Sports Luxe Meets Rock Chic…

Skulls became a fashion icon in 1970s London counterculture, where Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood launched a series of skull-inspired punk gear, McQueen-inspired brought back skulls to the top of the trend list for Fall 2012. To me, skulls reminds me of A.H my all time favourite designer, as he tends to use skulls on most of his collections. His personal collection has an archive of almost 120 different skulls (my favourite is a knitted one) where he consider a symbol of life.

The skull fabric is super special because I bought it with Amity (She bought some for her too) at Goldhawk rd during her visit to the UK.

As the fabric is super soft and delicious to wear that I knew needed to be some type of sportswear. Since Papercut launched the Tri collection Anima was the perfect pattern for what I had in mind.

I made the trousers (pants) size small and lengthen the legs by 10 cm. 

The waistband and cuff fabric really elevates the Luxe factor of this make.

Do you like the curly hair appearing over the blog? its my natural, and once a year I have a month hiatus from straightening. Specially because I was going to have highlight the ends (done it a few weeks ago but there are a few makes with the old hair- you will notice it was getting reddish)

The contrasting fabric came from an old tank top I had for 14 years but never really worn much because it looked frumpy around the stomach but couldn’t get rid of it because the fabric was so great. How I wished I had more of that fabric!

I choose to not sew the button hole/drawstring or sew on top of my elastic like the pattern instructions, so I didn’t! Sewing rocks!

You think about all the details you want to wear , remove what you don’t and make it happen! Magic!

One of the things I tend to get worried when wearing sportswear is to have a soggy bottom. Ha, this pattern gives me a nice booty! The wrinkles are being caused by my heavy hand in the pockets and how I move….

The fabric being so soft the trousers was hard to photograph but It has been forgiven due its immense comfort factor. I love comfortable clothes.

Have you notice the succession of trousers showing up on the blog? Trousers rules!

This make went almost uneventfully… well..  as I said almost!

Sparkly shoes totally goes with skulls, don’t you think?

  • Your pants look soo comfortable! I love your hair – straight or curly. I have similar naturally curly hair and I always admire people who make the effort to straighten it. I sure don’t! 😀

  • Cute! I love this pattern – I’ve made it twice now, so super comfy! 🙂 Loving the contrast between the skulls and the lurex (?) on yours. 🙂

    Also, I like your hair like that.

  • The fabric looks so soft and comfortable! I love the Anima pattern especially because it’s activewear without the slouchiness, which makes it perfect for everyday wear! Love your version!

  • I love them they look so comfy, just right for snuggling up by the fire after a hard day at work, the fabric is superb and I love the cuffs!
    bestest daisy j

  • These are so cute on you!!!

  • T

    Skulls and sparkles …. What’s not to love?

  • Claudine

    This looks great and you are beautiful! I also like skulls 🙂 I like your blog, I’ve just
    discover it.

  • You most definitely rock those pants and styled with a jacket and heals – to die for 🙂
    PS. your hair looks fab – you should see mine not straitened – way too uncontrollable and fluffy!

  • Great pants ~ they have a lovely shape and style to them that really suits you … and that fabric is awesome … J

  • Gotta love comfy trousers like this! They are similar to the Hudsons and so I can imagine just how wonderful they are to wear. And somehow you’ve succeeded in making them in a print without them looking like PJs ! Fab skulls!

  • Great pants! They fit so well and the fabric is terrific. I didn’t know Alexander Herchcovitch was Brazilian. I think his fall collection is gorgeous!

  • Great pants! I have them on my sewing table right now, I already made the short version and I am hooked with the fit. Amazing how diffeferent fabric use changes the look completely. Love your skulls, does not look like sportswear anymore.

  • Best sporstwear trousers I’ve seen in the blogosphere all summer! Taking the drawstring out and using contrasting cuffs made the pants, Raquel!

  • They look so comfy! Amina is totally on my to-make list!

  • I love these! You styled them perfectly with those shoes.

  • How fun! Loving the skull fabric too 🙂

  • Those are not the sweats of olden days, definitely no frumpiness or reminders of horrible P.E. sweats. Suuuuuuuper cute! And totally chic.

  • So cute! I just went and bought fabric for these, so excited. They look so chic on you!