Baby girl Sundress

I love sewing baby clothes as is so addictive. No fiddling with fit, use very little fabric, so fast. 
Instant prettiness!
Pattern is Lisa Lam‘s Happiness halter playsuit-dress version. I really loved her kids booklet patterns and couldn’t wait to have a go, making Izzy a summer dress. I had to grade to fit 3-6 months as the pattern age starts at 1 year old. ( Izzy is only 2 months old)

It was the first time I ever graded a baby size (and I didn’t had any baby clothes to compare) Honestly baby sizing was a black hole with so many variations as adult clothes. It was a completely ‘blind’,   ‘make up as you go along’ experience and learned so much. In the end it is a little bit too long on the body but I think I understood the process.

Baby slash pockets, seriously fun!

Adjustable straps.

Fabric is from Art Gallery Drift by Angela Walters and I used some Brazilian lace.
Stash bursting! I have so many quilting cottons to use. There is a lovely quilting shop near my house and every time I go there to buy some thread or zippers I  end up buying at least one fat quarter.

I’m a ‘quilter dreamer’ LOL. You know when you love something, plan, talk about it, follow people, buy all the materials/tools but never get around to actual make it anything.

I linked the art gallery distributors in the UK instead of a particular shop as I feel If you liked that fabric too you may want to find it from a local store. One of the things I love about British culture is the “Shop Local” mentality. Support your high street.

The inside view:

My goddaughter is so adorable. She really cheered me up when I last went to see her.

I was having a terrible week of back problems around Owop  week( I end up not sharing my week- no one need to see selfies of me in my handmade pjs for 7 days). Lucky I felt better after rest/ medication/taking things easy and carried on with my life. I cannot control terrible pain episodes but I can control how I can react to it.  Another brit thing I have incorporated into my life. ‘Keep calm and carry on’!

I have loads of delicious fabric to sew for her, anyone have patterns ideas? 
Ps: Nothing I need to grade! 
  • Sorry to hear your back is bugging you!! Your god daughter looks delightful, so i’m sure she cheered you up though. Hope things are getting better! šŸ™‚

  • This is so lovely. Baby clothes are always so cheerful šŸ™‚

  • hope your back is feeling better. i agree baby clothes are great and it is lovely how quickly they come together. check out heidi and finn patterns as they are really good and my daughter lives in her sweet pocket pinafore tops most of the time.

  • awh how cute!

  • I’m sorry to hear about your back, I hope you are feeling better. I just came across these very cute baby oxford shoes this morning:

  • Hopefully you are getting some relief from the back pain. Your goddaughter is adorable. Squishy baby goodness. šŸ™‚

    I have a nine month old and have been sewing nonstop for her for months. My sons are feeling a little put out but baby girl clothes are just fantastic!

    This is one of my favorites:

  • Hope you’re having a fab and pain-free holiday! Your a Goddaughter is gorgeous, Made by Rae has some lovely (& free) patterns for tiny people.

  • What a cute outfit! The best thing I made for my daughter was a quilt – I know you were looking for clothes patterns, sorry! This was so useful as she could lie on it and play on it and I tried to use interesting fabrics for her and she will be able to have it on her bed when she is bigger. Clothes are cute but she can have a quilt for years and years!

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