Lip Smacking Holly

Hello friends,

As you probably already heard, I was a pattern tester for BHL newest pattern: Holly
I am huge fan of jumpsuits. It’s like wearing a dress but with a lot more freedom of movement.  Perfect for dancing… yes I’m feeling like I just went through a time tunnel and arrived in studio 54! 
I made the Holly while I was in Brazil, top-ing my Brazilian-ness! Some lower decolage was definitely a requirement for the Brazilian scene. So I changed the neckline for the bodice Variation one.  
I think by changing the neckline it balance well with the wide legs ( I reduced 2 cm each side from the tester version)
I hemmed for a flat shoe because I am more likely to wear it during the day. I didn’t need to add length so most people will probably will need to shorten it. * updated: I actually cut my pattern hem largest size.

Close the pattern with two red pokadot buttons from my stash. 

I made size 10/14. I didn’t made any size alterations. I know the release pattern bottom curve was altered so unless I make that and compare the fit, I cannot comment it. The test pattern worked perfectly for me and that’s probably what I will be re- sewing from. If I’m been very picky, I would lengthen the bodice 1 cm.
I am so in love with these sleeves and rolled cuffs!
Let’s talk about fabric. I been hunting this style (lips) of fabric for 4 months when my gorgeous friend Claire post it on IG. What!!! OMG, please please please I need that fabric. 
Claire went shopping for me and GIFTed me 4 metres. She is amazing! I LOVE our community. 
I knew Jolies loved this so much I send her some. Because love goes around doesn’t it. I thought I could get more and went back but no lip fabric to be found. SAD….. 
I need more of this fabric awesomeness! If you spot it, please let me know!
Did I mention the clever invisible zipper? what zipper? super well  hidden! 
This pattern is amazing and my new favourite of their collection. I am not saying that because I am a tester. I send them feedback on things I don’t love all the time. They listen and adapt but still maintain their integrity and passion for their design. 
oh before I forget, let me show you the back…
cool right? After wearing this twice I may add another button to raise the neckline. Too sext for UK scene! 
  what do you think?
  • fabric and pattern are a perfect combination! love it!

  • Looove it! I never seen myself as a jupsuit girl but seeing all those fab versions really makes me want to make one too! Your fabric is great too.

  • Just. FABULOUS! I would dance, shop, eat, and probably sleep in that jumpsuit. Just perfect.

  • Wow that is amazing! Perfect fabric too, and I love the style of that jumpsuit, so retro and so now at the same time.

  • Stunning. Absolutely stunning! I’m pretty sure I saw that lip print in the shop next to A-One Fabrics in GH Rd couple of weeks back. I’m going past on Friday and can check for you if they have any more. I have your number & will text if they do x

  • I love this!!! So perfect on you, Rachel. I only wish I were taller, BHL designs aren’t made for little people like me. x

  • Absolutely gorgeous – fabric, pattern, you, everything!

  • Gorgeous and sexy! What a fun fabric and pattern match! I love jumpsuits too.

  • Sam

    Stunning Rachel. This is the first version I’ve seen with this bodice variation and I really like it. This pattern is high on the list of considerations for a Christmas outfit – stylish but still comfortable!

  • Oh so good!! I’m dying to make up this jumpsuit! I just love a good jumpsuit, and I’m especially loving your lip print fabric and extra cleavage-y top! I think it’s just the right amount of sexy for EVERYWHERE!

  • tottaly brazilian with 70s american chic 😀

  • Awwwww Gorgeous! This fabric was made for this pattern, or the other way around. It looks hot, sexy and playful at the same time! I do love to wear jumpsuits too but don’t like when I go to the loo 🙁

  • I am have been following you for a while but never really comment, but this one requires it. This is so fabulous and I love what you did with the neckline. I would have never thought about this pattern for me with the original neckline, but I want to make one now! That print is spectacular too!

  • Wow, you look amazing! This is so gorgeous on you!!!

  • Wow, you look like you’ve walked straight off a catwalk. Love it on you.

  • Love the fit of this on you, I think you look stunning! The fabric is really fun and I think it makes the whole look ‘work’

  • Wow! You look amazing in it. The neckline really works. Fantastic job!

  • Looks amazing. Great fabric

  • Looks amazing on you- so glamourous!

  • Sol

    So beautiful!

  • So good! I think the neckline looks much better this way

  • Georgeous, I love the neckline and the fabric!

  • I wasn’t sure that I liked this pattern when I saw the release on the BHL website but having seen your version, I love it! Great job!

  • This looks absolutely amazing on you. I think you should leave the neckline as is – it definitely contributes to the Studio 54 vibe and you can totally pull it off. Just amazing!

  • Nossa adorei a cor e a estampa sem falar do modelos, ahh adorei tudo adoro suas criações estou engatinhando é sempre bom ter inspirações como a suas. Beijos e uma ótima semana.

  • Love love it and you in it and this fabric ! Xx

  • This is gorgeous! Love the bold fabric print and ooh that neckline works so well on you. Mustering up courage to wear head-turner fabric like that!

  • OH you look stunning in it. So stylish!

  • I LOVE it! I can say that this one is maybe my favorite of your makes! And it looks amazing on you!

  • Whaouh!!! Gorgeaous!!! I think, after seeing your version they probably sell a lot of copy of the pattern 🙂

  • This is one of the best results from this pattern that I have seen! You pulled it off really well. You will probably have inspired a whole new set of customers for BHL!

  • Amy


  • OH. MY. GOD.

  • This is fab Rachel! You are one of the lucky ones that have the figure for it x

  • Love it!

  • You are absolutely right, showing some boobage is totally balanced by the lower half wide leg. One of your most fabulous hand-made pieces yet….

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your version with the deep v-neck – this is TOTALLY my style – can you pretty please share your method for changing the neckline? I want to shamefully copy you ^___^

  • Stunningly beautiful!! Love it!

  • Gorgeous!! I wouldn’t have considered myself a big fan of jumpsuits but you look stunning in this!

  • Wow, this is knock-out good! Love jumpsuits, and this is a stunning example of how good they can look!

  • sooo elegant!

  • you look fabulous in that its gorgeous !!
    bestest daisy j
    Ps are you doing owop?

  • Como pode? Excelente costureira e ainda linda desse jeito? O gringo deve ter pirado…. Tá demais de gata!

  • This is definitely my favourite version of the Holly of al versions I’ve seen!

  • This has to be my favourite project ever; the fabric and the alterations are genius and Holly looks /incredible/ on you. It’s such a shame you can’t find the fabric any more, I want this! (P.S I am so in love with your red heels, I need them *o*)

  • Iris Borst

    This looks great on you! Can you please share your method of altering the neckline? Thanx!

  • I love what you’ve done with the neckline, it just makes it a little more grown up. I can’t wait to make this pattern 🙂

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  • Alicia


    I know this post is a little old but its just hit spring here and found this pic on pinterest I love this jumpsuit but the pattern on BHL is not as good looking as yours.

    I’m only a new sewer and unfortunately only just found your blog, do you have any instructions on how you altered the bodice?

    • Hi Alicia, no i didn’t make a tutorial.

      • Sarah

        Hi! I also want to make your altered version — can you offer any advice or pointers or other patterns you might have referenced?

        • Hi Sarah, I just redrafted the neckline+ facings. When I changed my paper pattern I didn’t write instructions. Unfortunately I have no intention to draft the instructions in future.