Pattern Anthology Neptune Scuba Tee

Hello darlings,
I’m taking part of the latest Pattern Anthology tour. For those that never heard, it is a design collaboration between; Shauna, Kate, Melissa and Andrea. Together they create a collection of 4 patterns sold together (at great price) for a few weeks. 
I felt super privilege seeing a preview and picking my favourite for the tour. It was hard because I wanted to try all the patterns. I never sewn a pattern from those designers so I was super excited. 
My choice was SEE KATE SEW Neptune, a knit hi-lo tee, with cutouts on the neck and sleeve.  Cute and full of possible variations. To make it my own, I  sewn in a some floral scuba, quilted my sleeves and removed the neck binding.
I bought 1,5 m of this scuba fabric from walthamstow market at Saeed’s (I’m thinking content wise is about 93% Polyester/ Nylon, 7% Spandex).

Fabric chat: Scuba can be often be referred as neoprene. I think they are different fabrics. Neoprene has different thickness available, generally double resulting in less drape. Scuba lycra content make ironing a challenge but it’s brilliant to sew. No hemming required making it perfect for cut outs. 
You can use scuba on most patterns calling for stable knits like ponte or double knit.  If not, you must adjust the sizing. This pattern has a stretch test ( a printed chart you can physically see if the fabric stretch enough). The pattern calls for  less than 30% stretch like interlock and cotton spandex.
There a large variation of percentage of stretch on scuba fabrics so I recommend getting a sample of the scuba fabric you intent to buy, and see if it would be suitable. If you wanted something very fitted, you would need  something like Scuba Jersey Spandex. That type of scuba is what you see on most RTW outfits. 

I kind like the fullness of a loose shape so I blended my sizing from M on the top and L on the bottom just as a design choice (since I’m a balance hourglass shape and my hips would fit on the size M)

I loved the volume! Perfect for skinny jeans or hot pants! And the sleeves? So relaxing quilting them. 
I used the direction – angle of the triangle to start my lines, quilting the traditional crossing diagonal lines 1 inch apart (2,5 cm) and all my quilting friends (and readers) would be proud of my accuracy.

Yeap, I have drawn my lines on the back!  Ha! And I used a stretch thread as I’m sewing straight lines.  With the low percentage of stretch sewing the seams on zig zag wasn’t necessary but I did it anyway. I also used a NEW ball point size 90 stretch needle.  No missed stitch in sight! 

I didn’t sewn the cut out insets facings, I did hem it by folding and sewing close to the edge. I didn’t hem the neckline or the hem! Love scuba, this took me only 2 hours to sew!  I have followed the pattern instructions on the rest.

I got some left over and I wanted to make Tessuti Esther shorts but didn’t had the time before my holiday-last of summer sewing.

 Have you sewn with scuba? If there a fabric you are excited to sew next?

Pattern Anthology sells their collections for a limited time at a 40%+ discount. You can purchase this collection now through October 6th. Get more details HERE. 8 Days a Week sewing patterns  

Sabra from sew a straight lineRachel from House of PinheiroMelissa from Melly SewsStacy from Stacy SewsTrinh from Sweet Cheeks DesignsKate from see kate sewDixie from Dixie DIYAbbey from Sew Charleston
  • Kim

    Ooh I love it! The fabric is gorgeous and I love the quilted sleeves and the cut outs! Beautiful make 🙂

  • Really cute! I was confused about scuba knit and neoprene too, but they are quite different. Neoprene is matte and actually kind of toxic–the chemicals used to make it can be carcinogenic to the workers who make it ( I’m not sure what all scuba knit is, but the stuff I recently bought is described as a polyester/spandex mix. So I assume that it’s not an worse than other polyester fabrics. I guess it was named “scuba” because of the loft. Anyway, I’m going to start my first “scuba” project soon, and so it was nice to see how well it worked for the Neptune T. Thanks!

  • I would never have thought to try scuba fabric for this – it looks awesome! Thanks for sewing along.

  • I LOVE this! I made the McCartney Jacket using a floral neoprene, which you are right doesn’t have the same drape, but I made the Leggings from a scuba and I really love the drape scuba has. Now I think I NEED to make the tee with the scuba, and the quilted sleeves? I love it! Your whole outfit looks amazing! Wonderful job!

    • how exciting.. Thanks so much darling. Love that I’m meeting some wonderful people during this tour

  • I ❤ the quilting – lifts the whole fabric up a notch. Great vision Rachel! From another Rachel ☺

  • I love what you did with that top. very clever with the quilting. One of my last tops was with scuba. I think I’m quite in love with it. Esther shorts would be awesome! But I do love those shorts you are wearing. I can’t seem to find your contact details – I could just be blind – but I was wondering if you haven’t already been nominated, would you like to be a part of the blog hop that is going around?

    • Hi Debbies, on my profile and on the icons you can have my details. I love the blog hops but I normally don’t take part anymore over the blog. It got too much at one point. thanks for thinking of me xx

  • Love your top! I think I’ve seen the scuba at Walthamstow during my visit in the beginning of September. I guess I was also at Saaeds.

  • Quilted scuba = win!

  • I never sewed with this fabric but I’m eager to try now! I love your top, and the quilted sleeves are brillant!

    • Online its hard to find as different sites use different names… hope you can find something you like

  • as always, looking great. I love this look on you!

    This fabric is so interesting, it has a different shine to it. and such a beautiful print!
    great make, Rachel!

  • Nothing wrong with sketching your lines in for quilting, especially with that fabric – get the lines perfectly straight! Looks great!

  • Quilted sleeves!! Such a clever idea. Scuba fabric topis always looked so very stiff and boxy to me (must have been, because they were made from much more heavy fabric, as I now realise 😉 ) – yours is just genious. It has exactly the right ballance between “stand” and … “snugness” (in lack of a better word). Love it!

  • Very very cute! Love the combination of the navy blue and the flowers 🙂