Mix print Clover

I have a complete different look (for me) to share with you… I have sewn a loose shape dress and let me just let it out: I love it. So much I already sewn another version and I’m trying really hard to not  sew only this dress in case I run the the risk people thinking I have something to hide… lol! Nope!

I only wear loose shapes belted but the secret to avoid loose shapes looking potato-sack-like is to have it well fitted at the neck and shoulders.

The clover dress pattern is the newest pattern from Papercut (with Brooke Tyson). An actual RTW dress from her collection made available as a paper pattern. Yeah! 
The raglan sleeves when sewn are a bit kimonish but the bust inset makes the pattern so versatile. Specially to mix prints. Those fabrics were bought with completely separate plans. The graphic silk print was the most recent purchase {1 metre bought in Portugal}. The red dots  was acquired during this trip in 2012.

The idea to mix those prints actually started because the main fabric I wanted to use wasn’t enough. Like always, I tend to buy too little fabric. 
Situations like that tends to stretch my creativity. It’s a creative process. My mind loves fixing problems. I love working under pressure. Some of you said they loved how my work had flourished during the project sewn competition.

By breaking this print in a drop waist curve reinforces my intention. Feels modern! This was a very easy sew and I recommend for total beginners. Size wise my usual papercut size: Small. I been wearing with a belt and it will be perfect to layer for this transition fall weather.  
Have you been trying different outfits and styles that you aren’t used to? Have you been surprise by something unexpected that you sewn or bought lately?
  • wow! this looks utterly fantastic on you. Love the mix of prints and colours.

  • I bought this pattern a few weeks ago and it arrived on Friday. I’m excited to make the dress up and hopefully it will fit. I love your versions – which have inspired me to try something new!

  • Gosh Rachel, this is so so gorgeous! Love the mixed prints and yup being a fitted silhouette loving girl myself, it was amazing to discover looser shapes this year. Beautiful job!

  • Helen

    Wow! You look fantastic and the dress look perfect on you!

  • might be different but looks so great on you. And it isn’t sooo lose, cmon.!
    I am really drawn to this design, probably will try. Summer is coming here 😀

  • WHAT A BABE! You look gorgeous! Ok, I had to let it out.
    Actually, now that you mention it, I realize I haven’t stepped out of my comfort zone style wise in a while, given that I can’t think of the last time I ventured into a color or print that I’m not used to. I never wear red (as in, there is not a single red item in my closet) so that’s something I want to visit soon.

  • I love it, it looks great on you, Rachel!

  • How are you not a model? Far too gorgeous! X

  • Just lovely!! This silhouette suits you! But then again… what doesn’t? You look like a total babe in everything!

  • I have been trying to get outside my comfort zone with patterns lately. It’s fun to discover new preferences for certain types of garments I never thought I would wear.

  • Great dress! The pattern mixing is really cool !

  • It looks great! I’m in two minds about this pattern – I really love the bust insert detail but I’m not convinced whether the loose shape would work for my shape. Your version is helping to persuade me that it might be worth a try though!

  • I love the mixed prints! it looks great on you! Looser shapes are a nice change sometimes and I think you are right saying that they need to be fitted well in the neck and shoulders. Very good point.

  • As always Rachel, you are a bombshell in these photos. It’s not like you to make a shapeless garment, but you’re spot on that if it fits in the neck and armhole, it can be flattering.

  • Wow, I love this dress on you. You look stuning and you make me like this dress. I’m still not sure if it will be a good design on me!

  • Looks stunning, love the mix of patterns you’ve used!

    I’ve nearly finished my clover today but was just wondering if followed the instructions for the neck facing or did it a different way? I normally do the shoulder seams first so even though their way makes sense just wondering how important you think it is?

    Elle x

    • Hi Elle, I generally ignore instructions. I honestly cannot remember if I followed the order. I’m not at home so I cannot check but I normally say to people to follow their intintcs. Patterns normally have a good construction order but sometimes we can get away of making it our own way.

    • Fabulous, thanks for the advice! I’m starting to find my feet a bit and am becoming more confident in following what I know so I’ll try that 🙂 Elle x

    • Fabulous, thanks for your advice! I’m starting to find my feet and become more confident doing things the way I know so maybe I’ll give it a go the way I know 🙂 Elle x

  • This is so gorgeous on you! I have the pattern and just need to find the time to sew it up, it’s so cute! I love your print mixing!