Studio Take over: Tilly Towers

So you have heard, there is a new studio in town. What a better ‘inauguration’ opportunity than call your friends over for a sew in sunday! More like a studio take over: Tilly Towers is officially the best place in town!
We took our personal projects, favourite bits and bobs {my stitch in the ditch presser feet caused a little stir} and food… a lot of food (just a small representation pictured)
There are homemade sausage rolls peeps!
Janene, Jane, Winnie and I meet at the station. I’m awful for directions and my answer to everything is grab a taxi… Lucky a nice guy gave us direction and we had Jane’s drawn directions on her notebook to keep us in check. We arrived after a short walk and were taken inspired by the building industrial clean look. Very fashionable for small creative business. Forgot to take a picture as I just wanted to go in and have a cuppa.
What a “in brand’ tea lady… seven normal teas and one earl grey please.
Alana so kindly set it up all our machines so we were really set to go. 
What projects were we working on? Hear from everyone here and here. 
As you can see, we have actually sewn! Some did anyway… I was too busy being Me and didn’t kept still. Poser!
Took a little while for me to sort out my bobbin… it keep loading unevenly. Any excuse to just not keep quiet! GBSB wouldn’t never let me join… LOL! “30 minutes to go and Rachel still on that bobbin…”
Maybe I should have followed Karen’s lead by bringing some knitting.
She wasn’t the only one.
I went home with my project almost finished with only facing and hemming to do.  Both me and my twin were using the same chambray, just in a different shade, and wearing blue “ikat” print.
Loved watchings those ladies in action… how awesome is Katie’s print? She does have a great taste in fabric. Watch for the outfit I will make with what she gifted me. (fabrics not pictured) 
I left the day with 3 lovely pieces of fabric… So much for a fabric diet! Freya arrived late to the party but gave us some insights on what she is working on. It’s a treat!
We close this lovely sunday with some bubbly.
It was one of my favourite weekends. A sewing holiday needs to happen!
I got a little game for you… Can you guess the owners of those adorable pincushions? 
Pincushions do tell a story don’t they? Share yours #takeoverpincushion 
  • Some of my favorite people!! Glad you had a great day!

  • What a lovely post – so many sewing/blogging icons together – I’m impressed anyone got to make anything at all!

  • How very fun–a day spent sewing with girlfriends! Thanks for sharing the joy.

  • That is exactly what life is all about ~ sewing, friends, and a heap of fun … thanks for sharing … J

  • Aaaaw, I knew i would miss out on heaps of fun…but so glad you ladies had a blast!xxx

  • That looks like a ton of fun! Nothing like sewing with others for encouragement and a good time.

  • Looks like a fun day! I’m in the middle sewing some of the same chambray that you and Tilly were using (in Tilly’s colour) – it’s lovely fabric!

  • What fun! Tilly Towers looks like a great place to work!

  • Looks amazing! What a lovely way to spend a day. A sewing holiday sounds perfect. Where is the chambray from, please?