Hello there!

Hi darlings,

I cannot thank you enough of all the time and love you send my way and I would love to take the opportunity to get to know you all a little better.

I would like to open the comment space for you to tell me about yourself. ANYTHING you want.

Your favourite pattern, your biggest sewing frustrations, Β why do you enjoy reading blogs, what is the latest film you enjoyed…
You are more than welcome to add your blog so I can go and visit. Maybe others reading would love to come and meet you there too. If you don’t blog, you can tell me your twitter/Ig, or even why blogging isn’t for you.
love xx
  • Meg

    Hey Rachel! Love reading about your sewing adventures! I am blogging about sewing from Bangkok these days, where it’s hot and rainy… no autumn here! http://cookinandcraftin.blogspot.com/

  • Hi Rachel – what a great idea! I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and really enjoy your fresh sense of style, and open and down-to-earth posts. I love to read blogs like yours to get inspired, learn from other creators and basically enjoy being part of a community where people are following their own ideas and dreams. I’ve started a blog of my own too: loopsandlife.com where I write about sewing, knitting, wellbeing and living in Copenhagen. Hope you’ll give it a read. Cheers πŸ™‚

    • what a gorgeous blog you have. total in lope with your sweetheart dress xx

  • Hi! I’m Kirsty and I’m a bit of a sewing newbie. Despite having sewn at school years ago I’ve now decided to try and sew for myself for fun. This project has sort of been delayed as I’m also planning my wedding as I’m getting married in three weeks today!!!! I do have a blog, http://sewwhatificantsew.blogspot.co.uk/ and it will be updated more after the big day I hope! Cue pic spam of wedding loveliness and honeymoon in PARIS! (have promised husband-to-be that I will not drag him round fabric shops whilst we are there)

    Anyhoo I’m really enjoying just reading and learning about sewing and patterns from you and many other blogs at the moment hoping it will all come in useful when I get around to sewing something. I have an unhealthy obsession with gorgeous dresses so hopefully by the time summer comes around again I will be able to make my own in amazing funky fabrics! I love the idea of being able to create something unique for me that fits my shape without weird lumps and bumps appearing.

  • Hi Rachel,
    I have been really enjoying reading your blog. I love your modern/classic style. I think the best part of reading blogs is the inspiration I get from seeing how people interpret sewing patterns in so many different ways. I really started to get into sewing after I started reading a lot of sewing blogs. It also seems like such a friendly and supportive community. I started blogging a few months ago at http://www.knittingaranchhouse.weebly.com and I think I am still getting the hang of it.

  • Hi! I have my blog at http://www.sewbeading.wordpress.com . I know that I am one who always checks the blogs and pattern reviews when I decide to sew a pattern, so I just am adding to others’ knowledge before cutting your good fabric.

  • Hey! I really love your blog i love your unique twists and style. I started my blog mainly so i could keep track of what I was making. Right now i’m going through a quilting phase but I really enjoy tackling “more advanced than beginner” patterns where I can learn new skills and perfect already known ones! I love reading sewing blogs due to the TONS of inspiration which can be found there and the heaps of knowledge that i can glean from others…my blog can be found at jennifercatherineshaw.blogspot.co.uk
    Jen x

  • Hello – what a lovely post! I bought my sewing machine at Easter and started blogging in the summer. I enjoy both and find them equally tricky. I spend ages looking at the layouts of other blogs and admire how coordinated they are – I still can’t work out how to put things in the sidebar or organise icons for other social media in a uniform row! One of the things I have loved about sewing is discovering how social it is. I have been to a number of workshops and enjoyed the cake/prosecco/chat as much as I have enjoyed learning new techniques. I am constantly in awe of other peoples sewing achievements and the rate at which they make things – certain bloggers (including yourself!) can blog twice weekly with new garments. I love the vibrancy of your blog and still cannot get my heas around the fact that you packed your sewing machine in your luggage when you went to Brazil. In terms of sewing, I have today just finished a rather bonkers dress which I did as a pattern test so am looking forward to blogging about that. I blog at http://www.clarindakaleidoscope.com

    • uYour ultimate trousers is great. This is one of my favourite trousers pattern. great job!

  • Hello, what a great idea! I am having a bit of inspiration overload at the moment, I’ve started making a plastic mac raincoat (terrible time of year for it, as it has no warmth whatsoever) and the slow sewing, although enjoyable is pushing back all the things I want to make which i have foolishly bought all of the fabric for! You’re clothes are always inspirational as they show your style, as well as a more modern look which is less popular on the blogosphere. It’s a lovely breath of fresh air! dfabricate.blogspot.com

  • Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for sharing with all of us! My story is…after a long lapse I started sewing again. For a few years now I have been going through a very difficult and stressful time. Unfortunately, the circumstances are not in my control and so I just have to deal with it as I can. To keep from going crazy with stress and anxiety, I started sewing. Focusing on the details and working slowly has a way of bringing me back to the moment. I started reading blogs as a part of this, and that is how I came upon your blog–maybe about 2 years ago or so. I have a blog that focuses on feminist history and sewing, but it is very, very, very neglected right now.

  • Ellie

    Hi Rachel
    I don’t blog but I love to read them. I have learnt so much about sewing from blogs and love to see how the same pattern gets made up in different ways. I don’t know how bloggers find the time to sew so much. Perhaps I need to be more organised……. Keep up the good work!

  • hello lovely. you know me! i blog at http://www.somanypatternssewlittletime.blogspot.co.uk/. just letting your readers know about the Grease Sewalong on the Sewcialists blog that I am helping with at the moment. I am mainly trying to sew a winter coat and plotting for that!

    • i love this film and there is only one outfit for me… Sandy black pants!

  • Love your blog! I’m Julie of JetSetSewing.com, where we’re having fun chatting about vintage patterns and fashion, old-school sewing, and international fabric shopping. I’ve written about recreating things like a vintage French jacket from an original Chanel pattern, a skirt by Charles James, a wrap by Schiaparelli, and right now, a dress from a 50s Claire McCardell pattern. I also create vintage projects for Bernina USA’s WeAllSew.com website, and you can find my free downloadable 50s scarf pattern here: http://weallsew.com/2014/09/25/diy-1950s-hepburn-buttonhole-scarf/ I hope you and your readers will stop by JetSetSewing.com!

  • Hi! I’ve been enjoying your blog since my interest in sewing peaked over the summer! I don’t blog but would love to… I just have to get over the hump by writing the first post and hitting publish I guess. I used to sew a looonng time ago but stopped. I’m taking an intensive design class but definitely plan to blog AND sew when I’m done in January. Thanks for sharing with us on the interwebs! You never know how many people you reach and inspire!

    • I only started blogging one year after I been sewing and been taking part of a sewing community.

  • Hello!
    I love to read sewing blogs for inspiration, general style as well as sewing. I started sewing in earnest a couple of years ago on my little singer featherweight, which I love. I’m a student so unfortunately I don’t have much time to sew since school started, but I’m graduating in May! One of my biggest sewing frustrations, besides lack of time, is fit. I just really haven’t figured out sleeves yet. I also oscillate between wanting a giant wardrobe and a tiny capsule wardrobe. I blog, when I have a project to blog about, at alicecharette.com.

    • Yes, fit is one of the main challenges for people that sew. Once you get the fit right, the sewing became less daunting. Good lucky your studies

  • Hi, I read, but rarely comment, love this idea though, and might have to steal it for my blog! Now, what to tell you about me? Not so easy is it, urmmm I love the colours of hydrangeas, even long after they have died. πŸ™‚

  • Fun idea! I’ve already learned a bit about some of your readers by scanning the comments section. I actually never intended to meet people through blogging. But, I have. In fact, I’ve met some of my favorite people thanks to the internet. I started blogging because most of the people I know IRL don’t knit and/or sew, and I was never able to get any feedback, outside admiration for my willingness to take on projects. I like being able to bounce ideas off other bloggers and see the tangible expressions of their imaginations in the projects they produce. I’m bored easily, so I love it when I see a person sew/knit/create something I haven’t seen before or use a textile in a way I never considered- a primary reason your blog remains in my feed during blogroll elimination sessions.

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for sharing. Indeed the social side of sewing its my favourite!

  • Hello! I’m Anne of anne’s blog at sewanneuk.blogspot.co.uk. I didn’t sew when younger. I took up sewing after I retired to try to make garments to fit. I’m tall and while when I was younger and slimmer (like my daughters are now) my fitting problems were minimal as I didn’t mind wearing short skirts, my shape has changed and I’m fussier about fit now. I had never heard of blogging, but I found inspiration from PatternReview.com , where I was able to check out reviews and get further info from personal blogs. I started my own blog really just to chart my own progress in sewing as it was easier to keep together on a computer than on paper. I wanted to chart my problems as well as my successes and also thought others might benefit from my failures; I try to keep my comments as honest as I can. I really enjoy reading the blogs I subscribe to, though I don’t often comment. I get inspiration and support. I am amazed at how productive some of the bloggers are. Your post has introduced me to some interesting new to me bloggers and I look forward to reading them.

    • hi Anne, pattern review is a great source of information and i met lovely people there. So interesting that you took sewing after you retired. xx

  • Hi Rachel. I have been reading your blog for a while. I love reading about what other people are sewing! I started sewing myself as I was on a limited budget and wanted to make myself some good quality and affordable clothes. Now I have found myself hooked! I started blogging a few months ago and am slowly learning as I go. My blog is: <a href=”http://thestylishstitcher.blogspot.uk>The Stylish Stitcher</a>

    Catherine x

    • Sewing can be an expensive hobby but indeed you can make quality clothes cheaper than rtw

  • Hi Rachel!

    I’m Melissa of Neoknits, nice to meet you. I’m a hand knit designer living in NYC and have been working in the industry for about 12 years. After feeling a bit burnt out after completing a book of hand knit patterns 2 years ago, I’ve recently come back around to sewing and I’m having a blast! I love your particular take on home sewing and fashion, it’s very inspiring!

    • Hi Melissa, what a fantastic accomplish to write a hand knit book. happy sewing

  • Hi Rachel!
    Yours blog is one of my favorites – and I don’t sew! I tried learning sewing when I was younger but I did not have the patience for all the detail and I did not understand construction. I have been seriously thinking of taking it up again given how much I love reading and looking at blogs about sewing and clothing style.

    • Hi Elyse, sewing is very fun and also your personal journey so take it at your own pace. enjoy xx

  • So let me think! I’ve followed your blog since I first discovered blogs…just over a year ago now…yes, yes…I’ve been referred to as a slow adopter (on the technology front, but not fashion!). I started sewing about 3-4 years ago now and am quite frankly a little obsessed. I think my blog started out as a way to communicate with others and to share my successes. Initially, it was all about learning, and sewing new things. But I think as my sewing and design skills have improved, I find my inspiration comes more from fashion, with sewing being the tool to get me there, rather than focussing on the sewing on it’s own. Even so, I’m constantly learning and delighting in discovering new sewing techniques. On my sewing table right now is a Dior jacket knock off from pre-fall 2012…well the outer fabric anyway – I’m budgeting for the lining next month ;-). I don’t often copy things to the tee, but this jacket…I just don’t think I could improve it! ;-). Keep up you wonderful and inspiring work Rachel!


    • Hi Debbie, sewing is highly obsessive isn’t it. your jacket sounds exciting.

  • Hi Rachel, I am so inspired by your work! I sell on Etsy and post my makes on my blog kateevadesigns.wordpress.com but I only started dressmaking about 6 months ago. I use lots of Liberty print and have been lucky enough for Liberty to post my makes on their blog and social media. Whenever a new pattern is out, I go straight to your Instagram to see what you’ve made. You are awesome! Kate xx

  • Hey Rachel!
    I’m a reader from Denmark. Our first season of “the great danish sewing bee” (called “klar, parat, sy!) just started to air. I applied for it, but wasn’t chosen. My grandmother called me when the first program was over to tell me how she thought I would have won it all and to rant about all the sloppy invisible zippers they sewed on their technical make! I really love my grandmother, she really was the one to teach me to sew properly!

    • Hi Angelica, lol your grandma is awesome. thanks for this story. happy sewing

  • T

    I love your colours and your patterns, your short, short skirts and that you have the longest legs I’ve ever seen. You are fashion with a capital F, and jointly dazzling and funny in person. My name is T and I have been reading your blog for two years nearly – and yes I am a sewing blogaholic. I write mostly about sewing at http://www.uandmii.co.uk.

  • Hi Rachel, I love reading your blog, and found it just after I started blogging. I started sewing about 3 years ago after being off work ill. It helped me get better. And now I can’t stop! As I work full time I don’t get chance to sew or blog as much as I’d like. I’m an artist and teacher and the teaching part takes up way too much of my time 😊 I blog over at ragbagsandgladrags.blogspot.co.uk, pop over.

    • Hi Claire, how wonderful that sewing helped you get better, I can relate as my back troubles also took me on my sewing journey.

  • Hey I’m missdoubledom on IG I’m trying to get my bum in gear when it comes to blogging 😉 but failing a bit when it comes to it I hold craft evenings in a local pub been doing it for a year now I promise to get blogging proper 😉

  • Aww, what a lovely thing to do! Great sentiment. πŸ™‚

    • Hi darling. blogging is really about people and the connections we make.

  • Hi Rachel! I blog at http://www.sewunravelled.com and whilst mainly sewing based I also dabble in knitting in the cold months. I blog because i adore being part of this amazing community. I’ve developed real and lasting friendships with other crafters and the best part is having the opportunity to meet IRL from time to time. I sew because it has almost always been a part of my life, from childhood, to high school and into adulthood. I may not make prolifically but every piece brings joy to the creative centre in my brain!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rachel, I’m Debbie and have been following your blog for the last few years-I love it! I love to sew but have limited time due to full time demanding job, 3 children and a running habit. Sunday evenings are my dedicated sewing times so my output is quite slow. I love reading blogs but am unlikely to ever write my own. Thank you for your blog and thank you for remaining a blogger who shares their makes and hasn’t moved into trying to make a living from their blogging/pattern designs/books.

    • HI Debbie, thank you! Its so nice to maintain a hobby as a hobby. I really enjoy the freedom and having my own space to meet others. Thanks for reading me xx

  • I’m trying to get better at blogging things at http://subversivereadermakes.wordpress.com/ I like blogging because it keeps me focused on what I’m doing and I’ve picked up some good ideas from people – though I do more on instagram and twitter.

    My favourite pattern at the moment is Thurlow trousers, but for shorts. I also sew kids clothes and I’m almost finished with the Sleepover Pajamas from Blank Slate for a friend’s child – it’s a lovely easy pattern.

    • I never sewn any sewholic patterns. Im not their shape. I do love their ethos. Kids sewing is really fun. I really enjoy it.

  • Hi there, I’m Sol, I just started blogging! Yesterday, to be precise. I love your blog because your makes are modern and stylish. I’m trying to get into sewing, but I don’t own a sewing machine yet.. I will soon though! One thing I love – WOOL. Absolutely adore wool lately! I’m at http://www.soletal.blogspot.co.uk

    • Ho Sol, welcome to the blogging world. Enjoy the process of buying a sewing machine.

  • I always love to find a list of new (to me) sewing blogs to check out! Reading sewing blogs provides inspiration, information about techniques, fitting reviews of patterns, and sometimes generates a little fabric envy. Like your windowpane scuba… totally fab!


  • Hi Rachel, I’m a regular reader but I don’t comment much on blogs as i prefer to interact on instagram and Twitter. I blog over at newmodellame.theblogpress.com

  • Hello, what a great idea! I like looking at sewing blogs for the same reaso talk to strangers at the fabric shop. I like seeing what people are going to make, and why.

    Blogs inspire and challenge me.

    I recently started blogging so that I can be actively involved in the sewing blogging world. Show what I am up to and be a part of the conversation. I look forward to taking part in me made may and sew bossy etc. http://www.thewoofandthewarp.blogspot.com.au

    • Hello Chrinmer, loved the baby dresses and leggings.. ohh that soft duck.. adobrs

  • Kim

    Awesome idea! I love reading your blog and seeing your personal style πŸ™‚ the last movie I watched was on an airplane and that was The Grand Budapest Hotel, lots of fun! I blog about sewing, a little bit of knitting and some travelling on revesmecanique.blogspot.com

    • hi Kim, i already follow your sewing endevous, specially love your linen victoria blazer.

  • Hi. I’m Cari and I blog at Carihomemaker.com. I really enjoy reading sewing blogs, but felt like if other people were putting their work out there for everyone to see and be inspired by, I could (and should) too. It’s also fun to write something that others can read and that involves my own story. Because I’m a nurse I’ve written hundreds of pages of text over the years, but relatively few people read that writing (charting) because it is federally protected personal information about other people’s stories.

    My fav patterns are anything from By Hand London (I’m a fangirl and I don’t care who knows it) and almost anything in a vintage bust size 41 because I hate making pattern alterations and those are drafted for my size.

    • HI Cari, your are rocking those legs on the Tania culottes and nettie.

  • Hi everybody!
    My name is Caroline and I sew and blog from the Amsterdam Canal’s over at canalcouture.blogspot.com I have been reading sewing blogs for a while, but only recently started blogging myself. My mom taught me how to sew as a kid. Growing up a large part of my wardrobe was handmade. Over time I lost interest, not in the last place caused by the not particularly fashionable patterns in Dutch pattern magazines. When I started to discover sewing blogs, especially this one, a whole new world opened to me. Until then I had no idea how many trendy patterns had been developed in other parts of the world. Being tall (182cm/6″) limits my rtw options significantly. I love that sewing gives me the option to tailor to my frame. I find Rachel’s blog particularly inspiring because of her personal style and similarity’s in height and build. I don’t know many blogs like it. If you do I would love to hear!

  • What a luverly idea, hello Rachel and everyone. I rarely comment on blogs but I love to read yours and Lladybirds. I started blogging this year to share things made from recycled unwanted clothing or fabric. I haven’t bought new fabric for a couple of years now, I find all I need at op shops, garage sales and via friends who know I will ‘take all the old/weird stuff’. Mostly because I cannot afford new fabric, but also from an ethical point to reuse resources as much as possible.

    I find it hard to keep up with blogging and it is often a month or more between posts, so I am impressed that you and others do it so regularly. I also love your photos. http://www.somethingnewfromsomethingold.blogspot.com is where I am occasionally at….

  • I enjoy your blog and read it every time you post. Love the pantsuit you made. You look great in it. Wish I could go to Paris. I know that the Tiltons have a trip and so does Susan Khalje. On your next trip maybe you can start blogging about fabric stores according to arrondissement. That would make it easier to hit them all.

    • Hi Corina, I’m banned of fabric shopping for a while… so much!

  • Hey hey Rachel!
    I was an English girl in a former live, but now live in Canberra, Australia with a french hubby and five (gorgeous) rat-bags!
    I LOVE sewing and i love thrifting (hence my blog name). I love creating a handmade outfit out of vintage fabric…that’s really fun. I find the best stuff at garage sales and thrift shops, but really searching for this treasure is half the fun πŸ™‚
    I study clothing production by night and I am into sustainable fashion and i try not to consume tooooo much, though fabric is always a weakness ;). So using thrifted fabric or up-cycling clothes feels better than buying cheap nasty clothes made in horrible factories.
    I love meeting sewists from all over the world, its such a gorgeous community, so this is why i blog.
    You can find me at http://www.thestitcherandgatherer.blogspot.com.au or the_stitcher_and_gatherer on Instagram ! Am always up for chatting to other sewing fanatics so drop me a line πŸ™‚
    Lovely to meet you! Jen

    • Lovely to meet you too Jen, what a exciting journey you have.. looking forward to know more.

  • Anonymous

    cool idea! i’m Elsie from sunny Singapore. this small dot in Southeast Asia. Some people thinks we are in China but in reality, we are really quite far from them. πŸ™‚
    I love sewing but I dun sew enough for myself. I spend much more time day dreaming about all the beautiful clothes i’m going to sew rather then really sewing them. once in a while, I do get down to the real stuff (sewing) but quickly gets angry when what I sew in reality does not match my dreams, either due to figure or pattern fault.
    I don’t blog because i’m much too inconsistent and that I really spend too much time reading blogs. :p
    no instagram or twitter either for the same reasons. perhaps one day, I will start a sewing blog? but now I do have a kollabora account. πŸ™‚
    have a great sewing day!

    Elsie Koh

    • Hi Elsie, I have been to Singapore. reading blogs indeed its very time consuming but opens to so many ideas.

  • hi rachel! i’m joelle, a frech canadian girl exiled in Sweden (for love, of course!) and i am totally obsessed with crafts. handwork is something i truly value, especially in todays society where evrything is mass produced. so much knowledge is beeing lost! so i try and learn all i can about sewing, knitting, as welle as a little bit about embroidery and spinning. i’d love to learn how to weave. sewing-wise, it’s been a quiet summer for me as i had to put my energy elsewhere, but i’m excited to get back at it. i have lingerie on my mind πŸ™‚ i blog at http://www.thehandstitchefiles.blogspot.se, an we are already following each other on instagram!

    • Hi Joelle, Oh another girl living in another country for love, like me… how is Sweden to live? I never been.

  • Hi Rachel, your blog is so inspiring and is a vital learning tool in my opinion for any new sewist. I have been so impressed by your and other blogs I decided to try one myself but sadly, although I seem to get a few ‘views’ [probably friends] I haven’t as yet had one comment. Please make my day and talk to me at http://jellybeanjan.blogspot.co.uk

  • Hello! This is really what I love about the sewing community! We all live miles away from each other, but we really are a community! Today was one of these days you’re desperately searching for inspiration. Well scrolling down my Bloglovin’ to my favorite sewing blogs totally fixed this problem. I’m currently trying to organise my fall sewing, but since fall hasn’t really arrive in Greece yet, I find it really difficult to focus my sewing. And when awesome patterns are springing around like flowers in the spring I can’t seem to organise anything. I’m currently making a Sabrina dress from By Hand London and I have my eye on the Linden Sweatshirt pattern from Grainline Studio.


  • Anonymous

    I`m Lorrain from Israel, my great passion in life is sewing,starting from a child and inspired by my late mom.Until I discovered the wonderful world of sewing blogs I felt very lonely in sewing as I knew no-one that shared my creativity. Reading sewing blogs has enriched and inspired me beyond words as I can now identify with other lovely women, and admire their beautiful creations. I also love making jewelly having been inspired by Beadstyle mag. I have naturally made some beautiful creations over the years which are unique. Your blog is one of my favourites. I`m a shy person by nature.

    • Hi Lorrain, how lovely to meet you and how wonderful that you shared sewing passion from your family.

  • Hello Rachel, I’ve been reading your blog for two years now, I’m so happy I discovered it. You are very inspirational and it is always exciting to see what you’ll be sewing up next. Thank you for spreading the sewing bug. I am a fashion designer; in 2011 I decided to launch my official website to serve as my portfolio. In 2012 I launched my blog; it started off with the intention of giving people fashion tips and advice and to inspire women. Then I discovered the sewing community and felt right at home. Seeing what everyone created made me want to share my custom designs. It’s a bit different because I draft my own patterns and most of the time it is commission. This past year it has been slow because I got married and immediately wanted a baby, she was born this year. It has been crazy trying to balance my new life and designing not only that I do currently have a day job. I’m hoping to start designing and sewing more. For now my blog consists of past work and past fashion illustrations. Comes Oct. 31st, I’ll be sharing my latest costume designs. Here is my blog hope you swing by πŸ™‚

  • So lovely to meet you all. i will take some time on Sunday to answer and visit you ! xx

  • Hello Rachel! This is a very nice idea! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and I really like it. It gives me good inspiration and I always like to hear about your opinions on patterns. I started to sew when I was younger but stopped during high school and university. It has been a year now that I decided to sew again, when I randomnly found online a sewing blog : what happened in the last two years with all the amazing indie patterns designer??!! The community is so rich now, and I’m sewing everyday since. I’m a french girl, living in Montreal for two years for work, and who’s planning to move to the UK in about a year (my boyfriend is from north of england and misses his country). I started my blog in december and I really like to share my experiences and I’ve met so many nice people thanks to it. I don’t know a lot of ppl sewing around here so I love to share my hobby with others even if they are on the other side of the world! Craft and sewing is starting to be a bit bigger lately in Montreal but sadly not as much as in the UK!
    Thanks again for the opportunity to share our experiences with you! I leave you the adress of my blog http://www.lefilacoudredanna.com/ where I write in French & in English! Have a nice week-end!

  • Hi Rachel, I only just recently discovered your blog, but I sure am hooked. Love your colourful makes and your easygoing approach to sewing.

    I’m also a lover of all thing fabricy and share my makes over on my blog Randomly Happy http://www.randomlyhappyblog.com

    Looking forward to reading more!

  • Hey Rachel! I’m Monica, and I blog over at http://seamsrighttome.wordpress.com I started my blog a little less than a year ago, because I fell in love with sewing, and with reading other people’s blogs, so I wanted to join in the fun! I’m from the U.S. And live in wichita Kansas, right in the middle of the country. I’m kinda sad there are no other bloggers out here that I know of, but being able to know people through there blogs is good enough for me, even though it’d be awesome to be able to meet some of them in person sometimes!

  • Greetings from Singapore! Your blog is full of inspiration and you look great in all the photos! And most of all you make sewing looks easy!

  • hi! i’m beth, i’m nineteen years old and i’m currently working towards a degree in welsh history. i started sewing almost a year ago now, and my favourite pattern of all time is the anna dress from by hand london. i love your blog and sense of style! my blog can be found at http://www.sewingsoothesthesoul.blogspot.co.uk πŸ™‚

  • Hello! I restarted sewing less than a year ago and I would have never guessed to end up with my own blog (catdoesit.wordpress.com), but this community is really enticing and welcoming. Crafts come for me as to halance my very strategic and analytical day-to-day, first as a consultant and now as a business developer. I say this because I found it so cool that you had a similar day job! Also, as I said before, I am from Portugal πŸ™‚

  • Hi Rachel, I have been reading your blog for 6 months and really like your job. I am greek, sewing for 7 years and since sewing is not a popular hobby here, none of my real life friends sews, I really appreciate the friends I make through blogging which I started 2 months ago. I draft my patterns alone on my computer and share them with my online friends. This is a very nice gesture of you to express your interest to learn more about us! Hope you are having a good time!

  • Hey, I found your blog whilst working on my own ( http://www.insideamindblog.wordpress.com ) I felt I had to follow your twitter because you’re a Brazilian dating a British guy, and well I’m a British girl dating a Brazilian guy xD Also you blog looks fun, and I’m not a sewing type of girl but I love reading about other peoples interests and passions, to learn something new.

  • Love reading your blog and all your intstagram pictures. I am Lori from Girls in the Garden. I am in the middle of a pullover flannel shirt, several projects in the stack and several quilts. Plus I am painting most of the woodwork in your house, hoping to hire a painter to help me.

  • Hello from northern Thailand! I have been following your blog for about a year since I started to sew again after a near 30 year hiatus. I am inspired by the sense of joy in your posts.

    Like many I love the community and the inspiration, opportunities and friendships it offers.

    Because it is pretty much always hot here I am a huge fan of natural fibres and cotton abounds on my blog at notionallybetter.blogspot.com. I particularly love using the gorgeous handwoven cottons which are made here. I also sell these on Etsy.

    This is a lovely gesture and indicative of the spirit of the sewing community.

  • Hi there! Your blog was one of the first sewing blogs I discovered last spring. I never used to read blogs, but then a couple of my friends urged me to start my own sewing blog, and now I’m hooked! I never expected to find such a lovely and supportive community, you guys really are some of the loveliest people out there πŸ™‚
    I’ve been sewing and knitting on and off since childhood and I’ve been sewing professionally part-time for a year now. Keeping a blog has made me think more about what I make and it helps me keep focused and actually finish projects πŸ˜€ Plus showing the things I make to the world pushes me to do a better job in terms of pattern/fabric choices, style and fit. All in all, my blogroll keeps getting longer and longer as I get to know more and more of you guys.
    I would love for you to swing by my place at purplepleats.blogspot.fi πŸ™‚

  • House of Pinheiro is the place I come to to feel inspired, excited, and motivated to sew ! Love your blog, your projects and the way you write about yourself.
    I have a 6 months old baby so don’t get much time to sew, so reading blogs is a bit like sewing by proxy πŸ˜‰ if i get a chance to do anything i post on http://mrsmonkeyiscrafty.blogspot.co.uk , or on http://mrsmonkey.canalblog.com in French. I love upcycling old clothes into something else, knitting, and trying stuff out (even if it isn’t always succesful !)
    It’s so great to have access to such a wealth of inspiration and friendliness online ! Go us ! πŸ˜€

  • Eva

    Hello there! I have been reading your blog for quite time now and I admire your style.
    I love to sew and create patterns I have a blog too: http://www.pearlboxblog.com
    I started sewing 4 years ago. My horror in sewing is buttonholes

  • Hello Rachel,
    I just started following your blog five minutes ago. I have seen many lovely pictures of your sewing projects, but had never really determined to make a “commitment” and follow you. Then I saw this post, and I thought, “Wow. That is really nice of her. I’d like to be her friend, even if it is only virtually.” I have been sewing for a few years now, but did not seriously begin sewing clothes until a couple of years ago. My favorite parts of sewing are the learning process and that is pushes me out of my comfort zone, and the fact that there are so many amazing people out there across the globe who are marching alongside of me, so to speak, in this incredible journey of creativity. I am an exceedingly shy person and thus find it hard to make friends. It is nice to pretend that all of the lovely ladies who’s blogs I follow are my dearest friends. I scour their websites to look for any minor, unimportant details that show what kind of people they are. So far, I have not been seriously disappointed. I am proud to count myself as a fellow seamstress!
    Thank you for this. You are part of why I keep sewing even when I would rather give up.

  • Hi – I love reading your blog – I find it fresh, funny and original. I like that your patterns aren’t alway the big 4 (like me) and I like seeing how you combine fabrics. I’ve been sewing for a long time, but only recently with any regularity! I love vintage, but with a modern edge to it. Still learning, and the blogging community has been a wonderful place for encouragement, learning and inspiration!

  • Rachel, I have totally enjoyed following your blog…for a very long time. Not only are you a beautiful girl, you are so talented… Love your sewing, your quilting projects, and your cooking post. I also enjoy your travels and your teaching classes..Thank you for sharing so much.
    There is not much to tell about me.. I love to sew, and have all my life.. I am a retired Respiratory Therepist, Have a wonderful Hubby ,two wonderful children who blessed me with five of the most fantastic grandkids.
    Hugs my friend.

  • Hi Rachel, this is such a lovely idea. I have followed your blog for a while and particularly loved your Project Sewn posts. You and the other contestants put SO much incredible effort, talent and creativity into that competition and the results were incredible. Heaps of respect! I literally just started writing a blog. I moved to NYC from the UK last year and since the move have been sewing up a storm (with mixed results!) so started a blog to record that and also to join in the wonderful conversation that this blogging community enables. If you have time for a read it’s at http://www.nobleanddaughter.com. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. Charlie x

  • Hi Rachel, I love reading you blog as I find your style very inspiring. I’m blogging over at SewKnitCook.blogspot.com.au mostly to keep track of my makes and what alterations I make as I always alter and can never remember what I did when I go to make the pattern again! Does anyone else have this problem? Blogging has definitely helped me to keep better track of all my makes. And I love looking back at the stuff I have made in the past, what worked and what didn’t so I can better plan my future makes.

  • Hello! I’m Chie. My current favorite pattern is the Archer button up shirt from grainline studio. I’m making my second shirt in silk crape de chine:)

  • Hi Rachel. I’m a sewing newbie and its fast becoming an obsession! My fabric stash is out of control. I enjoy shopping for fabric just as much as sewing pieces together. I’m mother to a nearly one year old so more of my sewing happens late evenings. I started a blog just so I could look back at my makes and hopefully(!!) see some progression. Love your blog πŸ™‚

  • Hi ladies, Im slowing visiting you all. Even if you don’t see my comment I have not only read but really appreciated the chance to meet you all!

  • Hello! I’m new to your blog but have been reading sewing and knitting blogs pretty much from the start of blogs on the internet! I knit,crochet and sew,as well as dabbling in other crafts like making candles. I’m big into crafting for environmental reasons,reducing your carbon footprint and upcycling. I live in Edinburgh with my husband and rescued dog Badger and I’m a vet in real life! Loving your blog,I feel like you would tower over me in the real world,I’m only 5 feet tall! I blog over at http://www.craftandthrift.blogspot.com and follow you on Instagram as well!

  • What a lovely idea Rachel. I’ve been sewing on and off for around 25 years but there was a break in the middle where sewing was too uncool for me – I was aged about 11 – 17 at the time! Then I realised that sewing actually meant custom-made and I got back into it. I started reading sewing blogs about 3 years ago and quickly became an addict, although I’m never really sure if it helps or hinders my output! I love your style (although it is so very different to mine!) and especially loved your pink Project Sewn coat! I blog at http://acharmofmagpies.wordpress.com but only sporadically and I don’t get a lot of traffic, but (like with sewing and knitting and everything else) I do it for the fun I get from it, if others enjoy it, well that is a bonus!

  • Another Big Hello from a newish sewing blogger…what a super generous idea to post on your blog……
    I am a sewing mad scatty mama of one 13 year old boy…1 dog 1 cat and three hamsters. I have a sewing room that has been featured in love sewing magazine (where i saw you recently!!)
    You can see it on my blog too….
    bestest wishes I off to see some of your other readers blogs….
    Daisy j x

  • I have been following your blog for quite some time. I really like your new bikini. I completely understand why you would take care when modelling it on your blog. Although generally we are a fantastic supportive community it is always good to be cautious. I have also made two versions of this pattern as swimwear and numerous as underwear.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Rachel,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, I have to stop myself buying every pattern you make as you look brilliant in them all!
    I’be been into knitting for a while but I’m a newbie sewer and blogger at betwixttheknits.com not many posts yet and I’ve been on a break thanks to starting a new job but I’m getting back into it!

    Amy x

  • Hi Rachel
    Your blog is one of my biggest sewing inspirations. All your stuff looks like it could be from a shop!! Love it.
    Just started blogging myself as I was so inspired by this community and wanting to be a part of it too.
    My favourite film? Probably Amelie πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

    Andrea xx