Fabric Shops: Lisbon

Hey friends,

Nothing like shopping fabrics while on holiday. The hotspots I visited during my last trip.

Around the town centre: Rossio

Feira dos tecidos Rua Aurea, 292, 1100

This store is large and quite busy but the staff is very friendly. I bought 7 metres of different chiffons around 8 Euros a metre. Interesting prints and good variety of fabrics. Loved the jerseys and swimwear fabrics.  Good place to visit.
On the same street 3 or 4 shops down there is a smaller fabric shop I forgot to take their card and just a few metres ahead there is a newsagency with sewing and knitting magazines.
If you looking for furnishing fabrics try Vidal tecidos Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, n.º 356 B e D. They sell online. 
Retrosaria Rua do Loreto, 61 – 2º Dto. Good for dressmakers and knitters. The shop has such a cute environment. Worth a little visit.
Source: Retrosaria
Menswear and Bridal, Casa Frazao.  Rua Augusta 259/265
Traveling tip: I hate getting taxis in Lisbon, taxi drivers always trying to overcharge you, grab your change as tip and normally they are not very friendly ( and hey!!!! I speak the language)
From the airport to the centre, take the AERO BUS.
It is comfortable and cheap. for £3,50 return. Links the airport to downtown Lisbon and Cais do Sodre. Most hotels are in route to this bus and I runs every 20 minutes from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Online Shopping:
Those were recommended but I haven’t tried yet:
  • The fabric looks so nice, I want to have some haha

    • i had limited space in my hand luggage so I had to be careful how much i bought.

  • Haha, I was actually staying next to that shop when I was in Lisbon and of course I visited. I could have spent all my time in there! I didn’t take a taxi at all, too small and too pretty not to walk around.

  • Hey Rachel, thanks for posting this. i’m actually moving to Lisbon in September and I was feeling quite anxious about it but now I know that there’s good fabric shops I’m excited again!

    • yeahh, have fun. I m always going to Portugal so next time I let you know x

  • Great post! Did you notice the 1€ scrap bins at Feira dos Tecidos? I have found there crepe de chine, with several matching pieces! Also, this is a national chain store, with several stores across the country and 3 only in Lisbon. I am betting the other store at Rua Aurea was Ouro Texteis (literally, gold fabrics), which has the greatest selection of upscale fabrics.
    For haberdasheries, the best are in Rua da Conceição, downtown, all old and classic with staff that really knows the stuff.

    • i did but didn’t find anything… oh thanks for the fab tips, all noted for next trip down

  • Isa

    Wow! I wish I had know you were here in Lisbon! I only recently ventured into dress making and I find the fabric selection in portuguese stores depressing. It is quite easy to find nice quality furnishing and quilting fabrics, but good quality dressmaking fabrics is nearly impossible. Only in downtown Lisbon, which is not easy for me to go to on a weekday. I’m so jealous of you London sewists!!! Tricot das Cinco is a yarn shop, they don’t sell fabric, only yarn (great yarn if you are a knitter too), Mundo dos Tecidos and Arco íris a metro are online shops, one of them is based in Oporto and the other in Laranjeiro

    • London offers great stores but not very close to me either, NY is the best city for all best sewing places next to each other

  • Oh that pink rose print in the second photo is sooooo scrummy!!!

  • Ooh… I love to check out fabric places when I travel too. This is so cool!

  • I *love* Lisbon but have never been fabric shopping there, will definitely look these up next time! Thanks for the list

  • Hi! From Lisbon!! Unfortunately it´s the true, the cab drivers … I am Portuguese and sometimes not even to me they are friendly. But now you have the tube direct from the airport to Baixa – Chiado (you have to change from red to blue line) from the station it’s a 2 minutes’ walk to Loja dos tecidos =)

  • I was so excited to see this post as I’ll be in Lisbon in July for a conference.