That’s going to be a flasher…..

Hello friends,

I got a freshly made outfit to share, including a few pictures of me wearing it over bank holiday weekend during a Cider festival that Hrh and I attended.
I woke up super early to hem my dress so we could catch the 10 am train to Faversham.   It took more time that I intended leaving me with no time to style my hair. Well, a dress well finished is a lot more important.
The weather in the Uk has turned colder last few days but in true brit spirit of “carry on” I braved  on wearing a summer dress anyway. “i just finished… I’m wearing it’.  Let the cider and the outdoors activities warm me up.
I was the best girl of the day- allegedly…. maybe the guy was trying to make me feel better about my girl throwing technique. I did get my wellie boots over double digit distance.  HRH was being competitive throughout the day…..
Even beat one up on me on the bog roll throwing challenge….
Better move on to why we where there in the first place…
All better now after a few undisclosed amount of those…
To soak all that we ate loads of CARBs! YUMMMMMM
We had so much fun!
Enough faffing about my day trip, I bet you are impatient at your the screen asking to know more what I made!
Pattern deeds: Match up from Papercut Midsummer night dream bodice and Megan Nielsen Cascade skirt. Size S//M respectively- Hem size XL,
I originally bought this crepe klein blue pokadot to make a bow blouse. I loved the concept but realised that as I don’t like wearing vintage style clothes, I wouldn’t like the end result.
Yes, I could try to make it more modern but other ideas took and I settled on the cascade skirt. Loved so many versions, specially Heather Lou  neon silk!
Then another problem. I don’t have anything to match with the skirt besides white tops…. It would be limiting wardrobe options…  It had to be a dress!!!
I loved my first version of the papercut dress but I didn’t want to repeat the pattern as was until the old version needs replacing. So pattern match up was conceived.
What I love about this:
The blue is gorgeous and the fabric drapes beautifully
I love wrap dresses
Perfect summer vibe
What I’m unsure about it:
The front hem is way too high//short.
The back hem is way too long
When the skirt is closed, the effect looks great!
But, hey… It’s the UK! And its windy!!!!
Before leaving the house Hrh pointed out how risky this outfit was, so I tucked in the end of the inside skirt under the side of my underwear for the day. I didn’t flash anyone but I did felt a bit worried….
Definitely not an outfit to ride a bike either…
There are few tutorials on how to secure the skirt properly to avoid it flying. I’m not in love with this dress…What i’m unsure it’s the skirt proportions…. What do you think?
  • The dress looks utterly fabulous on you! You can totally pull off this dress with your height. But I can see how you’d be concerned about flashing people 🙂 I just learned about the “penny in the skirt”, which seems like a good idea, but I’d be concerned about then having a huge wrinkle in the front of my skirt.

  • I love it, but it does have a bit of a vintage-y vibe (my fav, but sounds like not yours). Do you have a little bit of fabric left? A matching pair of MeasureTwice Cut Once Jane knickers would make any accidental flashing less noticeable.

  • I love the dress on you but I understand about the front length. Maybe a tab with a button to keep the dress from flying open? I saw one in a wrap skirt once and thought how clever.

  • Absolutely a darling! I love polka dots and this dress is so flirty and feminine. Love the skirt!

  • I love this dress! The mixing of the 2 patterns worked out beautifully, i dont think the skirt is too short because u have amazing pins but if you have enough fabric you could add a couple of inches to front hems so u feel more comfortable, because this dress should get worn. Also i watched a video about when riding bike in skirt use a coin and rubber band to secure skirt between legs to protect modesty, it would just look like a pantsuit because coins arent bulky yay

  • I cannot get over how gorgeous you are. Damn, Rachel, you look amazing! That’s such a perfect mash up (might try to copy you on this one haha) and the dress is so beautiful and dramatic.

  • Beautiful beautiful dress!!! On you, I actually love the dress exactly as it is. Paired with heels on a special date, the short short front and longer back length is both dramatic and sexy. BUT I do get what you are saying. In my world, I would keep the lovely graduated skirt but for me I would just add a 6-8″ all the way around. Then I would actually wear it…You tempt me so much to go straight out and grab the pattern!

  • I love it, it is so dramatic! It would be an amazing evening look too. Honey if I had your pins, I’d not think twice about flashing them! 😉

  • MMmm yes love the fabric and colour on you, I love the concept of the dress, but do think it is a bit short in the front, what the heck we only live once! Flaunt it!

  • Honestly, I think the really dramatic high-low hem works beautifully on this dress. It is short, but I think you pull it off really well. Maybe wear it as a “night out” dress, where you’re going to be inside away from skin revealing winds?

  • This is just perfect!!! With legs that go on forever you have to flash!!!! You look gorgeous.

  • It looks beautiful, lovely shape and colour. How about wearing some little shorts underneath?

  • The dress is really striking and I especially like the bow/knot at the front. In all your location shots the dress looks fine – you only really see the length (or lack of) when you specifically hold out the sides which you presumably won’t be doing when not on a photoshoot! I think carihomemaker has the right idea – make a pair of matching pants and embrace the windy days!

  • Oh my God GORGEOUS! I’m freaking out because this is exactly what I was planning to make! I just finished making a cascade skirt a few weeks ago and I was fantasising about turning into a wrap dress and then you post this beauty! Now I have to make it! You always look effortlessly chic 🙂

  • Sam

    This is beautiful. I love the dramatic difference in skirt length from front to back. Is there a way you can tack the fronts together so that they’re less likely to be taken by the wind?

  • Stunning! I love this colour on you! I think as everyone else has said that you’ve got the figure for it, and that you should flash with pride. I think the matching knickers idea is genius!!

  • It’s gorgeous! I completely understand your concerns about the skirt as I have a cascade skirt myself… I’ve got a similar RTW wrap dress that flies open as I walk – however it’s got a simple & respectable slip – and the overall effect is quite pretty & decent.
    I must say I adore this dress!!

  • You may not be in love with it but I am!!! I understand your concern about it flying open all the time though and that would be a bother. It does look gorgeous on you!!

  • Oh, that looks like such a happy day out – and what a beautiful dress. You know, you could have completely convinced us that this was a perfect to-die-for dress and I really appreciate you flagging up some of the challenges, including the danger of flashing your knickers! That being said, it’s still a truly great make. Those legs!

  • I agree with everyone on how gorgeous you look in this dress, Rachel. If you wanted to change the proportions, I’d add a circular flounce in the same fabric, or reverse colors, and shorten the back a little. That would look more flamenco if you like the look 🙂

  • This really does look beautiful on you! What if you just wore a pair of little shorts underneath so it’s not the end of the world if the wind really kicks up?

  • Wow!! What a great little trip! And I LOVE this dress on you! The polka dots and wrap silhouette just take my breath away! I live right by the sea and there is ALWAYS wind, so I can appreciate the difficulties of wearing floaty wrap dresses. It seems such a shame not to wear such a beautiful dress though! Could you shorten the back and then maybe sew some discreet snaps or a hook and eye to keep the skirt closed??

  • Fab looking dress! It seems to me like a comfortable dress apart from the worry of flashing ( a perfectly reasonable worry which I counter by wearing nice knickers ; a lesson learnt after a gust of wind blew up my circular skirt to reveal my very old laundry day granny knickers in front of my students). 😉

  • I adore this! Reminds me of a blue Pretty Woman moment. I actually love the high low hem but it took some getting used to for me too. You really HAVE to wear it with heels or your legs look tree trunks (or mine do, anyway).

  • I love this dress on you! I understand your front length problem, but your legs are amazing! With legs like these, I would secure the skirt properly and wear it as it is. But because for me comfort and confidence are the most important things in a garment, that’s a choice you should make!

  • Cider festival?! That sounds like the perfect way to spend a day. You look gorgeous in this dress. I totally agree that there is an exhibitionist element to the skirt, but I think it’s really beautiful.

  • I think it is fabulous and your legs are amazing! I had the same issue with the cascade, which I altered in a way that made it a little risqué, oops! I adore my skirt and the pattern but am too shy to wear it. I don’t have your fab legs though.

  • I like the dress just as it is, very flirty and feminine. Just find a way to secure the front and enjoy the dress.

  • I love the dress! If I had your legs I’d wear it ALL the time!

  • I love it, the fullness at the back and the dramatic drape at the front is amazing. I would wear it with (matching knickers!) pride!

  • This is gorgeous! I love the dramatic proportions on you

  • secure the front and wear it ALL the time you look amazing!

  • I actually really really love how this dress looks! That blue is wonderful, and it looks like it drapes beautifully! I actually think I want to make a dress similar to this now.. Just a little longer in the front!!

  • It’s SOOO gorgeous! I’ve been meaing to do some bodice/skirt splicing for a while and you’ve really inspired me! I say stitch the front so you’re not constantly worrying about theflashing potential then weat it whatever the temperature 🙂
    Catherine x

  • I also LOVE how this dress looks on you. So it is short at the front, with your legs, who cares?? The back being long balances it out and avoids it going into tart territory!! Just lovely.
    I also love that pic of you and HRH – you both look so happy 🙂

  • Totally love this dress. Feel inspired to get hold of the cascade skirt pattern. Beautiful fabric too

  • Looks great for you! You’re tall, which makes the high low hem work (doesn’t work well with shorter gals. Looks very proper, even with the “flasher potential”. Love your blog (and your photos)!