Jumpsuit OTD: Simplicity 1371 Cynthia Rowley

One more jumpsuit? Oh YEAH! I been in love with this top and trousers combo since It was launched. I always loved Cynthia Rowley designs (my first skirt was 2512) and knew exactly how I wanted to change the pattern into an one piece.


Fabric is a delicious cotton sateen from Fabric Godmother {Murad}. The “ikat” print is really fun and the fabric wears well. I didn’t worry about print placement and worked.
Let’s talk about the sizing, patterns peculiarities and alterations. I made a size 12. The only alteration was to lengthen the bodice view A to meet the trousers waist, ignoring the waistbands. I did sewn the crotch curve 1 cm instead of 1,5cm because jumpsuits need a little more wiggle room. I can confirm I can seat ( and sew) very comfortably.


The trousers curve is very high. I am just making a chambray version and have eliminated the waistband . So if you are short on that area you may need to adjust the pattern.

Sewing tip: Even though cotton sateen has good recovery I like to stabilise the crotch. You can either use stay tape (help you see where you stitching), rayon tape  like snug hug seam binding- my favourite or If you sewing something like ponte pants you may prefer using a 1/4 clear elastic.

Sew or baste your crotch curve and once you are happy with the shape, place the tape on top of the stitching line and stitch on the same line. Bonus points; double security on your seam so less risk of bursting your trousers! You can overlock  the edges of both the trousers and the binding.  Because this is so soft I didn’t cut small, but you can use just 1/4 ( 0.6 cm)


I was pleasantly surprised how comprehensive the instructions were. I followed the construction order pretty closely. The jumpsuit is closed on the size with a navy invisible zipper.Not only as the front has a cute cutout, the back is pretty awesome too!

One thing I learned from this project is that the pattern pleats would be more suitable on a draper fabric because they look a bit raised. As this fabric print is very busy, the effect isn’t a problem.

I’m so in LOVE with this outfit… I’m hoping the weather will hold warm a little bit longer.

If you liked my version don’t miss Dixie original version of this pattern.
  • Love the fit on the pants … actually the whole thing fits like a glove!! Amazing!! Nice tip about stabilizing the crotch! Rompers and jumpsuits can look gorgeous on the right figure and your jumpsuit is outstanding (pefect combo between the top and the pants part – actually joined as a jumpsuit the two pieces look better … more modern) … only the fact that they can be sometimes a hassle to wear keeps me from rtrying to replicate the whole look!

  • That’s just fabulous! If it weren’t heading into Autumn right now, I think I’d be blatantly copying this!

  • Sam

    I’ve just bought this pattern for the trousers, but after seeing your jumpsuit version I’m trying to convince myself I’m brave enough to try something similar.

  • I love that on you! Would never work for me but my love of Ikat makes me want to try!

  • This looks so great on you! Fantastic!

  • Stunning! Looks like a million bucks on your tall figure and the fabric is just lush!

  • This is inspiring! It looks fantastic on you. I really like the length and the bodice cut out.

  • Sol

    I like so much this proyect. It is perfect!!

  • That is crazy cute on you. Not my style but you pull off the look effortlessly. Nice job.

  • Rachel! This is downright the hottest jumpsuit ever. Okay, it’s maybe a tie with your last jumpsuit which was also the hottest jumpsuit ever. I love it! Such an inspired idea to combine those two patterns.

  • This make is awesome!

  • This make is amazing! I am not a pants person, but I am jealous of your awesome jumpsuit.

  • Such a wonderful idea to extend it into a jumpsuit, you look amazing and that fabric is fantastic.

  • Oh man I LOVE this Rachel! The slim leg, the peek a boo , the fabric. You did an amazing job!

  • Glooooorious!! Arrasou

  • Kim

    Gorgeous! They fit you perfectly and I’m totally in love with the cut out and the fabric!

  • Ah! This is amazing!! Truly wonderful! I loved Dixie’s version, but I’m thinking this pattern has always wanted to be a jumpsuit! It works so well!! Lovely fit, too!

  • Loved Dixie’s, and fucking love yours. Brava! I dub thee jumpsuit Queen!

  • This looks epic on you darl! Love it!

  • Wow, I’m impressed with what a great fit you got! It looks SO great. That ankle length is really working for you and the cutout is just right!

  • Fabulous!!! This looks really amazing!

  • Now that is fabulous! Very well done! Love the design, love the fabric, its all lovelovelove!

  • Lindo o azul do macacao adorei o detalhe do decote. Beijos bom find

  • I am in love with this outfit! I just bought the pattern too. Can’t wait to make it!

  • You are killing it in this look! 🙂