seam to hold it in place

Repeat the process on the other leg.

There you have it.

Thank you Alison for this fun afternoon together. As part of a fashion, textile and jewerely exhibition and atelier month over POP, people were encouraged to pop in to amend clothes, transform shoes, learn some some sewing skills …  
POP, Intra (a local charity to support artists) and even the sewing club I helped launch are important creative pillars for the local area, encouraging others to try creative skills and I feel very lucky to be able to share this activities over the blog and in person.
Do you support your local area with your creative skills? Do you use your sewing skills to teach and encourage others?

  • Dachshunds and Dalmations – perfect 😉 I love local community groups & hearing about others.

  • Lovely! I spent the day with three ladies teaching them how to cover lampshades with new fabric. At the other table, my Barbara taught four ladies how to crochet. We were all very happy both teachers and learners, and sometimes as always it was hard to tell which was which! 🙂

  • How cute and how fun.. I try to teach anyone who will sit for a minute to listen to me,ha.. In our area, the art/hobby is really going away.. so sad..