Mission Maxi Tank top

I don’t like to bin good fabric so I keep my scraps and try to use them, mix and matching different prints. I really loved this top but never got to wear… I took to my Mission Maxi class in July and somehow it got lost. I have no idea where this is. * sniff sniff sniff* Where is the lost and found for handmade outfits?Lucky I had some pictures on my camera.  Instead of the fiddly bias finish, I used the sweatshirt method, similar to adding a ribbing.
So have you sewn something and not had an opportunity to wear because you misplace it, lost etc?
  • How sad – it’s cute! I have a couple black and white striped Mission maxi tanks that I love to wear under bright cardigans in the winter – it’s an instant outfit, and not too boring! Maybe you can find some more scraps and make one for Scraptember?

    • what a great challenge…. I will dig some scraps to see what i can do

  • Oh, no! I haven’t lost something that I made, but I did lose something that my mom made for me. A pink paisley print peasant blouse. Went missing on a family vacation, somewhere between the hotel room and the car. Sad.

  • This is lovely, what a shame it’s disappeared. Scrap combinations can turn out really well, I think it forces you to be more creative.

    • Thanks Kerry, i rememore onde talins about your lost hand knitted hat.

  • Hi Rachel
    I’m very surprised that my comment/question on whether you problems with the clover yoke hasn’t been responded to or posted. I bought the printed pattern, and have bought quite a few fro Papercut. Now I’m wondering how good the drafting on the other patterns is sine I haven’t made up any of them… But anyway like I said, I’m surprised. How come you ignored me? I don’t think my comment was rude or aggressive. I know you have no obligation to any of your followers here or in kollabora, god I hate that word…. but I don’t think you are under any obligation to Papercut either, right? My cut out dress is depressing me.

    • hi darling, I’m actually in chock, i never received your original comment for approval. I’m so sorry that you been thinking i have chosen to ignore it. i never would do that. EVER i publish everything, even bad critiscim. I’m trying to move my blog to wordpress in the backgroundso I’m not sure its a related issue. anyway, I’m so sorry.

      let me answer your question.. i honestly have not had a problem with clover. i have made 2 versions. the others i have seen also ok. what is wrong with yours? wanna send me a picture?

      i have no obligation with paper cut or any pattern company, i actually buy most of my patterns so i can say what i want.

      let me know ok xx

  • Oh, it hate it when that happens! Last summer I went looking for a cute version of Colette’s Hazel dress that I made in an awesome cloud print fabric but it was NOWHERE to be found! I think I might have accidentally donated it to charity. Silly me 🙁 Hopefully your Mission Maxi top turns up somewhere- it’ll be just like finding money in your coat pocket 🙂