Sj tee or the Faux Jumpsuit

As soon as I finished my anima I went back to my machine and sewn the SJ tee for a matching outfit, you know, the one we need for long haul travel. Or Sophie’s TWO+PIECE SET+ACULAR.  After wearing for this pictures, I don’t think I will be wearing both as an outfit. Looks too casual. Hrh, like always, offered his views about my new ‘pyjamas’. 

The pattern shape is to be worn slouchy on the body and fitted on the arms, with a very loose neckline. 
Sloppy Josephine tee: source papercut
I decided to sew one size smaller (XS) than my papercut size (S)… Stretch fabric, how bad could it be? Fit on the cuff is a little tight to my taste but the rest it’s perfect.

Just how I like my Tees- fitted at the shoulders and bust, loose on the stomach. Still deciding if its comfortable to wear with the cuffs like this or I need to remove them. Arms is my biggest body hang up.

Next one I will probably be sewing bigger for more slouchiness.

Searching online, many sewists found the loose neck too large. Mine neckline fits closely because of the contrasting fabric. I only had a small piece left so it is slightly gathered as I pulled it while sewing.

Papercut early patterns have been suggested by reviewers of running large.

I have only recently purchased SJ so I believe if their were running large in past, it has been adjusted and they are run true size. If you want to undersize, be aware!

I haven’t hemmed my tee yet. I may or may not… 
  • I think they make a cute set, would be perfect for a travelling outfit.

    • thats what i was thinking.. something very comfortable. I been wearing the trousers so much already.

  • Cute! Its good to know the sizing has probably changed… I have an older version, and I think I sewed a S instead of an xl and it still fit! 😉

  • These are so cute!!! I probably wouldn’t wear them together either, but they look really cute and will be awesome as separates!

  • They look awesome! I’m just in the process of making a set with my anima pants as well 🙂 Hoping mine will look just as good.

  • I agree with previous comments, very cute!

  • Very cute! 🙂

    I’m in the middle of making the SJ tee at the moment too. Such a cute pattern! (Although I am somewhat envious of your awesome skulls fabric! 😉

  • Love! But please don’t have any hang ups about your arms (???) – you look like a supermodel about to fly to somewhere exotic (Rio perhaps?) for a shoot. Actually you always look like a supermodel.

  • I definitely think they have changed their sizing, the last one I made of this pattern was an XS and still too big!! I have small shoulders, but it is a very 80s look 🙂
    I just bought a cool tee fabric, grey with metallic stars that would be awesome in this tee – perhaps I should buy the new version of this pattern

  • Hey, I really love the neckline and waistband of this! Is it just a different type of fabric or did you do something to it to make it look like that?