Ultimate Summer Trousers

Hello friends, 
Have you seen my latest Blogging network make? A colourful pair of capri trousers. I love dresses and skirts as they suit my long legs but I find myself always reaching my favourite pair of skinnies. 
A pattern Re run?  Yes!!! Sew Over it, Ultimate trousers. My second pair, of a few more planned as I’m using this pattern for “one pattern one week“. This time, I haven’t lengthen it and kept same size.
I should be making a denim version as I already have two flower power print.
Trousers have a terrible reputation of being hard to fit. I disagree. I feel bodices offer a lot more fitting variations: bust, shoulder, neck, arm cycle, shoulders etc…Trousers troubles are crotch high and general size ( too tight/ too loose).  Fear of the unknown… 
To get it right, make sure you measure yourself properly and check against the pattern pieces. Make a muslin, use the darts to adjust the fit between waist and hip ratio….

I understitched the facing in place. I would love to try to make the facings a waistband.

 Supper happy with this cotton satin, with 3 % stretch fabric from Minerva Craft.

I find this perfect for making summer trousers. If your fabric has too much stretch you may get soggy bottom (opps couldn’t resist the punt) 
And as you can see, I can move freely…. 
So comfortable. The internet has amazing resources on making trousers, Sunny  has compile a very helpful list. Go on, join me on trouser making revolution. 
  • Rachel, these are so cute.. Looks great on you.. And so comfortable, know you will enjoy them..

  • These look great on you! And it’s lovely to hear someone tell me pants are easy… can’t say I believe you, but it does lighten the load! 😉 In 10+ pairs of pants, I’ve never had a well-fitting front crotch curve (ok, probably never in RTW either) and similarly, no pants ever have fit my short chubby knock-kneed legs well! On the other hand, does that stuff really matter to me? Not so much, in the end. Wearable pants are certainly possible, even if perfectly fitted ones are my holy grail!

  • Loving these capris. They’re so fresh looking.

  • Just darling!

  • I’m hooked too, and yours are yet more inspiration!! I’ve just cut out a pair in stretch denim. Shh. Don’t tell anyone!! Looking like it might be my OWOP too!

  • Oh I love the fabric, so playful – ideal for summer. But even more I LOVE your shoes. I’ve been looking for a really good pair of shoes just like them – so jealous right now!

  • Cute and fun!

  • Lovely again 🙂 These would be perfect for OWOP – especially if you add a denim one to the mix!

  • I do agree that trousers are easier to fit than bodices. This pair of yours is so fresh and, paired with the top, bring summer feelings.

  • So summery, I love them! I’m definitely using this pattern for OWOP – I made a pair for the first time at the weekend and they are great. I agree that trousers are nothing to be afraid of, the fitting can be a little fiddly, but the reward (for me) is having a pair of skinny trousers that actually fit, for the first time in years!

  • Love them, the fit is perfect. I agree, trousers are much easier to fit on me than dress bodices. I want to shake people who say they’re ‘scared’ of trousers and tell them to just do it – what’s the worst that can happen! Especially this pattern, it’s so simple.

  • Rachel, I love your trousers and your shoes are so cute! I’m so going to check this pattern.
    I might even look for some printed fabric like yours, I absolutely love the entire look 😉

  • I just made a pair of red trousers! Although they’re not skinnies like yours (wide leg), they were definitely an easy make!

  • Amazing! I keep making pants that look good when I’m not moving but are uncomfortable in real life. But if I let them out even a little they become frumpy. The answer is probably more spandex…

  • These are so cute on you! I love them!

  • This is totally feeding my floral pants addiction. I think I need about 12 more pairs now.

  • I need this pattern… not long until my birthday! These look great on you.

  • Gorgeous trousers! I think I’m going to try this pattern, I do need some trousers in my life and just can’t decide on the style I want but I like all the versions of this pattern I have seen.

  • WOw, these look amazing on you. I’ve only made PJ trousers, as I don’t actually wear trousers.

  • Beautiful!! Love that flowery fabric!!

  • These fit ace! I’ve been tempted by the pattern. Especially since I’ve read you don’t need stretch fabric to make them up!

  • Love these! The fit is perfect. I just bought some “power” stretch sateen in hopes of making some great trousers.

  • Love that print and the trousers – the perfect length for the summer!

  • What a lovely print and perfect in pants. Love the styling too!

  • Those are amazing pants!!!

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